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For the record Sanny is a Alias name used by an Internet Troll on

Owning and operating Boston Electrolysis® has been a rewarding experience to provide my professional services for the community. However owning an active private practice can be stressful because some times you do not know who is walking through your door. In addition electrologists, beauty salons and other service professionals receive more than our fair share of cranks and some times abusive calls however without one doubt every electrologists gets the occasional disturbed serial caller who hides behind their unlisted cell phone number or blocks their call from their land line phone. Furthermore business owners who encounter these sick kooks who try interrupt your life with their hate tactics. In addition, unscrupulous quack competitors often employ them; nevertheless very few of them ever get caught because of our privacy laws that they abuse with advanced electronics. However the tables are turning and this is the story of the tangled web of jealousy, deceit, lies and treachery of some one who got caught in her own web of deceit.

Recently a member of who uses the alias "Sanny" alias Sandra, Sandrua, Muris, Sanda and others. Ms. Sanny also known as Vida D. has been identified as the woman that has been harassing electrologists through out Paradise Valley, Arizona. Sanny claims to be Croatian immigrant who fought with her husband in Bosnia-Croatia war plus she stated says, "She knows how to take of herself" which in the opinion of many is a threat and she has been reported to the Police and Immigration. However since her arrival to America for some unknown reason she has been making harassing phone calls to every electrologist in the "Valley". Sanny loves to make fake appointments using "Spoofed unlisted cell phone numbers" which is a common tactic used by Utasha Fascists in Croatia. Furthermore in her quest for the perfect electrologist she makes one appointment after another with electrologists in the Phoenix Metro Area and for some strange reason she is never satisfied and shortly after her appointment she fabricates mean spirited comments about her  most recent electrologists appointment in Arizona on Sanny posted blistering statements about how angry she was with Maria Di Nicola owner of the Senza Pelo Medspa and and how painful she is. Sanny makes multiple posts on where she is the judge, jury and executioner of less skilled electrologists who fail to meet her expectations! Sanny has posted one negative comment after another about electrologists who in her opinion do not sound friendly in essence Sanny wants her electrologist to be her best friend and not the practitioner she engaged to treat unwanted hair problem.

Sanny aka Vida D. arrives at electrologists offices with an attitude with her daughter and poor husband in tow. Electrologists through out Valley says she's a trouble-maker who cannot be satisfied and will make a scene and threatens and intimidates electrologists by making nasty about them on the Internet if they refuse to do exactly as she demands. Her description is age 32 to 35, about 5'2" with an untidy unkempt appearance, poor hygiene, brown kinky hair and fully tatooed arms. Although James Walker, VII CPE a shady carachter and a non-licensed electrologist in New York and moderator of the disreputable website uses and manipulates Sanny to post slanderous comments on while mocking competing electrologists. Nevertheless James Walker VII CPE is the Internet's most pretentious non-licensed certified electrologist involved?

Yes, self-proclaimed  non-licensed electrologist James Walker VII CPE touts he is the  Electrolysis World Champion and Hair Removal God that has plagued the Electrolysis Profession in America. James is aware that non-licensed uneducated electrologists like himself canot compete with an experienced educated, trained, tested, licensed and registered electrologist so he become quite jealous to say the least. We all know what they say about idles hands and Sanny who dreams of going to laser parlors, nail salons and electrologists offices just to gather gossip and post it on at the request of James Walker VII CPE AKA Electrolysis World Champion and Hair Removal God.

Sanny made an appointment for Saturday at my office and three-days prior to her appointment we had flooding in my office caused by the heavy seasonal Monsoons. For three days I tried contacting her to reschedule however no one answered the phone after ten attempts.  All day Friday and Saturday morning I tried calling with no answer and on Saturday Sanny arrived with her daughter and husband in tow. I told Sanny I could not work on her and before I could explain she went into a verbally abusive rant and threatned a nasty post on The workmen had just removed the fans and we ready to put my equipment back in place.  Sanny aka Vida D. has posted six hate comments about other Valley Electrologists and every time she makes a new post she always claims they had to drive 50 miles to the electrologists office. She does to get sympathy however I would be her first victim and she posted her venomous comment the same day. Sanny AKA Vida D. stepped way over the line with blocked call up and said look at and there was Sanny AKA Vida D's. hate inspired comment.  After that I had multiple call-ups and hang-ups including late night hang-ups from a blocked caller. From there I talked to the Quest Call Annoyance Bureau and they put a tag on my line and she finally identified as the owner of the unlisted cell phone number. In addition she called me using here relatives phones, which were also identified however because she was a first time offender they gave her a warning which stopped her for a while. From that day on Sanny went into a rage and she was furious that I could not work on her and she made impossible for me to contact and reschedule her and you have to ask why do people hate like this?  After talking to other electrologists that Sanny has abused we are considering posting a joint complaint to the District Attorney's office. 

On Sanny wanted to point out how tough she is and she bragged in writing and said, "Well my husband and I both fought in combat in the Bosnian-Croatia Civil War. Sanny claims, that her husband and herself fought in actual combat in the Bosnian-Croatian wars which is most worrisome because whose side where they fighting on? Because her immigration status as a non-combatant refugee could be revoked and they could be deported for being Ustasha Fascist Combatants. Recently a wanted Croatian war criminal  known as Mladen Blagojevic was arrested, extradited and deported from Phoenix, Arizona for war-crimes trial in Europe. Mladen Blagojevic possessed forged papers plus he claimed to be a Croatian Refugee  that was flown out of Croatia by US Marine Helicopter Rescue Organization and click on Mladen Blagojevic to read that he was convicted and is now in prison. The Arizona Republic reported that the FBI and US Immigratiion crackdown has arrested twenty local Croations and Serbs in Phoenix tied to the 1990s genocide in the Balkan wars. Croations and Serbian refugees who fled to the Metro-Phoenix area after the Bosnian civil war have been deported are being tried in connection with Europe's worst genocide since Nazi Germanys Holocaust. Right here in Phoenix Croation and Serbian refugees have been convicted of crimes against humanity by the Bosnian court and sentenced to prison. Another was acquitted and will be retried for war-crimes charges, and a third was accused of mass murder and is being held for trial. A fourth fled Phoenix, Arizona and is in hiding. War-crimes trials in Europe are ushering in a new phase of investigations as the FBI and US Immigration Courts discover more evidence about the Bosnian massacres of the 1990s. U.S. prosecutors and investigators say there were 20 Croatian families posing as non-combatant refugees who were deported from the Phoenix area for forged papers and again they are claiming to be Croatian or Serb refugees. US Immigration stated were recieving new evidence and tips every day and Jason Kidd assistant special agent in charge for the Phoenix Office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said there will be more arrests..

Well I am curious and I hope US Immigration investigates which side Sanny and hubby where on and is it possible that they fought with extreme religious fanatics who committed crimes against humanity and heinous atrocities with barbaric executions and torture of innocent civilians? However before I composed a letter to Sanny I tried calling her and I did not block my phone like she does and finally her husband answered the phone and I introduced myself and told him that he and his wife where not welcomed at my office. From there he took off and went into wild out of control male rage tirade and with his thick eastern Croatian accent kicked in and he screamed "F U American C-WORD" about 10 times, I thought no sense in dealing with a foreign fanatic, so I just hung up. 

Nonetheless I am at a loss why Sanny selected myself for her abuse considering I have never known of her, nor have I met her and I certainly do not want to know her. Sanny America is the greatest nation in the world that opened its heart to you and saved you and your family lives. U.S. Marine Rescue risked their life’s to fly you and your family out of a Bosnian-Croatian war zone in a U.S. Marine helicopter. Sanny, you and your family owe American taxpayers an unpayable debt of gratitude for your lives and its citizen’s respect because we welcomed you and your family to America, provided emergency aid and services with a home, health-care at the expense of American taxpayers like myself. Sanny please realize you are in America not a "Croatian War Zone" and all electrologists are not your enemy and you need to learn and respect that all Americans have inalienable Civil Rights which does not entitle you to violate our laws and rights  just because you feel like it. I strongly suggest that if you refuse to live in peace than it would be better if you and your family returned to your point of origin where you can find some one else to shoot at.

Every once in while I read some of Sanny's posts on its most obvious her number one biggest problem is that she is very excitable and she is unknowingly being manipulated and used by James Waker VII, CPE and some very unethical people on Hairltell forum claiming to be Certified Professional Electrologists. Sannys  newest complaint where she stated, "That her present electrologist from Iraq is extremely painful." Sanny if you actually check the credentials of your electrologist treating you will discover that the she claims to have graduated from the Arizona State School Of Electrology, A School That Never Existed. Sanny read the article and the letter to from the Arizona State Board Of Private Post Secondary Education that says, The Arizona State School Of Electrology is not and has never been a school licensed by The Arizona State Board Of Private Post Secondary Education."

Sanny, you can also call Keith Blanchard Deputy Director at 602-542-5709 for verification. Sanny, "I strongly advise that you  find a real friend to read and explain the article and please be aware that Mr. Walker is a manipulating you for his devious purposes and you should know this a profession that cannot be learned in 120 hours and James gets a kick-back for every thing you purchase or that he refers you to. Sanny call  Keith Blanchard  Deputy Director at the Arizona State Board of
Of Private Post Secondary Education and he will tell you the truth, that the Arizona state School of Electrology Never Existed in Prescott, Arizona. or any where else. Of course I wonder do you want to hear lies and deny the truth so your conscience will not torment you, or it easier to accept the lies? Thats the easy way out but if you have the courage to do so you will discover your friend Mr. James Walker VII  CPE and Dee at is lying to you and laughing at  you when your back is turned? The supposed electrolysis instructor Betty Sullivan whom I knew is deceased and was a licensed manicurist from Minnesota not a licensed electrologist who was in a nursing home and died in 2004. 

Sanny, I dislike seeing people suffer and if you could find someone other than Mr. Walker  to helps you read you will learn and realizie how wrong you have been. Sanny, here is some free advice, a good electrologist is hard to find and if you want to be treated right you have to start off being respectful, honest and truthful. When you call an electrologist you don't block the phone and give them a fake name and telephone number. You do not post slanderous lies about an electrologist on the Internet three months prior to your first appointment and than walk into her office using an assumed name, fake phone numbers and multiple aliases. Its appears your out to hurt people because your so unhappy everyone else has to suffer so please read and learn and than maybe some one might want to actually help you. In addition there are some under-educated electrologists and a former apprentice that  applied for work at Boston Electrolysis® who was dismissed for her disgusting Anti-Semitism against Jewish people which will not be tolerated at my office in any form, or manner.

Sanny I am sorry to inform you that if you and your husband make any further un-welcomed unscheduled intrusions to my office at 7330 East Earll Drive Suite J in Scottsdale, Arizona I will file a complaint against both of you for criminal trespassing.  Your wife over a period of time has made many harassing unwelcome phone calls to my office. In July your wife started making fictitious slanderous defamatory remarks on an Internet website using the aliases “Sanny” where she states she would never come to my office. This disreputable website that she posts on lists non-licensed quacks claiming to be electrologists. On September 7/09/07 and other posts before that your wife claimed to have called my office for an appointment. On the Internet your wife uses the alias “Sanny” and she talked about making an appointment on Saturday of the 22, oh by the way I have copies of this. During June, July, August and September she has repeatedly called my office using false names, phone numbers while always asking me how busy I am? After a while I learned to recognize her voice and mode of operation and the last time she called I asked her to please stop bothering me. In addition she had other people making fake appointments using other aliases and than never bothering to cancel or show up.


Sanny on or about 9/7/09 another woman calling herself “Sandra” with an American voice claiming to be your wife made an appointment using your cell phone number 623-XXX-2016 which was displayed on my caller ID.  Although she never showed up you and your wife did with you five-year-old daughter in tow. Sanny upon hearing your wife speak, I recognized her voice as the person who has been harassing me. Most likely some of your relatives are making these calls? Do you realize all these phone records and Internet postings could be subpoenaed by the courts? If that were done it would be a very short amount of time to see who own what phone number I addition through the courts I could get a list all incoming calls to my office which would prove who is making these call by the way Phone Logs identify all blocked calls, their point of origin and the owner of the phone.


My documents and investigations revealed that your wife Vida D. has been caught in one lie after another using different names, phone numbers and aliases to harass myself for reasons unknown to myself considering I do not know her you and I have never met or of known of her. Nonetheless your wife’s possesses a notable eastern accent, which was completely different from the woman claiming to be Sandra who made the appointment calling from your cell phone 623-XWX-2016 on 9/7/07 listed in your name Sanny, 13842 N XXth Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85063. In addition I am informing you that I have a filed a complete detailed police harassment report and statement of your wife’s felonious activities and slander of my professional reputation. Also there all laws in this country for exposing your children to illegal acts and disreputable behavior.

Mr. D. you and your wife being recent arrivals to the United States of America need to be informed and made aware that harassment of an American citizen is a serious crime and felony offense and violation of my civil rights to live in peace. For your information I have been working hard for years for Arizona to have and establish a proper state board of registration of electrologists. However dishonest uneducated quacks claiming to be electrologists do not want a state board, which would require them to be honest, educated, tested, licensed and registered as an electrologist.


One last item I welcome and treat people from all walks of life and beliefs with equality and respect. If you want appointment at Boston Electrolysis® all you had to do was to be courteous and provide your real name, telephone and address. Those who do always receive the best possible care and quality treatment that I can provide. Sanny America is the greatest nation in the world, we are honest benevolent hard working society however we do not like being deceived and mistreated and I urge both of you to respect all Americans as you would yourself.

Sanny Goes To Electrolysis School California in October 2011,

Sanny's saga continues as James Walker VII CPE urges Sanny to attend a two-week course to become a Certified Professional Electrologist.
What bothers me is the electrolysis school charged Sanny $4500.00 for a two week course when she could have taken the complete 600 hour course for $4700.00. In my opinion it's most obvious Mr. Walkers palm must has been heavily greased and he received a large kick-back out of the tuition. In addition to the fact that the school certified her and passed her and on 11/11/2008 on Sanny in her own words Ver Batim  stated,"One more thing before i go though...In school we had instructors checking settings for each clients, so i managed to get out from school not knowing proper current settings for different types of hairs." Therefore Sanny was incapable of understanding the settings. What bothers myself is the fact that Sanny was over-charged by the the school and James Walker who refered her to the school recieved al large kick-back. I think the school should be reported to the California State Board of Cosmetology for over charging her $4500.00 for a two week course. You will have to excuse Sanny's English since she's from Croatia and has not had time to attend night school for English. However to see this post and comments by Sanny visit the link.

In addition James sold Sanny a used epilator that brought the total of Sanny's student loan to a total of $7500.00 and without one doubt James made another kick back when Sanny could have purchased a brand new State of The Art  American manufactured computerized epilator for less money. There's no doubt that James has played Sanny like a tuned violin. Since James reads my articles he will replace the content with some of his specailized hate comments however I am ready for that and will replace it exact PDFfile of the exact page to that link. In addition Sanny house was underwater plus she failed as an electrologist and had to sell her electrolysis equipment at a loss that was charged to her student loan. Who pays for that? That's right, US Taxpayers will have to pay if Sanny defaults on her student loan.

Sanny Mr. Walker has sheared you like a sheep which is a clear indication that you would be happier in another field. On the other hand you could get a refund of your tuition and return your machine if you made a complaint with the California Cosmetology Board and the Federal Student Aid and the US Department of Education because the school willfuly violated many rules and regulations by over-charging and telling you be a certified electrologist in two-weeks. Make sure you include Mr. Walker in you complaint and referal to the Electrology School because he was involved and was paid well. However if James was such a great electrolgist how come he has not able to clear you up?  Sanny all those referal James and Dee Fahey gave you resulted in them getting a kick-back and after going to five non-licensed electrologists you still have your hair problem and you wonder why?

Sanny you need to realize that Mr. Walker is not your friend and he profited from your misery. It's a fact that every electrologist that you have visited does not satisfy you in any form or manner. Sanny when you post  one "Negative Rant" after another  about non-licensed electrologists you must realize they cannot not provide you the best treatment.  Sanny if you had been polite and had given me your real name and a real phone number I would have called and rescheduled you for another day however that same day you posted a negative comment without knowing the truth. Sanny in five years you have not found one electrologist that you can trust and permanently remove your unwanted hair problem. Furthermore every referal given to you by James Walker VII CPE and Dee Fahey is an uneducated non-licensed electrologist in Arizona who pays James a kick-back. You must be frustrated because Mr. Walker used you to get at myself and others because of our articles that we need mandatory license requirments for all electrologists in Arizona and the USA. Sanny would you go to non-licensed physcian? Of course not and you have to accept the painful reality that Mr. Walker, Dee Fahey and all the Hairtell Top Ten Contributors have lied and humiliated you for their profit and entertainment. 

Sanny when you found Maria's business card that read licensed electrologist you learned that was another big lie. Now you know the truth of how James and his thugs have decieved and lied to you from the begining.  Sanny if James is such a good electrologist than how come after five years all those referals by him and with James working on you all that time than why do you still have your unwanted hair problem? Sanny count out all the money you spent and realize that James was paid a hefty kick-back for referring you to that particular electrolysis school and to buy your epilator and equipment that you had to sell at a loss? Sanny Mr. Walker was well aware that two weeks is not enough training and he squeezed every penny from you and now you have to pay all that interest and your student loan back while James and his friend who owns the electrolysis school laugh all the way to the bank! Sanny paying $4500.00 for a two-week course at that electrolysis school was huge rip off and James got a minimum of $1500.00 from the school plus another $1000.00 for the over priced priced used epilator that you bought from him. Sanny honest Electrolysis Schools charge from $1500.00 to $2000.00 for a 150 to 300-hour course for out of state electrolysis students and it was unethical, dishonest and illegal for that electrolysis school to over charge you. Sanny you should make a complaint for a refund with the CA Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. Sanny what happended to you is one reason why we need a state board of electrologists for all states in the USA.

I pity those with such hatred in their hearts,

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

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