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What you are about to read, to the best of my knowledge is true and based on volunteered information of past events regarding certain individuals' views as to why a referendum to enact legislation to create an Arizona State Board of Electrologists was voted down. People who volunteered this information you are about to read did so anonymously to protect themselves from further vengeance and harassment. However, I feel they have a right to be heard and tell their side of the story. In addition, the free press has the constitutional right to publish and protect their sources right to privacy, The Five Star Electrologist© invokes this constitutional right in all forms and manners. This article is based on information provided by licensed electrologists who have remained anonymous to avoid further retaliation.

In the near future hopefully all states will eventually enact legislation to create a State Board of Electrologists that ensures requisite professional standards for safe quality permanent hair removal for all citizens. The history of the Electrology-Electrolysis profession in Arizona is bizarre to say the least. Towards the end of the late eighties and just emerging into the new decade of the nineties the State of Arizona offered it's practicing electrologists their own State Board of Electrologists to be voted in by a referendum by the practicing electrologists and any individual who claiming to be one. Supposedly, ninety percent of the lay electrologists who were voted no and turned down the states generous offer, why? Again, about ninety percent who voted it down where members who belonged to the Arizona Certified Wonder Electrologists Association© the other ten percent who voted in favor to create a State Board of Electrologists were members of other electrolysis associations, guilds and societies. To this day some still complain how they were harassed and coerced to vote against it's founding.

From there the privileged members of the Arizona Certified Wonders Electrologists Association© which was in its infancy as an association stated, “We can regulate our profession and we do not need a State Board of Electrologists to ensure consumer safety, professional competency, sterilization, sanitation and ethics.” Wrong, these electrolysis associations, guilds and societies at best had challenged professional competency, below par educational requirements with almost total lack sterilization, sanitation and worst of all they had a complete and total disregard for professional ethics. Why would these Arizona electrologists vote down the formation of a State Board of Electrologists, which would have empowered them with bonafide professional credentials without having to earn them?

From personal observations and questions those unwilling to be identified spoke up commented that they voted against establishing a board for the following reasons. They claimed influential members of The Certified Wonder Electrologists Association© were petty dictators who would not relinquish their power for their betterment of their profession and its members. In addition, these select few were trying to maneuver themselves into advantageous position of power to influence the State of Arizona to become a member of this newly created board. This act is a conflict of self-interest that is so unethical that they presented themselves in a disgraceful manner as being the only qualified individuals to be state board members. Evidently the State recognized this association prominent members did not have the requisite professional credentials to be appointed to create a public trust for a professionally rated Arizona State Board of Electrologists. In retaliation to retain their precious petty power and influence of the than here and now of this association coerced its members in one form or another to vote it down.

To vote down the creation of The Arizona State Board of Electrologists by the select few who used such deplorable tactics was a dark for the Electrology-Electrolysis profession in Arizona. Wrong, if the States offer were presented truthfully to their members they would have found out and leaned that they would have had their electrologists' license and registration grandfathered in! Nonetheless for no apparent reason other than jealousy, the members of this association were instilled with paranoia that a state board would enforce and enact draconian standards to graduate, to be tested and successfully pass a dual state board written and practical examination to practice electrolysis. To put it simply their Machiavellian masters who were not offered a cushy job by the state and to spite the states offer they withheld the truth and lied to their members and influenced them with fear and coercion to vote it down. Now at this very moment they wish they had voted in favor. Presently the biggest complaints the Certified Wonder Electrologists have are how the laser scams artists have decimated there lower non-licensed ranks, which has hit them in the pocketbook. Now the former leaders of the association which fell apart are now laser operators advertising their glorious past positions of this defunct association that was torn apart from corruption within.

These Quackmasters use electrolysis as the bait and then switch you the consumer to having laser treatments. They have the most exotic diplomas and the line they use, “I was a high-ranking electrologist.” What they do not tell you is that if you called the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education you could confirm if there the school actually existed. Example, recently there is allot of phony baloney diplomas where Certified Wonder Electrologists© claim that they have graduated from a State School of Electrology. For the record there is not one legislated State School of Electrology in the United State of America. Plus there is a former Institute of Hair Removal, which is nothing more than a con job because it is a correspondence school for electrolysis. For the record how does one learn Electrolysis by correspondence course with 125 hours of training by mail and its instructor was a not even a Certified Wonder Electrologist© However you the reader see and say oh, there's a graduate of a State School of Electrology than you think well they must be a licensed & registered Electrologists. That's what they want you to believe. For your protection against the Quackmasters I have enclosed the phone number for the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education. Electrolysis-Electrology schools are classified as private postsecondary education. So if call 602-542-5709 they will be happy to assist in your search for the school that you electrologist graduated from. You can even assist them by faxing them a copy at 602-542-1253 of their advertisement or websites that lists the electrologist's school they graduated from. All I can say is, be ready for some surprises.

To this very day I do not know one well-trained state licensed and registered electrologist during the quack attacks whose appointment is not overbooked. As far as one can observe license and registration of electrologists insures quality, high professional standards, and ethics. In addition there is always the fact that a state board is empowered to regulate all forms of hair removal. So when another Laser Hack and Quack pulls into town an Arizona State Board of Electrologists would ensure that only licensed physician be allowed to perform laser hair removal (whom by the way are they only ones can afford malpractice insurance) most certified laser techs education consist of weekend rep or week long course that is no longer than forty hours. The State of Arizona regulations are so lax that anyone can purchase a laser machine when by law it's stated, “Only a licensed medical physician is allowed to purchase lasers are they are under the jurisdiction of the Arizona State Board of Radiology because they emit high amounts of cancer causing ultraviolet radiation.” Therefore a State Board of Electrologists would ensure the public safety for those who seek safe quality permanent hair removal. This is the question you have to ask; why would anyone vote against a State Board of Electrologists that would ensure safe, quality permanent hair removal?

States that require a Board of Electrologists and insure that an electrologist has completed an academic curriculum to establish and maintain professional competency are listed here. The 19 states in black and red areas are consumer's land of scams, incompetence and malpractice with no state board of electrologists to insure you the consumer's need for safe permanent hair removal. The 31 states in cheerful red, white and blue have State Boards of Electrologists to ensure you of safe permanent hair removal. However there is a smattering of state licensed and registered electrologists who have relocated to Arizona these are your best choices for quality safe permanent hair removal.

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
For The Five Star Electrologists©
Copyright 2004

Copyright 2004 and authored in its totality by Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
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