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To all state licensed and registered electrologists and consumers of the United States of America if you care about our chosen profession this article concerns you.

Unethical business tactics used by the Laser Parlor Industry have perverted traditional American values of fair play and honesty when it comes to “Permanent Hair Removal.” Honest state licensed and registered electrologists across America are professionals that have honored our work and chosen profession with a code of integrity with laws, rules and regulations that we live and abide by. Licensed and registered electrologists are at the crossroads where direct action must be taken to bring America’s lawless non-licensed electrologists to be held accountable for their unprofessional illegal unethical conduct and behavior. Licensed and registered electrologists are obligated to inform and educate the public that we are the only bonafide medical practitioners of electrolysis that practice the only true procedure that results in “Permanent Hair Removal”. Nonetheless the Laser Parlor Industry has infiltrated the so-called uneducated non-licensed electrolysis underworld organizations, groups and associations.

Fake Titles Created By Diploma Mills That Uneducated Non-Licensed Electrologists Frequently Use.

Certified Professional Electrologist
Certified Clinical Electrologists
Certified Medical Electrologists
Certified Electrologist
Hairtell Pratitioner
TG Approved Electrologist
Qualifed Electrologist

The American Electrology Association is the creator and the ancestral home of the Certified Professional Electrologist certificate which is a “Diploma Mill”  at best that cost $225.00 to empower uneducated individuals with a hollow title with no substance. Not to be outdone the Society of Clinical and Medical Electrologists another "Diploma Mill" have created three non-licensed electrologists titles, the first being; Certified Clinical Electrologist costs $200.00, the second, Certified Medical Electrologist, costs $300.00 and last but not least the ultimate deluxe title the Certified Clinical and Medical Electrologist costs $400.00. Furthermore these groups have gone public and have endorsed the laser in addition to the fact that 90 to 99% of their members are not educated state licensed and registered electrologists. For years the Laser Parlor Industry have sought out and purchased the endorsement of majority member non-licensed electrolysis groups by making large cash grants and donations that have lined the pockets of their leadership.

State licensed and registered electrologists are the only professionals with the exclusive and legal right to claim and advertise electrolysis as the only method of Permanent Hair Removal that works. Thus the laser parlor industry has garnered the endorsement of  these quasi-electrolysis guilds, associations with a 90 to 98% membership that is composed of non-licensed uneducated challenged electrologists.

The Laser Parlor Industry owning a large financial interest in private electrolysis groups, associations that do require a state license and registration as an electrologists membership use this as their new primary marketing weapon of mass deception.  Therefore they purchase or by off and finance marginal non-licensed uneducated certified electrologists to become "Combination Electrologists Laser Parlor Operators."

To a large extent the unscrupulous Laser Parlor Industry have focused their energy in attaining the endorsement and approval of The American Electrology Association, The Society of Clinical and Medical Electrologists and the defunct out of business International Guild of Professional Electrologists. Nonetheless to become a member of one these groups there are no requirements that you have to be educated as a licensed and registered electrologist for membership. For your information from 90 to 99% of the members of The American Electrology Association, The Society of Clinical and Medical Electrologists and the defunct International Guild of Professional Electrologists, which has changed its name to the International Guild of Professional Hair Removal Specialists, are uneducated non-licensed electrologists. So the presidents and leaders of these usurping associations have endorsed temporary laser hair removal with out having to gone their membership to ask for a vote of approval. So think about that when your electrologists claim membership to one of these groups.

The International Guild Of Professional Electrologists No Longer Exist!

The International Guild of Professional Electrologists, what could sound or appear more impressive or professional? Nonetheless that another favorite title for non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologists to claim membership to considering it went out of business and changed it name to The International Guild of Hair Removal Specialists. Nonetheless you have non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologists that where never members to begin are advertising, claiming and saying, “Member Of The International Guild Of Professional Electrologists.” It never ceases to amaze me how some one with out an electrolysis education in any form or manner has the gall to inflate their portfolios and claim these phony titles and memberships so they appear to be educated and trained as an electrologist. However what scares me most is when they open an office you see just how good they are desk top publishing.

A Statement To All Uneducated Non-Licensed Certified Professional Electrologists.

Consumers beware states without legislated electrolysis laws and requirements that lack a state board of electrologists with no rules and regulations can jeopardize you health. In Arizona with no legislated electrolysis requirements licensed and registered electrologists are constantly are being harassed and slandered by uneducated non-licensed electrologists claiming to be Certified Professional Electrologists. State licensed and registered electrologists in Arizona set an example for the uneducated non-licensed electrologists to follow however all of us say, “If you want to be accepted as an electrologist go to an accredited electrolysis school like we did.” If you want our professional respect and courtesy after you finish school take you dual state board of electrologists written and practical state board examination and pass them like we have done so. Non-licensed electrologists who refuse to accept the reality that electrolysis is a Bona Fide medical professional occupation and there is no way your 120-hour Certified Professional Electrologist diploma mill course by itself can validate you or any individual as a competent electrologist. In addition this includes other quack mail order diplomas and certificates claiming to be a Certified Clinical, Certified Medical Electrologists and Certified Clinical and Medical Electrologists. Also do not forget the Certifiable Professional Electrologist who claims to be an active member of the "The International Guild of Professional Electrologists" which is an organization does not exist any more however only a "Certifiable Wonder Electrologist" would claim to be member of an organization that no-longer exists. The International Guild of Professional Electrologists did close down and reopened with their new name The International Guild Of Hair Removal Specialists.

What is more astounding is that these uneducated individuals who took this $225.00 Diploma Mill course with no practical training actually believe that they are a Certified Professional Electrologist. The Society for Clinical and Medical Electrolysis certify their members in the same manner or very close to it.

Nonetheless how can these individuals actually believe their 120-hour course by itself with no practical examination empowers them as Certified Professional Electrologist. The Certified Professional Electrologist Course does not require a high school diploma, back-round, criminal check and health certificate stating that they have no communicable disease. For years many of them have had a borderline existance and struggled to get by and than they became "Certified Laser Parlor Operators" with a fifty-hour course. At the height of laser popularity 6 years ago these newly created Certified Laser Parlor Operators quit and outright refuted electrolysis and when their clients came in the door they said, trust me, “I was a Certified Professional Electrologist and believe when I say, “The laser is better why else would I switch from Electrolysis to the Laser?” 

Well time Flies and The Years Went By and Temporary Laser Hair Removal Has Failed and Has Been Proven To Be A Dangerous Hoax At Best.

However all our beloved Certified Professional Electrologists, Certified Clinical, Certified Medical Electrologists and Certified Clinical and Medical Electrologists that became Laser Parlor Operators are now locked into long-term expensive “Ironclad Laser Hair Removal leases and contracts” and they need to make some money for the monthly lease. Angry consumers are frustrated because their "Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operators" that ripped them off have gone back to doing electrolysis. Now that temporary laser hair removal is on the fast downhill slide and our disloyal Certified Professional Electrologists who refuted and badmouthed electrolysis have switched sides again and are now they touting electrolysis as the only real method to attain permanent hair removal. Nonetheless I say, shame on those cold-blooded traitorous Certified Professional Electrologists who knew the laser did not work and with no conscience looked their clients right in the eye and lied and said what their clients wanted to hear instead of the truth! Now these unlicensed uneducated “Combination Electrologists Laser Parlor Operators are refuting the Laser and telling new clients, “Trust me I am Certified Professional Electrologist.”

Ten Reasons Why Certified Professional Electrologists Cannot Become State Licensed and Registered  Electrologists.

1.  The do not possess a High School Diploma or GED
2.  They have Criminal Record
3   There to lazy to work
4.  They do not want to pay taxes
5.  They think they are entitled
6.  They can purchase their CPE aka Certified Professional
     Electrologist’s title for $225.00 with no education requirements.
7.  They can purchase a Certified Clinical Electrologist certificate for
      $200.00 with no required education requirements.
8.  They can purchase a Certified Medical Electrologist certificate for
      $300.00 with no required education requirements.
9.  They can print their own diploma on their computer
10. All the above and more

As a Practicing Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist In Arizona since 1979 I thought I Had Seen It All Until The Arrival of “The Certified Professional Electrologists Welcome Wagon”.

For all newly arrived state licensed and registered electrologists that relocate to Arizona, New York and other states with no electrolysis laws you can count on the uneducated non-licensed “Certified Professional Electrologist Welcome Wagon” to show up. They always greet the newly arrived state licensed and registered electrologists that have relocated to Arizona in some very creative ways. They think because they have sprayed the area that makes it their territory. As soon you set up and open your doors they have their relatives, teenage children and friends pose as potential clients to waste your time and make fake appointments. They call you to pump you for any information that they think they can use against you. Some even have the nerve so send their “Friends” to your office with a hidden recorder and their stooges try to get you to say a negative slanderous comments about their  certifable electrologist who sent them to you. LOL, one of them sent me an an email stating that it is not fair for me to publish my  educational and professional credentials.

As a practicing licensed and electrologist for twenty-nine-years I have never met one non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologist in the U.S.A. who went on to pursue a professional education at a nationally accredited electrolysis school and earn their license and registration as an electrologist. It is an outright “Psychological Enigma” as to why these non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologists outright refuse to pursue a professional grade education to become a state licensed and registered electrologist?

The American Electrology Association, The Society of Clinical and Medical Electrologists and the defunct and out of business International Guild Of Professional Electrologists that changed their name to the International Guild Of Professional Hair Removal Specialists. These groups after having received financial grants and donations from certain "Laser Parlor Industry Manufacturer’s” immediately changed their legitimate "Anti-Laser Hair Removal Policy" against temporary laser hair removal practically overnight switched sides and now enthusiastically endorse and support temporary laser hair removal even though they know it does not work. These groups are making public announcements that endorse the laser. In addition 90 to 99% of their members are not state licensed and registered electrologists in any form or manner.

Now the Laser Parlor Industry claim they are endorsed and approved by The American Electrology Association, The Society of Clinical and Medical Electrologists. Lets not forget the non-members of the defunct International Guild of Professional Electrologists who claim they are members.

Nevertheless the Laser Parlor Industry will do and say anything no matter how unethical and illegal to promote a product that they know is dangerous and a complete failure. Some of the memberships to these electrolysis groups are not renewed and many of our “Certified Professional Electrologists” have no desire to continue their electrolysis education beyond the 120-hour course they took. From the beginning most of them only had one goal and that was attain a Certified Professional Electrologists diploma and once they possess that and as far as they concerned they have reached the pinnacle peak of their electrolysis education. So think about that when your interviewing an electrologist that claims membership or a title to one of the above groups.

Upon relocating to Arizona 1991 and the Phoenix area in 1999 I felt sorry for these non-licensed uneducated electrologists that called themselves Certified Professional Electrologists.

However in short amount of time after opening my practice that’s when the fake appointments, abusive calls and bad mouthing of myself and other licensed and registered electrologists around town started in earnest. However I politely sent them letters and emails asking them to please stop harassing myself and again I would I ask, “Why can’t you attend an accredited electrolysis school and get your license and registration as an electrologist like every one else? Only one of them actually sent back an untraceable email that said, “Only stupid F’-N Nerds go to electrolysis school.” Well I chuckled a bit; nonetheless I lost any pity I had for them especially when their former patients walked in my door with their pitted and scarred complexions after years of wasted treatment of not having made any progress.  

Licensed and registered electrologists maintain professional superiority in the fact we are the only educated professionals that can effect safe permanent hair removal.

Additionally licensed and registered electrologists out number them and for us to succeed and counter this new assault we must work together and petition the states with out legislation to establish a state board of electrologists. However the direct threat that we face is the continued mass proliferation of the non-licensed one time Certified Professional Electrologists who refuse educational opportunities and grants to become trained, educated licensed and registered electrologists.

With criminal intent Laser Parlors with their recently purchased puppets electrolysis guilds and societies are working in collusion with the Fake Consumer Electrolysis Advocates and their Websites.

Past, present and future presidents of these puppet regimes are always on the look-out for endorsements that have been purchased and in turn will order their members to follow. If they do not follow their membership is terminated. You can expect the Laser Parlors to do a big Internet public promotion, advertisements using traitorous certified wonder electrologists to lie and use deceptive advertising. However they always forget to inform the public that where never requisitely educated, licensed and registered as electrologists to begin with. You can expect the Laser Parlors to uses these puppets to use fraudulent, deceptive advertising with their paper mill diplomas to promote a dangerous product that is a threat to the publics health.

Laser parlors have just taken on their newest axis partner, the Fake Consumer Hair Removal Advocate.

These hocus pocus bogus self-proclaimed Messiahs of hair removal Mecca also known as fake consumer hair removal advocates will claim they are looking out for your best interests. Nevertheless, these individuals have no qualified educational credentials. The libel, slander hound, haunt any licensed and registered electrologist that disagrees with them. They routinely use hacking, spamming and Pagejacking as one of their favorite internet cons so when people see an electrologists listing and they click on what they think is your website they are illegally redirected (pagejacked) to a Laser Parlor website. Warning to all licensed and registered electrologists do not list your practice or website with,,, and and if they offer you a free listing as TG Transgender Approved Electrologist on practitioner avoid these scam artists who support temporary laser and other hair removal rip off schemes. These people will Pagejack your URL that will be redirected to laser operators and worse. I do not have one doubt there are unscrupulous "Electrolysis Consumer Websites" gather information for spammers, hackers and pagejackers for the Laser Parlor Industry.

So if you’re looking for a real state licensed and registered electrologist you now know how tell the fake from the genuine and I hope this article has helped you and tell your friends when you want the truth about electrolysis and permanent hair removal hair just type

Thank you for your time and attention,

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979

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