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Dear Tahira,

I just want to make you aware that I am member of the BBB and you have ignored the fact is assisting Sean Patrick Oneill a cyber stalker to displace my Boston Electrolysis website ranking. You have refused to speak to me and the fact that a Cyber-Stalker has employed to disrupt my website ranking by assisting him. You refuse to discuss the issues and than you make a personal insult directed at myself were you said,” (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) is your personal prejudice and hateful discrimination against myself by you is unacceptable and proves that your upbringing leaves allot to be desired and that you should excuse yourself from this case because of your biased, prejudice and hatefulness against me. I can only assume your refusal to answer one of my questions says you have problems that need to be corrected like how to be truthful and respond when I ask you a question. I did a Google search for your name and you popped on the Complaints Board as being a very rude person at the BBB.

After reading that it's obvious your do not represent nor care about the consumer and I wonder what your really like? Today ignores my rights and posted my trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis on this, . cannot use my trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis in any form or manner unless I assign them permission. You don't what it feels like to be harassed and intimated by Since your not willing to discuss the real issues I am going to file a complaint against you for prejudice and sexual harassment by you intentionally referring to me as he/she. In addition I will contact my Phoenix BBB and make them aware of how you are biased against myself and transgendered people. In addition I am sending this complaint and your statements to BBB Headquarters in Washington DC. However I am going to publish an article about you one my websites and I am going to send it to the San Francisco Commission Against Discrimination and you need read to read their Compliance Guidelines to Prohibit Gender Identity Discrimination,!

You can tell that all they have to do is remove my trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis from and they must stop inserting my trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis with cloaked script to deliberately disrupt my website ranking. I noticed today that changed the listing from Boston School of Electrolysis to Boston Electrolysis. What I tried to you tell you is that inserted my trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis as Keyword Stuffing in addition to singling out my websites out and intentionally lowering my website ranking to punish me for making a complaint. When I write the article about you and with the San Francisco BBB I am going you point you to consumers as being prejudice against TG Folk. This is about who is wrong and the BBB Rules & Regulations state that Internet Businesses cannot use other business owners Trademarks and Copyrights without their written permission! I am telling you the San Francisco BBB needs to enforce BBB rules and regulations that protect business owners registered trademark from extortion tactics. I expect the San Francisco BBB to tell there will be protest outside their building in Scottsdale which will focus how extorts small business owners that are handicapped like myself and I hope to be on television. However when I finish the article about you I will send you a link.

However to sum you up I think you're a horrible excuse for a human being and your trashed my feelings with deliberate hate. You don't care about the truth and my intellectual property rights while you defend a criminal organization called Christ all mighty has 587 complaints and your trying tell me they earned an A+ Rating.

I do not like you and I protest you representing me and I hereby request another case worker. However you have to ask yourself why has singled me out to harass my website ranking and business on the Internet. I am 64 years old and handicapped with polyneuropathy of the lower extremities making it hard to walk some days. Before I retire I would to live and work in peace without be harassed, extorted and intimidated to death by harassing prejudice hate tactics forcing me to list my business with Why I am so important to that they are compelled to force me to be listed on I am the only employee at Boston Electrolysis why I am being harassed and singled out? Please tell me why?

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

CC Scottsdale Police for Internet Harassment

CC BBB Phoenix

CC The Council of Better Business Bureau

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