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Fact or Myth
Laser Parlor Operators advertise, "Approved by the FDA."

Fact & Myth
Yes Laser Parlor Operators do advertise, "Approved by the FDA." However advertise the phrase "Approved by the FDA" to lull the consumer into thinking that it is permanent like electrolysis. The FDA has approved the Laser for temporary hair removal only and it is illegal for Laser Parlors to advertise permanent and painless.

Fact or Myth
Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method for Safe Permanent Hair Removal that works!

Electrolysis is the only known and safe and proven method of Permanent Hair Removal that is approved by the FDA.

Fact or Myth
Certified Laser Parlor Operators only have to take a 50 course to get their certificate to operate.

Laser Parlor Operators are supposed to take a one-week fifty-hour-course to become a Certified Laser Parlor operator.

Fact or Myth
They do a complete and thorough background check on all Laser Parlor Operators.

State and federal authorities do not license and regulate the Laser Parlor Industry which is an equal opportunity employer so that means a convict or known sex offender can become a certified Laser Parlor Operator.

Fact or Myth
Laser Parlor Operators claim the Laser will result in permanent Hair removal.

They wish however most Laser Parlor Operators claim it nevertheless Laser Parlor Operators routinely lie to their customers just to get your money. Fact the FDA has ruled Laser Parlor Industry cannot advertise permanent or painless hair removal. However if you visit the link below you will learn just how dangerous laser hair removal really is.

Fact Or Myth
The FDA (Food And Drug Administration) has forbidden Laser Parlor Operators to advertise and claim permanent hair removal.

If you possess an advertisement or proof of payment that your Laser Parlor Operators said or claimed its permanent you are entitled to a not so cheerful full refund if you take them to small claims court.

Fact Or Myth
Do less skilled electrologists become Laser Parlor Operators?

Yes they do and all professions electrolysis have their marginal electrologists that become the scourge of the profession known as the Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operator.

Fact or Myth
Most consumers are unaware that temporary laser hair removal machine emit dangerous cancer causing ultraviolet radiation!

Warning Temporary Laser Hair Removal Treatments Camouflage Precancerous And Cancerous Lesions By Lightening Them. Physicians and Skin specialists and dermatologists say that grave and even fatal conditions such as melanoma are routinely missed, or mistaken for a simple benign freckle by non-licensed Certified Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operators and "50 Hour Wonder Techs."

Fact or Myth
Vast numbers of untrained uneducated Quacks are using lasers that camouflage precancerous and cancerous lesions by lightening them?

It has been noted that diagnosed melanoma in several studies having had a series of laser hair removal. Where the laser can lighten a dark melanoma which could continue growing, going deeper and metastasizing in the patient.

Fact or Myth
Its know fact once a melanoma known skin cancer metastasizes in your system you have about four months to live.

Skin cancer is preventable, however there is no known cure and treatment so an untimely painful end is predicted.

Fact Or Myth
Temporary lasers hair removal emits causing ultraviolet radiation.

All lasers for temporary hair removal emit harmful cancer causing ultraviolet radiation as a by-product of dangerous temporary hair removal!

Fact or Myth
Electrologists that do laser hair removal are less skill skilled and lazy.

Electrologists that use the laser are less skilled but also totally unethical, lazy and shiftless because they cannot compete with a dedicated skilled electrologist.

Fact or Myth
First, second and third degree burns and malpractice claims go unreported because they are paid off by Insurance Companies.

The laser Parlor Industry has a public relations departments that is superior to the CIA when it comes cover ups.

Fact or Myth
There are many unreported cases of second and third degree burns where Mal-Practice insurance claims have been paid to keep the Free Press from informing and warning the public.

In New York City there is a 125 million dollar lawsuit pending against a Laser Parlor Operators for third degree burns on half of her face. Click below for full story

Fact or Myth
There are two known deaths that where caused by negligent by Laser Parlor Operators.

You can read about these tragic deaths of two young women at this Link

Fact or Myth
Presently There Are Over 500 Pending lawsuits against Laser Parlors For Permanent Disfiguring Burns!

The Five Star Electrologist© America's Online Electrolysis News & Education For The Electrologist and Consumer© the Laser Parlor Industry had a good damage control, until their lawsuits start piling up. Most notably just one dermatologist said he is consulting as an expert with plaintiffs in over 500 lawsuits around the country involving botched hair removal treatments that resulted in permanent disfiguring burns, scarring or permanent pigment loss and changes. Dermatologic specialists and plastic surgeons in Phoenix, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Washington and other cities that they routinely see patients with disfiguring third degree burns and other unfixable injuries, most of them inflicted by low ranked physicians, non-licensed and licensed electrologists who become 50 hour "Wonder-Techs" who were wielding laser equipment that was out-of-date, set improperly or not properly educated for a particular patient's skin type and needs.

Fact or Myth
The laser Parlor Industry has failed to report all known adverse affects from temporary laser removal.

Yes they have and in the next 2 to 5 years you will see lawsuits in the thousands for adverse reactions such as premature aging and permanent loss of pigment. Down the road time will tell and the unforeseen long term harmful affects from temporary laser hair removal will cause sagging skin, painful sensory neuritis, early onset cataracts and advanced terminal melanomas and other health and skin disorders caused by cancer causing "Ultra-Violet Radiation" emitted from the laser.

Fact or Myth
Can a criminal, ex-convict, parolee or known sex offender become a Laser Parlor Operator? Fact Anyone can become a Laser Parlor Operator because there are no back round checks, minimum educational requirements including no required health check for the operator. Fact all they have to do is take the fifty-our wonder course and they become an instant Certified Laser Parlor Operator.

Fact or Myth
Are hairy moles also known as Nevus Peli precancerous? Fact experienced licensed and registered electrologists know the hairy moles are precancerous and exposure to the sun and laser harmful ultraviolet radiation will cause the most deadly cancer Melanoma.

Fact or Myth
Once Melanoma becomes systemic in your system you have about four months to live. Fact Four months is considered optimum and there is no cure for Squamous Cell Carcinoma because skin cancer is classified as preventable.

Fact or Myth
Laser Parlor Operators are not required to take a mandatory course in Histology (Study of the Skin and Minute Structures) so the can spot a Melanoma or other deadly conditions.

The Laser Parlor Operators fifty hours course does not include or cover Histology in addition most Laser Parlor Operators are scientifically illiterate.

Fact or Myth
Surgeons who perform SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery) inform Transsexual patients that Laser Hair Removal is only temporary at best and always recommend electrolysis as the only true method of safe Permanent Hair Removal.

Transsexual patients that have been lied to end up being over treated, which give their skin a discolored dry leathery appearance and feel. In addition permanent loss of pigment leaving a disfiguring marbled albino look and the unwanted hair is still there and it is even more course from the plucking, shaving and waxing approved by the Laser Parlor Operators during treatment.

Fact or Myth
One bad sunburn can lead to skin cancer years later?

Its amazing physicians and dermatologists repeatedly warn you to stay out of the sun however temporary Laser Parlor Operators continue to use excessive repeated ultraviolet radiation with each and every application?

Laser Parlors Operators equipment is routinely inspected to assure you the consumer that their equipment is in good working order and is compliant with State and Federal Regulatory Agencies. Maybe once or twice if the laser cause damage however Laser Parlor Operators equipment are rarely inspected. especially in states like Arizona.

Fact or Myth
Laser parlor operators routinely lie and use doctored before and after photographs claiming instant and permanent hair removal.

If you have ever seen one of those doctored photographs just compare and look and you will the same photograph published on laser hair removal websites.

Fact or Myth
Do you have to be licensed and registered as an electrologist to become a Certified Professional Electrologist?

Absolutely not 90 per cent of Certified Professional Electrologists are not licensed and registered and to learn more about Certified Professional Electrologists read this article, What Is A Certified Professional Electrologist?

Fact or Myth
Laser Parlor Operators say that shaving does not stimulate heavy hair growth and it is okay to shave between treatments. Myth Myth shavings stimulates super heavy hair growth and beware of the unethical laser parlor operators who would like you to be a perpetual Laser Parlor Junkie where you will never be permanently hair free. To read about shaving read this article. FACT AND FOR THE RECORD HAIR FACTS & MORE HAIR FACTS ABOUT SHAVING©

Fact Or Myth
The Laser has been completely tested for all results.

That's a laugh and another lie by the Laser Parlor Industry and it operators who have refused all requests for a legitimate double blind study and testing by a reputable consumer agency such as Underwriter Laboratories. For ten years and counting they have steadfastly refused testing because their own test results prove that it does not work in addition that information has been illegally withheld from the FDA and public. In addition temporary laser hair removal has not been approved or cleared by FDA (Food & Drug Administration) to advertise or claim permanent hair removal and painless hair removal in any form or manner.

Fact or Myth
Most Consumer Hair Removal Advocates are Fake.

Below are links about Americas Number 1 Fake Consumer Advocate The Jackbooted Kammandantessa!
Thank you for you time and attention,

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