What Do You See In The Mirror?
22 November, 2004 by Kimberly in Five Star Electrologist©
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Our personal self-esteem is involved in how we perceive ourselves and is acknowledged from the feedback we receive from the world around us. Hypertrichosis commonly know as an unwanted hair problem, is a condition that affects the" body image" of many women in American culture, who have learned that an attractive, feminine woman is hairless.

We have all met people, who with remarkable strength and determination who have overcome handicaps, which affect their self body image. Fortunately, a skilled Electrologist can overcome even the most difficult cases of Hypertrichosis with proper treatment. Every patient that I treat is individually evaluated by a thorough medical history. In addition to that every patient treatment is individualized and is scientifically tailored to his or her particular unwanted hair problem. Permanent hair removal using Shortwave and Galvanic currents with modern State of the Art Computerized equipment is requisite and since its invention in 1985 it been proven to more successful for minor to serious hair problems.

Many women, who suffer from excessive hair growth, have shaved, plucked, and tweezed their facial hair leaving an unsightly beard. In some cases persisting with these unprofessional methods of hair-removal has became a daily ritual leaving the women feeling angry, sad, embarrassed, self-conscious, and dissatisfied. She is also distorting her body image to the point that many women feel ugly and antisocial. Their total "body image" can became affected, raising issues of sexuality and causing social problems.

Adolescents and young adult women are particularly vulnerable to unwanted hair problems in the years when their "body image" becomes a key critical issue as an emerging mature woman is shaping and becoming evident middle-aged women who begin to see new hair growths may create an increasingly sensitive problem for them in their declining reproductive years. Even in old-aged women there are sensitive issues about unwanted hair and they will often attempt to remove it themselves to improve their appearance.

It is not surprising that many women suffer depression in these life-stages during which major changes take place when they are vulnerable to physical and emotional stress upon their "body-image". At the start many women may want to treat their hair problem themselves, until they accept it can't be treated poorly by plucking and it is a problem, which they can't deny.

Most women are embarrassed who come for treatment; are particularly sensitive and eager for the treatment to begin showing positive results. I treat these cases with psychological support; teaching them how the method I use works and that the treatment provides noticeable improvements of the skin between appointments. Women with heavy hair-growth treatments or beards receive initially Short-Wave treatments to clear the area. Then the Galvanic and Blend are used when the hairs become less concentrated and these currents are more effective secondary hair-growth caused by plucking. All hairs are removed in a strict scheduling pattern so that in between appointment the patient can manage without embarrassment or self-consciousness.

We all need to feel attractive first to ourselves and then to others. This shapes our self-image and self-esteem for a happier life. So. If a particular problem such as Hypertrichasis affects a woman' so" body- image", the Electrology-Electrolysis profession is the only treatment that results in Permanent Hair Removal.

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Kimberly Williams, R.E, Dean Author in Total

Copyright 2004 and authored in its totality by Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
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