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It is amazing that the “Internet Bully” and scam artist Andrea James does not get the big picture for she cannot understand why so many people dislike her or worse?

Three years ago I had one website and Andrea James had five websites. Well I made the mistake of listing my site on and a short time I caught Andrea James using my name, professional reputation and pagejacking my website to get hits for her website. Well I asked Andrea James to remove my name from her site. That same day she sent me an email showing me how she was going ruin business and slander my professional reputation. Since that day she has slanderous posts about me on,, and

Well it’s three years later and I have five websites that have exposed Andrea James as a lazy malicious sociopath with a narcissist personality disorder. Andrea James has made more enemies than carter has pills and if you type

Andrea James the Jokestress you will see two pages on Google and other search engines where people are disgusted with her. On her forum website 97% of the electrologists are uneducated non-licensed quacks claiming they are certified professional  electrologists.

She uses these disgruntled jealous unethical uneducated non-licensed wanabe electrologists to attack and slander legitimate state licensed and registered electrologists.

I warn all state licensed and registered electrologists if you post or list your practice,, and you’ll compromise your professional reputation let alone you will be sorry.  However Andrea James biggest problem is her borderline narcistic sociopathic personality disorder that prevents her from learning from her mistakes. Andrea James believes that you can defy and break the law and the rules of  our society without paying the consequences. For instance, Andrea James is great at pointing her lying finger at people and publishing lies to ruin their livelihood. However she has abused her privilege of being a so-called consumer advocate when she became a petty power hungry tyrant with what little success she has had in life. Therefore that’s why she has become intoxicated with herself and used a trusted position as a so called consumer advocate to ruin and hurt people that she dislikes or disagrees with. Andrea James has problems that stem directly from her “Inferiority Complex” to the point where she thinks she needs to manufacture lies about her abilities.

Andrea James thinks she is most clever and thought that since she has a new life with a new name and identity there would be no way for any one to question, disprove or challenge her educational claims.

So Andrea James claims that she is graduate of the University Of Chicago with a degree in English is a complete hoax. Many people on the “Internet” are fed with her lies and have challenged her to prove that she has a degree in English. However to this day she refuses to do so in any form or manner. On the other hand she has a new home called Wikpedia, which is known on the “Net” as a "Liars’ Paradise" and does not require that their editors to provide a truthful resume. No doubt she knows her grammar however it's most obvious that as the English Major she has completely ignored ethics and is unable to tell the truth. However we are patient but this is not wheres the  beef, we ask her to produce the "Degree and The Transcripts."

Andrea James says, “Alice Dreger: Timeline of her personal feud with me.”

Now if you think Andrea James has pushed people to far please read what Ms. James said to Alice Domurat Dreger, PhD who wrote a report about her abusive encounter with the self-proclaimed transgender activist Andrea James that began last June 7th, 2006.

Alice Domurat Dreger spoke about Andrea James and objected to her being a speaker at Northwestern University. Alice Dreger focused on what she has learned about censorship, self-censorship, and human sexuality. However Ms. James retaliated with a vicious merciless attack upon her child and herself with confirms Andrea James criminal MO known as mode of operation.

Andrea James has published more dribelous lies to defuse her attack on Alice Domurat Dreger PhD with a retort to her where Andrea said, “Alice Dreger: Timeline Of Her Personal Feud With Me.”

In this publication Andrea James try’s to defend her use of profane language, threats, intimidation and personal attack on her son by calling him “Her Precious Womb Turd.”

Andrea James has admitted and Ver Batim cries, “Now that she’s trying to affect my livelihood, “I respond to Dreger with what I know will put her over the top”.

Andrea James cannot understand why Alice Dreger is upset and disgusted with Ms. James comments where Andrea said, “Andrea called my well-behaved son a "Womb Turd on Mothers Day weekend." Andrea James belittled the fact that attacking Moms and their children in any form or manner are okay with her because that’s how Andrea James has to get even.  In Andreas James tirade she cannot understand a mothers defense and plea, “Won’t some one please think of the children?”

On May 13, Alice Dreger posted on her personal website an objection to the invitation of Ms. Andrea James to Northwestern University, where she is employed.

Alice Dregers major objection to Ms. James was about her concerned abuse of Northwestern Professors children in her campaign against his work. Alice Dreger heard and taught from many transgender folk, gender scholars some of whom are also transgender. The fact that Andrea James attacks people’s children to force her viewpoint to get  herway clearly demonstrated she is a public menace and threat to society. However in my belief I would not leave children in the same room with Andrea James.

Andrea James Lame Excuse for an Apology

The words below are Andrea James Ver Batim where said, “This note offers an explanation of why I took the tack I did, which should not be construed as an excuse for what I did.” Even though Andrea James said this it is not excuse for what she did to the Bailey children in her own lame way and in my opinion that’s exactly what it is an abject refusal and total denial to be held responsible for her actions and attacks upon children. In my opinion Andrea James owner of,,, Andrea, and thinks that the average reader on the “Net” are idiots and will believe her like the blessed “ Reverend Jimmy Swaggert’’ televangelist fake apology on national television. However two months later the blessed “Reverend Jimmy Swaggert” was caught again with another prostitute the American public would not buy his second time on television shedding his crocodile tears and spewing his lies and the same goes for Andrea James.

For the record Andrea James is trying again to pull off another “Reverend Jimmy Swaggert” scam because she is being caught in the same viscous lie time after time because she has what law enforcement authorities and criminologists call “Modus Operandi”, abbreviated as MO known by the FBI and policeman as “Mode of Operation.”

Without one doubt all criminals are sociopaths and have a repeated Modus Operandi and so does Andrea James who uses the same MO every single time. Ms. James “Modus Operandi” includes her favorite forms of Internet character assassination where she has falsely accuses people of child sexual molestation and abuse, calls them “Internet Trolls and Kooks”. However her number one and all time favorite claim to fame is where she falsely accuses business owners, professionals and people who disagree with her as being mentally ill, paranoid, delusional and schizophrenic. On the other hand with her lying tongue and poisoned penned sleazy tabloid websites,, and of course it obvious Andrea James takes glee and actual pleasure and enjoyment in brining harm to honest hard working people nevertheless one has to ask where did she learn her deviant behavior?

Andrea James is in deep trouble and now there are “Internet Posse’s” tracking her down and exposing the truth about her sociopathic lies and ways. However what goes around is now completing the full circle where every one she has hurt, lied about and slandered are seeking justice.

Nonetheless in my opionion tarring and feathering her and running her out of LA on a rail seems most appropriate. On the other hand Ver Batim Andrea James comments about Northwestern Professors Baileys son Drew exceeds all standards of common decency when she attacked the professors defenseless children by publishing their photographs with rude crude vulgar profane comments about them on her websites.

Andrea James says,

Here’s what Andrea James said about Northwestern Professors Baileys 14 year old son Drew, “There are also kids like “Drew” who work as waiter, hairdressers, receptionists, strippers and prostitutes as well as many other occupations.

Ver Batim Andrea James comments about Northwestern Professors Baileys 12 year old daughter Kate.

About Professors Baileys daughter Ver Batim Andrea James said,” Kate”: a cocked starved exhibitionist, or a paraphiliac who just gets off on the idea of it? Than Andrea says, “We’ll find out in 12 easy questions”

However how does Andrea James explain or condone attacking a 12 year girl with such filth?


Andrea James who claims to be TG Feminist and Super Woman all rolled into one tells every one how to be a woman. In Andreas viewpoint all you have to do to be a woman is to buy her fake voice lessons, cheap make up kits, coffee mugs and thongs with her picture on it.

Andrea James tells you how you to walk, talk, act and think just like her in spite of this its Andrea James has never given one thought to the heart and emotions of being a women who is a Mom. Fact and for the record I have never met or known woman who would bring harm to another mothers children and Andrea James viscous attack and mental cruelty upon Professors Baileys defenseless children Kate age 12 and Drew 14 demonstrates a complete lack of femininity or being womanly. Andrea James so you will know women conceive, nurture, love and raise children and your attacks upon innocent children betray and expose your hidden dark deep hidden cruelty, which proves beyond a shadow of doubt that you are a genuine sociopath. However Andrea James you verbal assault and further reference to Alice Domurat Dredger’s, PhD five-year-old son as my “precious womb turd” shows the world who the real Andrea James is and just how cruel she can be.

With good reason Alice Dreger objected to Andrea James of,, and Deep stealth where she posted Internet photographs of Northwestern Professors Baileys 12 year old daughter and labeled her a “cock-starved exhibitionist.” Andrea James further claimed in her online publications that there “are two types of children in Professor Bailey’s household,” namely “those who have been sodomized by there father Professor Bailey [and] those who have not.

My Comment, Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

I have seen the photographs and the horrible language that has been removed but one has to ask what kind of “Deviant” has Andrea James become when she attacks and cyber-stalks innocent defenseless vulnerable children?

Alice Dreger said she also heard from Ms. Andrea James herself where she stated, “Who unfortunately lived down to my expectations by sending me obnoxious emails including threats.” Furthermore Alice Dreger said people have asked her whether these were really threats? For years on the Spotlight On Slime© I have been warning people about Andrea James and I believe Alice Dreger 100% when she commented, “Let me say they were threatening enough that I sent the mail on to my dean, who sent it on to university counsel, who asked me to let the police know about our concerns.”

For you folks out there who been following Andrea James on The Five Star Electrologist© byline Spotlight On Slime© or the Boston Electrolysis Journal© I want you to know I support Ms Dreger who said, “Not bothering to post what she wrote since I see no point in spreading what amounts to rhetorical toxins.” Alice Dreger continued, “Let me just say that her choice of the admonition by Andrea James “Bad move, mommy” suggested she is still interested in dragging people’s children (including now my own) into her intimidation tactics.” Alice Dreger I firmly believe you 100% that Andrea James further reference and statement where Andrea James said “Her further reference to my five-year-old son as my “precious womb turd” also suggested that she is astonishingly juvenile.”

Andrea James & TG-Recommended Electrologists!

In addition Ms. Andrea James has forgotten that 99+3/4% percent of electrologists are women and most are mothers. So I wonder what Andrea James TG Recommended Electrologists and Hairtell Practitioners and Top Ten Contributors actually think about her attacking underage children? Conversely I know one fact for sure when the public and electrologists find outs about her cruelty and abuse of innocent defenseless children they will wish they never listed themselves on her websites as TG Recommended Electrologist, Top Ten contributor in any form or manner.

For the record I sent Alice Dreger an email of support and want her and the public to know Andrea James will resort to character assassination, Yellow Journalism, threats and she will try to destroy your livelihood if she can. Andrea James lies, uses threats, intimidation and cyber-stalking your website on the Internet and I know that for a fact to be true.


In her article Alice Dreger said, “From talking with other people who have contacted me these last few weeks, further on she, commented,” She has also, however, harmed some transgender women.” She said, “This has happened both directly and indirectly: directly by intimidating and sometimes outright silencing (by removing from internet discussions) transgender women who disagree with her; and indirectly by her venomous attacks on people like Professor Bailey, Anne Lawrence, Ray Blanchard, and lately myself, which have led some people to erroneously conclude that this behavior is somehow representative of transgender women.

To my readers I am referring you to Alice Domurat Dreger, PhD website so you can read all the truth and realize that Andrea James has finally pushed a little too far this time. Without one doubt Andrea James uses her poisoned pen and filthy lying tongue to get her viscous way. Its 2007 and Andrea James is pushing 40 and she still has not learned that psychological intimidation, cyber-stalking and mental abuse of children is look upon as her being a sociopathic menace. So far Andrea James has been lucky but some day she will make a mistake and end up behind bars or in a psyche ward or worse.


Andrea James brings further humiliation and shame upon her supposed "TG Community by her use of threats, vulgar language and intimidation of the Professors family and children. Fact I do not agree with the Professors book or views in any form or manner but I deplore cretins like Andrea James who use of barbaric illegal smear tactics against families and their children to force the professor to retract his beliefs just like a Nazi dictatorship. It’s common knowledge and a known fact that Andrea James threatened his children and family but who will be her next victim?

On the other hand Andrea James the unelected self-imposed dictator of the TG Community has established her reputation as an expert at terrorist type character assassination, intimidation and breaking and taking the law into her own hands and without one doubt she is shameful disgrace to the TG-Community. Andrea James does not care and has no idea the harm she has inflicted upon the image of the TG Community and when the average American sees Andrea James in action attacking defenseless underage children how do you think the "General Public" perceives transgendered people? Andrea James actions are clearly sociopathic and criminal and demonstrate she is a clear and present danger to the image of the TG Community and what society thinks of its members.

For the record she attacks, shames and humiliates the TG Community that she imagines to represent. Her abusive trademark tools are the bane of the TG Community where she uses lies, vicious hateful intimidation tactics laced with prejudice, bigotry and discrimination upon her own community to get her way. Andrea claims to be a Consumer Hair Removal Advocate for the TG Community and others however in my opinion in a short amount of time she will drown in her own lies which we all hope will bring an end to her reign of " Internet Tyranny and Oppression" of her TG-Community.

However Alice Dreger hits the nail on the head when she said,

“Universally the people who wrote to me about Ms. James asked me not to use their names publicly.” This demonstrates I am sorry to report, that Ms. James’s methods of intimidation are effective. Indeed, she has effectively censored people to the point of causing them to engage in self-censorship. After my experience with her, I understand their choice; nevertheless, I find this depressing and frustrating because I think it sets back both transgender rights and sex research. Mostly I am disappointed that so many people—whether they be transgender people, sex researchers, or both—do not think it is safe to speak publicly about who they really are and what they really think.”

Alice Dregers Article About Andrea James

About Alice Dreger, PHD

What do I do? I’m a medical humanist, writer, speaker, patient advocate, and a member of the faculty in the Medical Humanities and Bioethics Program at the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University in Chicago. In addition she holds a Ph.D. in History and Philosophy of Science from Indiana University.

Now you may think my calling Andrea James a Nazi is a bit harsh but take a close look at her tactics and you will see a fascist who disregards the civil rights of others. Her favorite hate tactic is character assassination and to hurt some ones business she calls them paranoid and unstable. However what do you call a person who speaks such horrible lies while suppressing the truth? Andrea James!

One final note here while my opinion might differ with others beliefs that is no excuse for Andrea James to break and take the law into her own hands. However it is obvious Andrea believes the means justify the ends nevertheless in her quests she tramples the civil rights of others to get her selfish way. In my opinion I believe it’s a matter of time before every one knows what a wicked cruel evil being she has become.

20 Responses to “Can Professors Say the Truth? about Andrea James the "Nets Biggest Liar".

More crimes by Andrea James on Seth's Blog where Andrea has been caught in telling lies using her favorite smear tactics. Now Andrea James our  "Beloved Jokestress" is having one internet ghost after another is haunting her because of vicious fabricated lies.

 It's obvious our "Beloved Jokestress" has got her butt in the old meat-grinder.

Andrea James claims to be a TG feminist however her attack upon other people’s children dismisses any claims of femininity she had. Until Ms. James learns that women nurture children and her of use other people’s children as hostages to get her political viewpoint across, as the only option is criminally irresponsible.

Also I believe its a shame that Andrea James refuses to recognize and accept the fact that she is in dire need of psychiatric help.

Thank you for time and attention

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

Andrea James Sings!

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