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Corruption and fraud runs hand in hand and rampant at the San Francisco aka the Golden Gate Better Business Bureau. The Golden Gate Better Business Bureau claims that business owners must establish trust, advertise honestly and be truthful and make sure your transparent. In addition you must honor your word and be responsive while safe guarding privacy and integrity. Those are honorable words but it too bad that the Golden Gate Better Business Bureau Golden Gate Better Business Bureau fails to live up to their words in any form or manner. In fact it’s my professional opinion that President Gene O'Neil of the BBB fails to live to his words period.

Why do I believe the Golden Gate Better Business Bureau is a fraud? For the simple reason that they give a non-member known as an A+ rating which is a license for Jeremy Stoppleman CEO of to rob and extort small business owner with impunity. How can the BBB give and A= rating with 1168 complaints in a three year period. has harassed and displaced my website ranking for my Boston Electrolysis® websites and is presently and willfully violating my federal Boston Electrolysis® trademark without my authorization for three years. This has caused me lost income and devalues my Boston Electrolysis trademarks United States Registration No. 3,601,889 for the trademark Boston Electrolysis®. In addition they have illegally and deliberately inserted Boston Electrolysis® into the Meta-Tag tiled which displaces the top ranking for my Boston Electrolysis websites known as, and the website By losing the top ranking of my sites this has cost me loss of income and I have to pay Google Ads $100.00 per month to retain my ranking. refuses to let me delete my account unless I join them first which would bind me in a contract that I would not sign. Three years prior posted a negative comment on my illegally placed listing and told me that a $300.00 membership would allow me to edit or remove my complaints. I told that I did not want to be listed with them in any or manner period. I told the people at that I would not submit to their extortion and just to leave me and my business alone. I would like to remove Boston Electrolysis® from the Meta-Title on the page below because it displaces my website ranking. I would like to remove Boston Electrolysis® from in every form or manner from because I have not given them permission to use my Boston Electrolysis® trademark in form or manner. I would like to leave me alone and quit deliberately harassing my website ranking out of personal hatred because I am post-op transgendered and considered an easy target to extort! In addition I know people have hired to harass my business which violates rights under the Mathew Shepherd Crimes Act. In addition just because Yelp.coms Jeremy Stoppleman, CEO is Gay owned and operated business does not give them right to harass me to the point of deliberately destroying my website ranking and business. My website have better ranking and he is stealing traffic from my website using my own trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis®. I would like remove that photograph of the parking lot which is not my office. In addition I don’t want to use copyrighted photographs from my websites in any form or manner. In fact I don’t want to be listed with because their criminal organizations who attack senior citizens like me using perverse illegal tactics. I am not sure the Governor Brewer had any effect as it seems has increased their attack on my website ranking which has gotten worse were has inserted Boston Electrolysis® into the meta-tag title after sending my complaint to Governor Brewer. Plus they have keyword stuffed my trademarked business name Boson Electrolysis® over 100 time into page their website page Dory to make complaint more to the point I have pasted my complaint sent to Governor Brewer on September 26, 2013 7:57:31 AM MST which is detailed accounting of my history with and pertains to this complaint with the BBB. Dory thank you for your time and attention and lets will stop harassing me and if you need me for anything just call 480-607-8121 and the enclosed PDF file show has displaced my website ranking. Also I am going to forward the complete Governor Brewer complaint by email to you with 5 PDFfiles that proves Yelp.coms harassment and loss of income with their willful trademark infringement of Boston Electrolysis®.

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