Boston Electrolysis® The Certified Electrologists And Their Definitions

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

Massachusetts Licensed Electrologist


■  CLPO AKA Certified Laser Parlor Operator
■  CLP AKA Certified Laser Operator

Ten years and counting and the Laser Parlor Industry still cannot prove that laser hair removal is safe and it works and no matter how many claims the Laser Parlor Industry makes at best it is temporary and dangerous treatment to say the least.
In addition for some strange reason the Laser Parlor Industry steadfastly refuses to allow a legitimate double blind study performed by a reputable testing agency such as Underwriter's Laboratories. Fact if you examine laser hair removal education and its schools you will discover that its 50-hour one-week coarse is a farce and hoax. Laser Parlor Operators will spend more in time in their 50 hours course learning big words that they do not understand and most of their time is spent on how to market and advertise Americas biggest hoax.

In just one short week after completing a 40 to 50 hours of training you are a Certified Laser Parlor Operator.
Yesiree Bob this 50-hour class includes dynamic Physics, on what makes the laser work plus they claim they can instruct you in Skin Analysis, Hair Biology and Histology of the hair including its hair growth cycles of anagen, catagen, and telogen. As well they compare different types of Hair, vellus, accelerated vellus, and terminal hair types. Laser Parameters, Laser Wavelengths, Laser Chromospheres. The deluxe “Buck Rogers” course includes pulse duration, pretreatment and post treatment care and topical applications and prescription anesthetics for their supposed painless laser hair removal treatments! Yet all of this explained with hands-on practice working on the patient. Nonetheless what amazes me is that you learn and become a Certified Laser Parlor Operator with a meager 50 hours of training. Of course they do not mention that there is no required Federal or State Board examinations to see if you are competent. However ask yourself, do you really think a 50-hour certification course in all the above empowers an individual with the knowledge and experience to perform a safe treatment with an instrument that can cut stainless steal?

However all the above is what it would take you the average citizen to become a Certifiable Laser Parlor Operator in one week course of 50-hours.
For the most part all these courses are taught by non-licensed personal that forgo doing a health and background check let alone most of them skip the fact that there is no need of a minimum of high school diploma to become a Certified Laser Parlor Operator. Nonetheless when it comes to vocabulary Laser Parlor Schools are second to none in teaching their operators how to use big words even if they do not understand them. The big words are used to impress themselves and their clientele nevertheless I recommend the consumer bring a dictionary and actually ask the Laser Parlor Operator the definition of the big words spoken and you be quite amused to see how they trip their over their own lying tongues.

In summation after you the consumer have navigated through a mind-field of quacks you have been empowered with 50 hours knowledge there is just on more hurdle to overcome.
Yes and that last hurdle is being able to spot the Internet biggest and most dangerous quack on the Internet known as the Fake Consumer Hair Removal Advocate that steer consumer from away from asking the right question. Fact it is every consumers right to ask questions about their practitioners education and always if they are state licensed and registered for the safety of your health and looks.

If you want to learn more about the dangers of Laser Hair Removal read The Five Star Electrologist Americas Online News & Education For The Electrologist & Consumer©

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