• By Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
  • Published 06/28/2007






State Of The Art?

One of the oldest catchall phrases used by electrologists is we use the latest State Of the Art Equipment. Without one doubt this one of the most abused and misquoted phrase use by electrologists that do not count their birthdays. Now that was a little tongue in cheek nonetheless it is a most true statement. For a fact I know electrologists that use equipment that is 25 to 30 years old. Why do some electrologists refuse or fail to upgrade as technology evolves with in the profession is a mystery? However it's my opinion there are three basic reasons why electrologists fail to upgrade: one is resistance to change, two afraid of new computerized technology and three outright cheap. No matter whatever the reason there is no excuse for using an outdated tube or transistorized epilator when compared to computerized epilators that have been on the market since 1985.

Next there are different types of epilators and the ones that are not computerized should be donated to the Smithsonian Museum for antique hair removal. Electrologists should know how important is it for them to keep up with modern computerized equipment and technology? The older electrolysis epilators 25 to 30 years of age are easy to spot and usually only provide one treatment mode which is usually short-wave otherwise known as "Thermolysis". The name of the manufacturers where Sudana and Proteus and out of the two the Sudana was the best even they both used a combination of tubes and out-dated transistors however they no longer manufacture them.

Solid State Epilators

In 1952 the next stage of epilators to be introduced was the all solid-state fully transistorized epilators introduced by the R.A. Fischer Company of Glendale, California. In addition the all-new solid-state circuitry improved the electrolysis equipment and treatments because solid sate circuitry led to a more dependable and refined current without fluctuations caused by tubes in older equipment. Plus the major improvement gave it three modes of treatment Short-Wave, Galvanic and Blend modes. Naturally equipment that provided the electrologists with three modes of treatment where superior and with the Hinkle and Fischer companies leading the way not until the mid and late seventies did East Coast electrolysis manufacturers introduce an epilator that performed all three modes of treatment. Fact when I graduated electrolysis school in 1979 I was one of three electrologists that did the Galvanic and Blend and not there was one electrolysis school in Massachusetts that taught the Blend or Galvanic. Up until the late eighties Massachusetts had no mandatory educational electrolysis requirements and when I opened my office in 1979 I was one of two or three electrologists in Massachusetts who practiced Short-Wave, Blend and Galvanic. One item is that most electrologists forget to have eye examination and still are using outdated magnifiers from school when they could have and be using full Peripheral Vision Magnifiers.

What is most amazing is the recent requisite ongoing Certified Educational Upgrade examinations that I recently completed and successfully passed where based on basic material learned in self-study and 29 years of practical application Short-Wave Galvanic and Blend currents. However it was good refresher course to keep electrologists on their toes. From the early 1950's until mid 1980 electrolysis schools in Massachusetts taught one treatment mode, thermolysis and that was electrology which also known as short-wave. For the record when I graduated in 1979 I purchased a brand new R.A. Fischer SE-4 Solid State Blend epilator that did Short-Wave, Galvanic and Blend. When I did not purchase the schools recommended of Sudona epilator, which was the only epilator they offered I was ostracized and even laughed at for my purchase. On the other hand I checked the stats on manufactured epilators at that time not only did the Fischer company have the best stats, it did all three modes, had the best price and warranty program. However when I opened my practice it was obvious having an epilator that did Short-Wave, Galvanic and Blend treatments was most advantageous and gave me a competitive edge. Because I use Short-Wave for initial rapid clearing and Galvanic and Blend for tougher and resistant distorted hairs.

During the seventies most but not all electrolysis epilators where solid state AKA transistorized and than in 1985 the R.A. Fischer Company led the way with their innovative technology explosion and invented the worlds first fully computerized CB-2 Programmable Epilator. The introduction of the CB-2 Programmable Epilator, which did all three modes; Short-Wave, Galvanic and Blend, really woke up electrologists and other electrolysis manufacturers that they needed to upgrade.

However at that time I became an R.A. Fischer distributor I flew out to California and the completed the factory courses and I was the first electrologist to use and integrate the R.A. Fischer CB-2 Programmable epilator into my practice and that included retraining my staff. In fact if you wanted to by an R.A. Fischer CB-2 Programmable epilator you came to me and I was the only R.A. Fischer distributor that offered free training which made a big improvement in comfort with outstanding results, additionally I taught and shared my knowledge with other electrologists how to do computerized Blend and Galvanic treatments. Since the innovation of the Computerized Epilator by R.A. Fischer Company 1985 I have purchased every upgrade they manufactured. The CB-2 had three upgrades than there was the introduction of the advanced CB-7 and after that I use their latest CBX Series Four Programmable epilator.

Below is short list of the advantages of computerized epilator.

1. Computer controlled timing accurate to within 1/100 of a second.
2. R.A. Fischer Auto-sense features, which means you can computer, operate with out footswitch
including Short Wave, Blend & Galvanic assuring the electrologist of a smother insertion.
3. Easy Quick-Set highly accurate self-testing Intensity rheostats instantly allows you to easily adjust your settings at any time.
4. Easy program - select Hair Type and proper timing is automatically computed.
5. Built-in timer with alarm from 1 minute to 9 hours.
6. Digital hair counter and
7. Skin moisture sensor
8. Thermo-Pulse© or tapping of waveforms for minimal sensation.
9. Automatic "after-count" for tough coarse problem hairs
10. Dual probe-holders
11. Automatic polarity selection
12. Lighted keyboard help guide you through easy setup.
13. Has a Full 32-character LCD monitors every detail of treatment
14. Thermolysis Timer range: 0.01 (1/100) second to 10.0 seconds, can be automatically computed from Hair Type
15. Electrolysis Timer range: 1 second to 30 seconds, can automatically computed from Hair Type
15. Use any modality: Thermolysis, Electrolysis, Flash, Blend, Hi-Blend
16. The best 3-year warranty and 24-hour emergency repair.
17. Dimensions of the CBX a compact 13.7"W x 11.5"D x 5"H @ 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg)
18. A computerized epilator will test itself and its cords, probe-holders after turning it own. Old outdated equipment cannot detect a broken or shorted cord, which means your treatment, was ineffective.
19. A computerized epilator with auto-sense requires an electrologist with hire skill level because every insertion measures the moisture inside the follicle. In inaccurate insertion cannot be read be sensed by the computerized epilator henceforth current will not fire.
20. The computerized epilator gives you a more comfortable treatment because every insertion must be perfect for the current to be fired.
21. Because a perfect is required each and every time this means a more comfortable treatment for the patient.
22. American made including parts.

So in summation "Whats On Your Electrologists Shelf?" One last item part of your consultation should be where you ask your electrologist how old and what type of epilator they use. Be sure to ask and make sure of the make and the year manufactured and remember computerized equipment was not introduced until 1985. Also beware of fake Computerized Epilators. It's 2007 and the consumers will seek out those who keep with technology who is a using non-computerized epilator needs to be aware of that. Most likely you can be cleared with an old epilator in good working order yet on the other hand it's my experience the computerized epilator produces better to outstanding results with greatly increased comfort. On the other hand if you want to learn how to understand the computerized epilator you might visit Comprehending The Computerized Epilator.

Thank you four time and attention,

Kimberly Williams, R.E.,Dean

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