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An Electrologist’s Open Letter of Disgust to Andrea James

The owner of is Andrea James and the moderator of is Deputy Fuhrer James Walker VII CPE who is an illiterate uneducated non-licensed electrologist. James Walker is a common street thug who can’t resist bashing TG electrologists who are educated, licensed and expertly skilled. However James Walker never mentions that his boss Andrea James is in deep trouble because 350 Transgendered women including myself have signed an open letter of complaint and disgust against Andrea James for her crimes against the GLBT Community. Andrea James and her partner Calpernia Adams have been indicted by the entire Trans Community for the following offenses; 1. Absence of good-faith arguments, 2. Misleading personal attacks, 3. Traditionalism and ageism, 4. Misgendering and accusations of “privilege”, 5. False hierarchies of trans women, 6. Hypocrisy and feigned offense, 7. Siding with mainstream prejudice, 9. Hiding behind “homophobia” to defend transphobia and 10. Elitism and exclusion of queer trans women from queer culture. 

Presently there are 350 letters of complaint against Andrea James and more will be forth coming and after her complaints more complaints will be registered against James Walker who is a graduate of the Andrea James Hate & Smear School.  They did not mention Andrea’s other offenses and crimes such as; extortion, abuse of power, yellow journalism and slandering electrologists on her websites, and in her attempts to sabotage Trans-Women owned businesses nevertheless Andrea James and James Walker use of hit and run Cyber-Hate is absolutely repulsive example of Andrea James trained lap dog and moderator of James Walker.

In the intervening time since being appointed moderator of James Walker VII CPE moderator has turned into a collection of jealous needy non-licensed electrologists who spend most of their time poor mouthing successful educated licensed electrologists on  James and his gang of non-licensed “Quacks” claim to be TG Friendly however they hate TG Electrologists who are educated, licensed and work harder to persevere. Where would HairHell’s forum be without its minority of two licensed electrologists Mike and Dee Fahey? Subconsciously James would love to get rid of them however when James gets in trouble Dee Fahey and Mike always rescues him from another incorrect electrolysis blunder. Nevertheless I wonder why James and all his non-licensed TG Friendly electrologists on will not explain why they Bash Trans Licensed and Registered Electrologists?  Is it because they are jealous and will do anything for money? Yes, that's absolutely correct and Mr. Walker has real problem because there are about fourteen Trans Licensed & Registered Electrologists in America and not one of them needs or would ever belong to the "Hairtell Quackery" were Mr. Walker and his fellow chickens come home to roost, cackle and crow to the wee hours in the morning how great and wonderful they are.

Since James Walker VII CPE became moderator of its membership has fallen into a crime-ridden cesspool of crazed bottom dwelling non-licensed uneducated electrologists that will go down in flames. James has staked as his "Protectorate of Evil" where he viciously attacks and lashes out against mandatory licensing of electrologists because he cannot make the grade. is a failed a forum it’s and collection of uneducated electrologists who never achieved a state license and registration to practice electrolysus have driven off the few licensed electrologists with their crude manners. Since Mr. Walker chooses not to avail himself of proper training, he must build his business off of false inuendo's and testimonials through his deployment of fake pseudo-electrologists who pose as consumers with an unwanted hair problem looking for electrologist on Hairtell.coms forum. God help those consumers who register on the forum asking, “Does anyone know a good electrologist in my area?” After that James and his fellow vultures swoop in with exaggerated lies that say, "I know one… and then they themselves pose as consumers who have nothing but good to say about well… their own work. It is a sad sort of self-referral. Unfortunately this scam is perpetually perpetrated by forum members and everyone gets a kickback including the two minimally educated licensed electrologists who sold their souls for thirty pieces of silver.

Discrimination and bigotry against Trans-Women electrologists by Andrea James and James Walker go hand and hand and it's opinion that James is racist.  Just Google an open letter of complaint against Andrea James owner of and you will see Andrea’s James is in serious trouble with the entire online Trans-Community looking to lynch her.  Furthermore James Walker VII CPE moderator defends illiterate non licensed quacks claiming to be electrologists who inflict so much pain on their clients that they resort to the use of dangerous painful anesthetic lidocaine and marcaine injections before their electrolysis treatment. All uneducated self taught electrologists lack the skills of practical application and cause extreme pain with incorrect insertions.  Therefore James and his crew of misfit’s do their best to poison and suppress the truth of my articles. Andrea James is not an electrologist and orders James Walker to harass me with hate, threats and slander. However just click the links below and you will learn how Andrea James, James Walker and Calpernia Addams use and abused the Trans–Community with their anti-social personalities.

In Arizona Andrea James ordered James Walker and his non-licensed quack electrologists to slander myself and other licensed electrologists because ten years ago I refused to pay her extortion fee in addition I caught her page-jacking my website. Therefore I asked Andrea James to remove my listings from, and and that's Andrea she her hate campaign against myself. In addition it was Andrea James who ordered James Walker to arrive at my office to  inflict and commit assault and battery upon myself. I have no doubt that Andrea James orders James Walker to attack me at every opportunity on because I refuse to submit to their extortion and hate tactics.  Since September 21ST 2002 Andrea James has slandered me and has done every she could do to hurt me including attempted assault and battery because I asked to be removed from her websites. It seems Andrea and James can't accept rejection from members of the community.

Andrea James and James Walker have attacked many businesses and have used every lie and dirty hate tactic in the book to destroy their livelihood. For over ten years Andrea James and James Walker infringe peoples civil rights by slandering them, calling them insane, crazy and even quacks. No doubt about Andrea James and James Walker are quacks that illegally judge, jury and convict Trans-women electrologists and business owners without the right to a trial. It about time the Trans-Community petitions and requests that the Department of Justice and the District Attorney investigate Andrea James and James Walker and put them on trial for their hate crimes against the Trans-Community along with extortion and their other crimes.

It amazing in Arizona Andrea James and her hatemonger James sides and refers Trans-women to unqualified non-licensed uneducated electrologists instead of a highly educated qualified licensed and registered Trans-Electrologist with 34 years of experience. The difference is Andrea James and her moderator James Walker slanders me on her websites because I refuse to pay Andrea James or James Walker a kick back in any form or manner and for years I have fought them and their criminal enterprises. So the Trans-client never has the opportunity to receive quality electrolysis treatments by a Trans-Electrologist because Andrea James could care less about Trans women because she hates Trans Electrologists. I know Andrea attempted to hack my site and she and James Walker should be arrested, tried and convicted and sent to prison! However if James Walker sets within 300 feet of my office agaom he will end up at Sheriff Joe's Tent City for an extended length of time.

You can read the links below and learn the truth about Andrea James and James Walker and it will not take you long to recognize James as her partner in crime!


Don't be misled when it comes to selecting your electrologist for safe permanent hair removal. Always be alert that an experienced knowledgeable, professionally educated, trained tested state licensed and registered electrologist is your best choice for safe permanent hair removal. In Arizona that's easier said than done since most Arizonans are not aware that our state has not legislated an Arizona State Board Of Electrologists for testing and licensing requirements to practice electrolysis. Furthermore rampant desktop publishing of counterfeit electrolysis diplomas from fake electrolysis schools that never existed are everywhere. Without a verifiable education and practical training; non-licensed uneducated frauds are claiming or implying to be state licensed and registered electrologists. From my personal experience of having had a severe unwanted facial hair problem I know how painfully frustrating it is to lose valuable time and hard-earned resources. On the other hand what hurts the most are the educationally challenged non-licensed electrologists who lack the integrity to inform the client the truth about their educational status and limited abilities to practice electrolysis and achieve permanent hair removal. Licensed electrologists are aware it's ethically, morally and illegal for wrong amateur non-licensed electrologists to claim professional competency after completing a derisory 120-hour Certified Professional Electrologist course with no "Practical Testing" as the total sum of their electrolysis education. The non-licensed electrologists intentions could be admirable but do you believe it's possible for an uneducated non-licensed electrologist to perform a competent professional grade electrolysis treatment with a insufficient 120 hours of training?

Most residents of Arizona are unaware that the Arizona Legislature forgot to create a professional board for licensing electrologists. Furthermore electrolysis is not a not a procedure where the client needs repeat anesthetic injections of marcaine or lidocaine to make their treatment comfortable. Without one doubt treatments from unskilled uneducated non-licensed electrologists are painful because they lack a basic requisite professional education to perform a competent safe comfortable treatment. That’s why certain non-licensed electrologists in Arizona have resorted to lidocaine and marcaine anesthetic injections which gives the professionally educated licensed registered electrologist a bad reputation. All reputable state board of electrologists have banned this practice because of the inherent dangers of repetitive anesthetic injections often result in disfiguring Necrotic Lesions that require major surgery. In addition they cause infections, over treatment, permanent nerve damage, and even death from adverse reactions from lidocaine, marcaine, tranquilizers and prescription painkillers. All licensed electrologists know better

Consumers beware a local non-licensed electrologist in the Phoenix area have resorted to using dangerous lidocaine and marcaine injections that can cause necrotic lesions also know as sterile abscesses that require major surgery. It’s my professional opinion and common knowledge in the Electrolysis Profession that when an electrologist provides marcaine and lidocaine injections for standard electrolysis treatment it means their practical skills are non-existent and in dire in need of a professional electrolysis education and training. Unlicensed and uneducated electrologists lack a basic professional education and their treatments are painful because they have no idea of what they’re doing. The uneducated non licensed electrologist’s use of marcaine and lidocaine injections to make your treatments tolerable is because of their substandard treatment perpetrated upon the innocent consumer. Non-licensed uneducated electrologists are so stubborn they knowingly inflict painful substandard treatments upon innocent clients rather than attend a professional school and earn a legitimate license and registration as an electrologist to practice electrolysis in a safe manner. There aware their treatments are shoddy, painful and yet they refuse to attend an accredited professional electrolysis school with a minimum of 600 hours of training to attain a professional license and registration as an electrologist.

It’s known that uneducated non-licensed electrologists actually claim to train and certify other non-licensed electrologists which proliferates the serious risk of imposing painful substandard treatments upon uninformed consumers. The hair follicle and it’s interior shaft to base of the papilla does not have any nerve fibers inside of it therefore when the electrologist performs a correct insertion with the right amount of current your treatment should be comfortable and tolerable. It’s a shame how much bad publicity that non-licensed uneducated Quacks generate and are responsible for. In 34 years of private practice I have never met one uneducated self taught non-licensed electrologist claiming to be certified professional electrologist who can perform a quality comfortable competent electrolysis treatment without resorting to the use dangerous anesthetic injections and other quack remedies to make their treatment tolerable.


There are many distinct categories that cause painful electrolysis treatments? The illiterate uneducated non-licensed electrologist who refuses to take the time to attend a nationally accredited electrolysis school that is state licensed and registered. Arizona has no educational requirements to practice electrolysis and 99% of the electrologists in Arizona are not licensed and never took more than a weekend wonder certification course to become an electrologist. Non-licensed uneducated electrologists are not competent in addition the quality of their treatments borders on negligence. Arizona is the "Wild West" and capital of fraudulent hair removal scams from weekend courses in electrolysis to a fifty-hour courses to become a Certifiable Laser Parlor Operator. Combination non-licensed electrologists and laser parlor operators will cause damage to your skin and emotions and most of them are quick buck scam artists who advertise under electrolysis and then use Bait & Switch tactics to switch you to more expensive temporary laser removal.

Amongst licensed and registered electrologists it’s a known fact that the 120 hour Certified Professional Electrologist course has not been accepted by thirty-six State Board of Electrologists as a legitimate electrolysis training course. Recently the American Electrology Association has increased the course from 120 Hours to 300 Hours however there is no requisite background check and required blood test to make sure the applicant does not have Sexually Transmitted Disease or a criminal record. To make matters worse they take their training from another non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologist. There final examination taken at AEA Convention is an insult because its true and false and multiple choice quiz like exams are so easy and it’s my opinion an eighth grader in junior high school could pass the exam. You have to realize their real training starts when they open their office and learn on you and the public. Nonetheless the ultimate event is when they get their diploma stating there a Certified Professional Electrologist and then they run out and purchase their white lab coat. It’s amazing that most of them actually believe their Certified Professional Electrologist course and white lab coat makes them a professional and that is most freighting.

Without consideration for their clients health, complexion and well being these uneducated electrologists consider scarring, scabbing and permanently damaging your complexion as acceptable treatment. For your information pitting caused by uneducated poorly trained electrologists is permanent and there are no plastic surgery procedures that can repair the damaged skin. Electrolysis is professional occupation not meant for an amateur non-licensed Quack with desktop publishing skills where they print or purchase their counterfeit diplomas and certificates. It is a most frightening fact that after purchasing their diploma and lab coat the Quacks actually believes their own lies coupled with their hand me down education from an electrolysis-electrology schools that never existed. They will show you desktop publishing skills with ornate diplomas and if you’re not sure about school they claimed to graduate from than contact Keith Blanchard Deputy Director of the Arizona State Board of Post-Secondary Education.

Pain is a subject that very electrologists will talk about so I thought why not? For the record depending upon the skill, education, experience and expertise of your electrologist very few people are aware that there are no nerve fibers in the follicle structure from the germinative papilla to the orifice. Henceforth, if your electrologist is educated, trained, tested, educated, licensed, registered and skilled at electrolysis most likely you will have a competent treatment. However it is important that you the consumer understand that the competency levels of an uneducated non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologist is zero.

On the other hand you the consumer must ask yourself what’s wrong with anesthetic injections for electrolysis? If your electrologist is well educated, trained, tested and licensed and registered you would receive an honest answer when you ask her what̵#8217;s wrong with lidocaine or marcaine anesthetic injections before your electrolysis treatment. Most non-licensed electrologists in Arizona who use the laser have stepped across the line for the safe practice of electrolysis by using repeat dangerous invasive long-lasting marcaine and lidocaine injections. Arizona does not have a state board of electrologists to insure the quality and safety of your electrolysis treatments. Thirty-Four State Board of Electrologists with requisite licensing and registration of all electrologists have banned the use of injectable anesthetic marcaine injections prior to treatment because of the certain inherent risks and dangers...

Whether cut-rate or simple methods are used the more powerful injectable anesthetics possess major risks associated with hair removal pain management. The most common being pain management that stops the body's ability to tell if you are being over-treated during a hair removal procedure. Combined injectable and topical products have additional risks that have lead to death, permanent paralysis, infections and other disorders. In addition the non-licensed certified electrologist is not aware that his or her skills are not up to professional scrutiny.

There are serious risks of death in pain management!


However, several methods of dealing with hair removal pain have far more serious risks, up to and including death.


The Following Dangers Should Be Avoided:




Topical Anesthetics Used on Large Areas Are Not recommended:


Prescription Painkillers can be particularly dangerous


Frequent Injectable anesthetics such as long lasting marcaine, Novacain, procaine and other are most dangerous and do cause infections and deep subdural sterile abscesses requiring corrective surgery.


Any Combinations of Medications Can be dangerous


Deadly Combinations; Perhaps the most dangerous thing to do is combine drugs, particularly if you have not used them before. Prescription drugs should never be combined with alcohol or other prescription and over-the-counter medications. The results can be the loss of your life.


On February 19th, 2000, Jonathan Briese of Virginia who was 20 years old died from an allergic reaction to pain relief medications during a laser hair removal procedure. The physician reported James he had given Mr. Briese the following:


Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug known as alprazolam,


Lortab, a brand of the pain reliever hydrocodone,


A topical anesthetic cream applied to the back


Published in the Washington Post


Injectable Anesthetics Are Dangerous and Can Cause Death


For the record I do not recommend the use of alcohol for hair removal pain management period. Without one doubt an uneducated non-licensed electrologists will cause pain with poor results. Being a Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist for 34 years has taught me that you do not need dangerous injections of marcaine, lidocaine or procaine for pain management of electrolysis, electrology and blend treatments. It’s my professional opinion an experience well educated state licensed and registered electrologist can perform comfortable treatments where my clients relax and fall asleep on my treatment table without using dangerous injectable anesthetics.


Fine Needle Applications of Lidocaine result in complications and permanent nerve damage.


I had a FNA on Thursday and had been assured that the most painful part of the procedure was the injection of lidocaine. This was definitely not the case, as the physician didn't give time for the lidocaine to set in before he began the procedure.


Side effects of lidocaine topical spray or gel are rare, but can include a mild biting or burning sensation at the site of application. The most common side effects of lidocaine in the injectable form are tremors, lightheadedness, difficulty sleeping, and abrupt personality changes. Common side effects of lidocaine in the patch form are skin problems at the site of the patch such as a burning sensation, rash, or blisters, but other side effects do include headaches and an upset stomach with nausea. If your electrologist offers injectable Novacain and Marcaine injections prior to your treatment than its time to get up and leave and get another opinion. It’s a fact that an uneducated non-licensed electrologists cause excessive pain. Electrolysis is professional occupation and if with your entire face is numbed by a long acting injectable anesthetic you will not have the slightest sensation that your face is being permanently damaged with pits, burns and scars until it to late.


When you go to an uneducated non-licensed electrologist you should expect a painful electrolysis treatment and a high risk of permanent skin damage. You should ask yourself why you lowered your standards? Would you go to a non-licensed physician or surgeon? Of course not and ask yourself what makes an uneducated non-licensed electrologist acceptable? All uneducated non-licensed electrologist possess or claim to be Certified Professional Electrologists which are nothing less than a store bought Diploma with a Board of Quackery certifying them Certified Clinical Electrologists, Certified Medical Electrologist and Certified Whatever! Your electrologists diploma should state licensed and registered electrologist. Take the time to visit the Boston Electrolysis® 5 Star Rating System and learn the truth about non-licensed quacks claiming to be electrologists.


Beware Of Non-Licensed Electrologists With On Site Physicians for Injections


Beware of non-licensed electrologists who have suspicious on-site physicians whose sole practice is to inject your face with Marcaine or Lidocaine in addition to prescribing addictive Narcotic Prescriptions for your painless laser hair removal. State Boards of Electrologists have outlawed the use of Injectable anesthetics because of adverse reactions and dangerous complications. Physicians’ with busy successful practices would never be involved with providing dangerous anesthetic injections and narcotic prescriptions for hair removal procedures.


Frequent inactions of anesthetics will cause infections and Sterile Abscesses also know as Necrotic Lesions that permanently scar your skin. Uneducated non-licensed electrologists uses heavy current that causes extreme permanent pitting and scarring of your skin with cicatrix formations and many of them will become infected. In addition uneducated electrologists lack the professional training and ability to perform a safe correct insertion of the follicle where they electro-cauterize the capillaries connected germinative papilla. When the patient experiences real pain with every insertion it means your uneducated non-licensed certified professional electrologist has no idea what they are doing. There are no nerve-fibers inside the follicle and correct insertion with the application of the right amount of current results in your having an effective comfortable treatment without and Injectable anesthetic. Fact anesthetic Lidocaine and Marcaine injections reduce your sensation to nothing and therefore you have now way of evaluating the quality of your electrolysis treatment.


If you require or need an Injectable anesthetic of Marcaine or Lidocaine for every treatment that means your electrologist cannot perform a professional quality electrolysis treatment. Beware of physicians whose total practice is limited to providing anesthetic injections as their sole source of income.


 Why Topical Anesthetics Over A Large Areas: Should Be Avoided




Impairs ability to estimate over-treatment


Dangerous in grouping with pain medications


Can cause dangerous allergic reaction


Use on a large area can reach lethal levels of drug absorption


Prescription pain medications and tranquilizers: not recommended



In summation the best way to get rid of your unwanted hair problem is to locate an experienced licensed and registered electrologist like myself. Call me for a no fee consultation and I will prove you do not need dangerous anesthetic injections to have a comfortable pain free treatment.


Thank you for your time and attention,




Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean


Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist


Utah Licensed & Registered Electrologist


Guest Lecturer at Harvard Medical School from 1983 to 1987,


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