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Boston School Of Electrolysis
Boston Electrolysis Private Practice
Boston Electrolysis Super Brochure For Safe Permanent Hair Removal©
Boston Electrolysis Consumers Guide For Safe Permanent Hair Removal©
Authored by Kimberly Williams, R.E.,Dean

You the consumer have the right to safe quality Electrolysis-Electrolgy treatments. You also have an obligation to yourself to authenticate and verify the credentials of any Electrologist that you consider for your care. This is requisite considering the absolute one major fact that Arizona and 16 other states have no State Board of Electrologists for Licensing and Registration. If you are presently residing in a state that requires Electrologists to be licensed and registered you most likely will locate a competent Electrologist. Nevertheless, this guide will assist all consumers who seek the best professional care possible.

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist,1979
Boston School Of Electrolysis
Boston Electrolysis Private Practice
Lecturer Of Harvard Medical School 1983-1987

Boston School Of Electrolysis
Boston Electrolysis Private Practice
Super Brochure For Safe Permanent Hair Removal©
The Consumer Guide For Safe Permanent Hair Removal©

Authored Entirely by Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

You the consumer have the right to safe quality Electrolysis-Electrolgy treatments. You also have an obligation to yourself to authenticate and verify the credentials of any Electrologist that you consider for your care. This is requisite considering the absolute one major fact that Arizona and 16 other states have no State Board of Electrologists for Licensing and Registration. If you are presently residing in a state that requires Electrologists to be licensed and registered you most likely will locate a competent Electrologist. Nevertheless, this guide will assist all consumers who seek the best professional care possible.

Credentials and Education

1. Education is the requisite foundation for a well-trained Electrologist. Without taking this requisite fundamental first step of becoming a licensed and registered Electrologist you can count on a second rate treatment at best.

2. Top rated State Licensed and Registered Electrologists that have been professionally schooled with a minimum of 1100 hours are your best choice for safe permanent hair removal.

3. In addition, they have minimum five years, ten preferred of experience as a practicing Electrologist who is currently licensed and registered.

4. Always ask what year the graduated, hours attended and proof that they are currently State Licensed and Registered. Licensed and registered electrologists are required to carry pocket license with a control number for verification.

5. All licensed and registered Electrologists credential can be verified on line with their state board. In addition, while checking their credentials you can see if have they had discipline actions or complaints issued against their license.

6. If you reside in a state with no requirements be extra careful of mail order and "weekend wonder" course diplomas that are often desktop published by themselves. The pocket license with the "State Seal" will always verify the validity of their license or phone call to their State Board Of Electrologists.

7. It is your right to express doubts about the credentials of an Electrologist that claim they attended a State Licensed and Registered School. Fraudulent desktop publishing is rampant; individuals create diplomas for electrolysis schools that never existed for example the lone graduate of The Arizona State School of Electrology was recently found out. Fact Arizona has no State Board Of Electrologists that sponsors a requisite training course or school to license and register electrologists.

8. So most consumers read graduate of Arizona State School of Electrology and assume they are licensed and registered electrologist. Fact Mr. Keith Blanchard the Deputy Director of the Arizona Board of Secondary Education has verified that no such school ever existed. However, in it a state with no license and registration always check and verify an electrologists credentials

9. Certification courses always require your diligence when you reside in a State with a Board of Electrologists. When their diploma says certified this that, these and those it's time to ask questions. Many of these quick-quack certification courses are a weekend to three-week course. Ask yourself would go to a non-licensed doctor who attended a weekend or three week course?

10. Bloated and counterfeit titles and exotic diplomas flood the Electrolysis- Electrology profession. They basically come down to the certified wonder electrologists. They look impressive and real but if you follow the above mentioned and ask questions; verify schools, license and registrations you will not be disappointed.

Electrolysis Protocol
Your No Fee Consultation and Evaluation

You have verified the credentials of the Electrologist that you are considering for treatment, now its time to schedule a consultation and evaluation. When making first contact to the electrologists please be polite and do not block your name and number. Established electrologists are busy and do the work of five people, receptionist, appointments, and consultations and are bothered by tele-marketers so for the record I do not or answer-blocked calls.

1. Telephone consultations do not work a professional electrologist will schedule you a consultation and evaluation. A good electrologist is always busy and works one patient at a time. Therefore a scheduled consultation is your best choice and telephone consults prevent you from making the best choice and establishing a rapport of mutual understanding. In addition there is the option of a working consultation with your first appointment.

2. You ask what is a working consultation? That is when the electrologist has allowed time for treatment after your initial consultation. It has always been my favorite way to establish contact and a rapport. In addition, I to get to know my patient and establish a professional trust.

3. A consultation is never rushed and allows you the consumer time to ask the above questions. It allows the electrologist time to do thorough and complete history regarding your health and unwanted hair problem. It also allows you to ask any question regarding your treatment and care. In addition, it gives me time to explain the process with skin charts and educational aids. From there I work out a tailor made treatment plan for you.

4. An established electrologist appreciates you being on time and if you cannot make your appointment 24-hour notice is standard notice. Sterilization is mandatory and good Electrologist takes the time to demonstrate and walk you through and demonstrate how they sterilize instruments. In addition to using pre-sterilized disposable probes my instruments are triple sterilized and I wear gloves. Designated reused probes are a danger and risk to your health and never ever let an electrologist reuse a probe to save themselves fifty-to seventy--five-cents. I also recommend patients with a cold do not please do not have treatment because you will pass it on.

5. The upper echelon of practicing Electrologists always follows a strict protocol for treatment and never deter from it. When I am doing a treatment most patients are unaware of the required professional steps one must take to perform a safe treatment.

6. Now you getting close and you always see the old clichéd advertising line State of the Art Equipment. Please be aware far too many electrologists use that cliché and as far as they are concerned the equipment that they bought 30 years ago is still State of the Art. If your Electrologists equipment is not a late model computerized epilator and is more than six years old it is not State Of The Art. To many electrologists out there use equipment from the day they graduated or completion of their certification course. I personally have gone through eight computerized upgrades since 1985. New computerized equipment is standard in my practice. However, it's not the equipment that makes an excellent treatment. It is the electrologists who has kept current and taken the time to learn and reinvest capital to have the absolute best equipment than provide you the very best treatment!

7. In addition they should have a business license in the city our town that their office is located and a call to City Clerks office will confirm they are a legitimate licensed business. Additionally they should be in the yellow pages business directory with landline telephone in the name of their business and not a cell phone. Oh yes always ask that they are bonded and have malpractice insurance

Every patient seeking electrolysis has the right to a professional, no fee consultation and evaluation. A professional consultation is the requisite and the foundation for correct electrolysis protocol and procedures. A professional consultation and history consists of the following: hereditary and medical conditions, medications, endocrine system, hair and skin condition, diet and stress, previous electrolysis, temporary methods, AIDS and HIV questionnaire and coagulation disorders. Kimberly Williams takes professional pride in her patient presentation that is given after the completion of the consultation and history. At my office every patient has a complete educational demonstration of the structure of the hair and skin on illustrated charts. This includes an evaluation and prognosis, treatment programming, hygiene and sterilization techniques. Her consultations also include a demonstration on my "State-of-the-Art Computerized Equipment".

All consultations end with a patient question and answer period, summation of their history and evaluation, treatment program, fee schedule and an appointment. On request, if time permits, treatments may be scheduled after the consultation.

People ask what is Computerized Electrolysis-Electrology?

What is "computer electrology?" Computer Electrolysis-Electrology was introduced in 1985 and is built on the values of traditional electrolysis, which results in the most advanced state-of-the-art scientific method of computerized medical grade epilators for permanent hair removal. How is computer electrology different from other methods? Computer electrology is an accurate, fast, advanced electronic technique and the equipment is accurate within 1/lOOth of a second. It features "stored memory," providing a complete history of your treatment, progress, and a personalized printout reporting hair counts and ongoing memory.

Does computer technology enhance the Electrologist's ability to control treatment?

Most definitely, it enhances the Electrologist's professional technique and ability to ensure precision treatments and maximum results with comfort and speed.

Explain the three techniques of Short-wave, Galvanic, and CB-7 Pro-blend and their differences. Short-wave is a high-frequency current that electro-coagulates the papilla (root). This cauterizes the blood supply also known as capillaries that nourishes each and every follicle.

Galvanic is a low frequency current that results in the formation of sodium hydroxide that penetrates the entire structure of the follicle. Galvanic current enables the electrolytic conversion action henceforth the word electrolysis was invented because of the formation of Sodium Hydroxide aka Lye that is one of the basic chemical elements found in our bodies are composed of. Even though Sodium Hydroxide aka Lye is of an alkaline base it has an acidic affect and cause the electro-dessication of the follicle wall in reference that means it dehydrates the follicle and its entire structure. In addiction, galvanic causes the electro-dessication and decomposition of the follicle wall. In reference this means it totally breaks down the whole structure of the follicle by electricity.

The Blend is the combination of both currents and each particular form of electrolysis is used hair and skin condition. Which technique is superior? All three techniques, professionally practiced, are effective. All three produce positive results giving you a smooth, hair-free complexion and, in turn, improves your appearance and sense of emotional well-being. However, it is up to the electrologist to make the best choice depending on you hair and skin type.

How do I choose a qualified electrologist? A qualified electrologist is licensed and registered with a state board of electrologists and has between 500 to 1100 hours of professional training in medical sciences, practical theory and has successfully completed a written and practical state board examination. Their license and registration can be verified by calling their state board. When several certificates are displayed, how do I know which one is bona fide? Only 33 states require licensing and registration for electrologists. Look for a state license and certificate of registration with license number and diploma from a nationally and state accredited school. If there are no requirements in your state (Arizona has none), then an electrologist that has made the effort to pursue their education out of state and obtain a license and registration is your best choice. Only a state has the authority to issue a license and registration. Beware of counterfeit mail order diplomas and weekend course certification, and keep in mind, no school can license or register an electrologists. Fact and for the record using the example: Jane Doe, C.P.E. (Certified Professional Electrologist) does not mean the electrologist is state licensed or registered.

What are the most stringent requirements in the United States to become a licensed and registered electrologist?

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts sets the most stringent standards, establishing a board in 1959. The requirements are 500 hours of educational theory, 600 hours of practical theory, and a 2 hour written state board examination accompanied by a 1 hour practical examination in the following medical sciences: • Endocrinology • Histology • Biology • Microbiology • Dermatology • Physiology/Anatomy • Hygiene and Sterilization


How safe is computerized electrology?

All three methods of computer electrology are safe when practiced by a state licensed and registered electrologist. The safety of the electrolysis lies in the professional Electrologist's ability to judge the angle the hair to be removed is growing, whether it is angled diagonally, to the right, or the left. A proper insertion should be made with the proper stretch and with the needle slightly penetrating the papilla. (The papilla has no nerve endings so there is no discomfort. Only an incorrect insertion will cause pain). The lower layer of tissue absorbs the electrical current more efficiently. This is more effective because, as you see from the skin chart, it is inserted to the base of the follicle and the needle is not pushing up against the orifice wall so there is no orifice pitting. When electrolysis is practiced as a scientific art with a medical approach there is no scabbing, scarring, pitting, or excessive redness. The end result is a comfortable treatment and a healthy, clear complexion.

What about hygiene and sterilization?

Hygiene - Your safety and well-being are in the hands of your electrologist. A professionally trained, licensed, and registered electrologist uses disposable probes and individually autoclaved forceps per patient, and completes a thorough medical history. Electrologists who reuse a "designated probe" risk their patients' health and should be barred from the profession. A reused probe could inadvertently be mistaken for another patient's, spreading disease. Further, a probe suffers metal fatigue and should not be reused, especially in light of its low cost - approximately 50 cents. Sterilization - My sterilization process consists of a chemical bath of chemical germicide used in hospital operating rooms, ultrasonic cleaning with enzyme detergent and, finally, each forceps is inserted into a dry heat sterilization bag and placed in a dry heat autoclave. All treatments begin with a pre-packaged and sterilized forceps and a sterilized disposable probe.

What about dangerous temporary methods such as Laser Hair removal?

When you go to a Laser Parlor you are playing Russian roulette with your health and Murphy's Law where anything that can go wrong will. After 11 years and counting it is still an unproven dangerous technology that emits and exposes you to harmful cancer causing ultraviolet radiation to say the least.

What about temporary methods such as Plucking and waxing?

Waxing is wholesale plucking, which worsens the hair problem. This improper treatment rips the papilla, the germinative structure of the hair from the root. When this is done, the root of the papilla shatters, leaving germinative seedlings at the base of the follicle. Each hair is nourished by its own individual blood supply from the capillaries and this will nourish the seedlings and stimulate new hair growth and will cause a distortion of the follicle, resulting in ingrown hairs, inflammation of the follicle, and pustules. The only known cure for this condition is electrolysis practiced by a professionally trained, state licensed, and registered electrologist. Ms. William's primary concern is my patients. However, I am the founder and Dean of Boston School of Electrolysis America's only finishing school for licensed and registered electrologists who want keep ahead of the curve.


Most people do not realize that hair and skin are both composed of ciliated epithelial tissue. Any chemical that bleaches the pigment from the hair also bleaches the pigment from the skin. This results in macular atrophy, a degenerative condition of the skin known as "white atrophic skin patches". These are cosmetically very unattractive and can permanently flaw your complexion. The final analysis Women and men who do not seek a professionally trained and experienced, state licensed and registered electrologist will create severe unwanted hair problems. Avoid complications by always selecting a state licensed and registered electrologist.


Kimberly Williams is a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist and was the first certified Computer Electrology Specialist Of America©. She was educated in electrolysis at the Kelly School of Electrology, Quincy, MA, with intense studies in the medical field consisting of Theoretical Medical Science and Practical Application. After graduation, Kimberly opened a private practice in Massachusetts and gained an outstanding reputation in professionalism, results, and competency. She employed only registered, licensed electrolysis graduates and built one of the largest electrology offices in the state. Kimberly was a guest lecturer at Harvard Medical School from 1983 to 1987. She is also the author, editor and publisher of Volumes I, II, III, IV: Scientific Electrologist, The Electrologist's Encyclopedia ~ Volume 1: The Electrologist ‘s Diagnostic Case History© and Volume II: The Electrologist ‘s Insertion Guide© Kimberly is extremely adept in the computer technology field and is a former distributor for computerized medical grade epilators, which is an important factor in choosing the most efficient and advanced equipment for the patient's electrolysis, she guarantees them. Four years of education, 18 years of experience, state of the-art computerized equipment, and a sincere desire to educate the public regarding electrology have placed Kimberly at the top of the electrology field.


• Ask for their name, address and the electrolysis school and date graduated if the school has closed call The State Board Of Electrologists or the Board of Education where you live to make sure the school existed.

• Check authenticity of experience and the date of license.

• Always ask to see a current state pocket license and registration and pocket license that proves they are currently licensed. If you are unsure about the authenticity of these credentials, verify them with their State Board Of Electrologists.

• Beware of mail order and "weekend wonder" course diplomas

• Demand documentation and never be afraid to ask questions

• Beware of anyone who says an Electrologists license is not necessary to practice electrolysis

• Always ask the electrologist to demonstrate their sterilization system.


Fact certification titles do not mean they are state licensed and registered electrologists and good example is the 120-hour Certified Professional Electrologist course. Always remember non-licensed electrologists like to appear and want you to think they are licensed and registered as an electrologist so they advertise as Jane Doe, C.P.E. Certified Professional Electrologist. Bona-fide licensed and registered electrologist will always advertise, Jane Doe, R.E. Massachusetts licensed and registered electrologist.

For the record it is my professional opinion that most if not all electrologists certification courses do not prepare an individual in any form or manner to be a competent electrologist. These electrolysis certifications appear, infer and bestow ornate diplomas and titles with credentials upon undeserving frauds who think that its alright to purchase an education that took one to three weeks to complete. Additionally these tests are grade school level hoaxes consisting of simple true and false and multiple-choice questions. In addition they do not have or require electrolysis practical examination in any form or manner to prove they are competent to practice electrolysis.

Consumer beware I have compiled a list of titles that non-licensed electrologists frequently use. Other ways that non-licensed electrologists try to appear as licensed electrologists is to belong to multiple electrolysis associations who do not require mandatory educated state licensed and registration as an electrologist for membership. Additionally these associations do not emphasize nor require state license and registration as an electrologists for membership however they wholeheartedly promote the proliferation of themselves as uneducated non-licensed Combination Electrologists Laser Parlor Operators.



Home of the C.P.E. AKA Certified Professional Electrologist course and 90% of its member are not licensed electrologists.

C.P.E. Certified Professional Electrologist


Title Members USE: Member of (IGPE)

International Guild of Hair Removal Specialists, Inc. (IGHRS
Title Members USE: Member of (IGHRS)

Society of Clinical and Medical Electrologists
The Society for Clinical & Medical Hair Removal, Inc.

C.C.E. Certified Clinical Electrologist
C.M.E. Certified Medical Electrologist
C.P.E. Certified Professional Electrologist

Certified Electrologists

C.E. AKA Certified Electrologist

TGRE Also known as TG Recommended Electrologists are a pirate organization owned operated by Andrea James AKA the Internet Jackbooted Kammandantessa who owns, and Fact most of the electrologists on these are non-licensed who pay kickback and referrals.

The Society of Clinical and Medical Electrologists has changed it name to The Society for Clinical & Medical Hair Removal, Inc.

The Society for Clinical & Medical Hair Removal, Inc. it is formerly known as The International Guild of Professional Electrologists and up to 97% of its members are not licensed and registered electrologists.

Many of the Certified Electrologists and TG Recommended Electrologists about 90% are self-taught, self-proclaimed electrologists with no national organization or state required training. Most certified electrologists and TG Recommended Electrologists design and print their own diplomas however consumer beware these two are the bottoms of the barrel when it comes to electrolysis.


CLPO AKA Certified Laser Parlor Operator
CLP AKA Certified Laser Operator

Eleven years and counting and the Laser Parlor Industry still cannot prove that laser hair removal is safe and works and no matter how claims the Laser Parlor Makes at best is temporary and dangerous treatment to say the least. In addition for some strange reason the Laser Parlor Industry still refuses to allow a legitimate double blind study performed by a reputable testing agency such as Underwriter's Laboratories.

Fact if you examine laser hair removal education and its schools you will discover what a complete farce and that the whole course consists of a one week or 40 hours to complete. However Arizona does requires 50 hours instead of 40. Laser Parlor Operators spend more time learning big words that they do not understand and their 50-hour class most of their time is spent on how to market and advertise.

These 40 and 50 hour classes includes Physics, on what makes the laser work plus they claim they can instruct you Skin Analysis Hair Biology and Histology of the hair including its hair growth cycles of anagen, catagen, and telogen. As well they compare different types of Hair, vellus, accelerated vellus, and terminal hair types. Laser Parameters, Laser Wavelengths, Laser Chromospheres. The course further includes pulse duration, pretreatment and post treatment care topical applications and prescription anesthetics for their supposed painless laser hair removal treatments and all of this explained with hands-on practice working with the patient. However what amazes me is that you learn and become a Certified Laser Parlor Operator with a measly 50 hours of training. Of course they do not mention that there is no required Federal or State Board examinations to see if you are competent. However ask yourself do you really think a fifty hour certification course in all the above empowers an individual with the knowledge and experience to perform a safe treatment?

However all the above is what it would take you the average citizen to become a Certifiable Laser Parlor Operator in one week course of 50 hours. For the most part all these courses are taught by non-licensed personal that forgo doing a health and background check let alone most of them skip the fact that there is no need of a minimum of high school graduate to become a Certified Laser Parlor Operator. However when it comes to vocabulary Laser Parlor School are second to none in teaching their operators how to use big words even the they do not understand them. The big words are used to impress themselves and their clientele nonetheless I recommend the consumer bring a dictionary and actually ask the Laser Parlor Operator the definition of their big words and you be quite surprised to see how they trip their over their own lying tongues.

In summation after you the consumer have navigated through a mind-field of quacks and have been empowered with knowledge there is just on more hurdle to overcome. Yes and that last hurdle is being able to spot Internet biggest and most dangerous quacks on the Internet known as the Fake Consumer Hair Removal Advocate which have there on forums and websites that steer from away from asking the right question. Fact it is every consumers right to ask questions about their education and that they are state licensed and registered for the safety of your health and looks.



Every year licensed and registered electrologists of the ELECTROLYSIS-ELECTROLOGY INDUSTRY are besieged by one non-licensed quack after another however these individuals are not licensed and registered electrologists. However they claim they advocates for the consumer nevertheless if you check them out there are not licensed legitimate Consumer Hair Removal Advocates. They have hair removal forums where non-licensed Certified Electrologists and non-licensed Laser Parlor Operators congregate and pretend to be consumer with a hair problem.

On their websites and forums they post their own testimonials using fake email addresses, fake referrals where consumers actually think they are talking another consumer with an unwanted hair problem by referring them to themselves. Additionally Andrea James AKA the Jackbooted Kammandantessa is the owner of these disreputable websites and forums are, and her forums and does do not require a background check on of the people paying or claiming that are claiming to electrologists. Therefore underage children and consumers could and be the victims of the Jackbooted Kammandantessa's sexual predators and thrill seekers listed on her websites because she refuses to do a background check because of the kickbacks she collects.

Therefore I urge all consumers to avoid the TG-Recommended Electrologist as most of them are bogus and are second rate Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operators to begin with.


Do The Math

Non-licensed Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operators are without one doubt America's temporary hair removal scam artists and Americas most greedy unregulated industry. Fact and for the record I have never met or known one self-taught uneducated non-licensed Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operator that could perform a decent let alone competent electrolysis treatment. Now these non-licensed pariahs have become the latest scourge and plague upon the legitimate licensed and registered electrologists of America.

Fact there is a small minority of incompetent state licensed electrologists that have joined the ranks of the non-licensed certified electrologists and have become the Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operators because they do not possess the basic or minimum requisite practical skill to compete with an honest educated dedicated state licensed and registered electrologists. So when the easy buck known as temporary laser hair removal arrived in 1996 they where the first to become Laser Parlor Operators.

People in general are always looking for good deal however when you choose an uneducated non-licensed electrologist who offers cut-rate electrolysis you are taking a risk. Fact in my opinion all Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operators routinely lie because they know that a woman does not want to go to court about something as personal as hair removal. In addition these quacks say, "Legally I cannot claim the laser works however it does work." Fact if they make that claim in any form or manner ask them to put it in writing because you will learn the hard way and quite expensive lesson the laser is a painful cruel hoax at best and it does not work.

So do the math and add the facts and than compare electrolysis as the only safe treatment of Permanent Hair Removal approved by the FDA. The laser at best is temporary, dangerous non-licensed non-regulated industry. So when you do the math and add dollars with your common sense your best and only choice for permanent hair removal is an experienced state licensed and registered electrologist.


Fact and for the record if you have an unwanted facial hair problem from minor to severe I am the electrologist you can count on for all unwanted facial hair problems have always been my specialty with a written guarantee of excellence. Arizona's first and only electrologist who guarantees in writing that after one treatment, if you can locate a better electrologist, bring me the receipt and I will refund your first treatment fee. In addition to that, even on difficult cases, I can work at one-third to one-fourth the time of the average electrologist - licensed or unlicensed. I also guarantee that you will have the most comfortable treatment with no scabbing, scarring or pitting as direct result of my treatments.


My Qualifications

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979
America's First Computer Electrology-Electrolysis Specialist 1985©

Starting my career as a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist in 1979 after graduating from America's best electrolysis school Miss Kelly's Of Electrology founded in 1933 as an Honor Graduate. One only becomes a Massachusetts Licensed and registered electrologist after successfully completing a combined curriculum of 1100 hours of Theoretical Sciences in Endocrinology, Histology, Bacteriology, Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology, Dermatology, Electricity, Sterilization, Ethics and Hygiene & Sanitation. In addition my practical training consisted of 600 hours and after graduation I successfully passed my Massachusetts Dual State Board 2-hour written examination and my one practical examination. Since 1979 I am America's only practicing Massachusetts licensed and registered electrologist that offers a written "Guarantee of Excellence."

While running an active practice at Davis Square, Somerville Massachusetts Kimberly Williams, R.E. & Associates Harvard Medical School sought me out as a guest lecturer from 1983 to 1987 on the subjects of Human Sexuality, Endocrinology, Psychology, Electrolysis and Transsexualism. You can read about my experiences at Harvard Medical School at this link Furthermore I authored and published the Scientific Electrologist© Journals, 1, 2, 3 and 4 for Computer Electrology Specialists©. In 1985 Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean in 1985 became America's First Computer Electrology Specialist©™ while at the same being distributor for the R.A. Fischer Company the manufacturers, inventors and innovators of America's first Medical Grade Computerized electrolysis Epilators the R.A Fischer Company

Relocating to Central Arizona 1991 I authored The Electrologists Diagnostic Case History, 1991©, The Electrologists Insertion Guide© 1993, Certified Educational Upgrades and instruction articles for The Boston School Of Electrolysis™ AKA America's largest and informative electrolysis website written by an a licensed electrologist, myself. Again I relocated to Scottsdale in 1998 and became the Chief Editor and author-publisher of the Boston School of Electrolysis Five Star Electrologist© America's Online Electrolysis News & Education For The Electrologist and Consumer© Visit the link below to learn how diagnose unwanted hair problems.

Last but not least I am extremely adept in the Computerized Electrolysis-Electrology Blend technology field and a former distributor for computerized medical grade epilators, which is an important factor in choosing the most efficient and advanced equipment for my patient's electrolysis treatments and needs. However its 2007 at Boston Electrolysis I still have and believe in my motto, "I Practice Electrolysis As A Scientific art With A Medical Approach©"
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