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Hair Facts About Shaving

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Kimberly Williams, R.E. Says

Your best Choice For Safe permanent Hair Removal Is A state Licensed and Registered Electrologist

Correct and after successfully treating every form of severe unwanted facial hair problems for women who have an endocrine and genetically inherited conditions that causes prolific unwanted hair problems such as; hypo and hyper Thyroidism, Hyper-Adrenalism, Polycystic Ovaries and super heavy transsexual beards. Example a woman with acute polycystic ovarian syndrome can have an unwanted hair problem that could be just as tough or even worse and more complicated and difficult to permanently remove and treat than any transsexual or male with a heavy blue black beard.

Additionally one must consider certain medications that stimulate FSH also known as Follicle Stimulating Hormones also known as hair-stimulating medications will cause an unwanted facial hair problem to be even more acute such as cortisone for arthritic and autoimmune diseases.

Furthermore another hair stimulating medication is Dilantin, which is used for controlling epileptic seizures and other neurological conditions. In addition to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome also known as PCO there are other endocrine and genetically inherited disorders that are even tougher than a standard beard removal. Certain uneducated “Fake Consumer Hair Removal Advocates” and non-licensed electrologists like James Walker VII CPE  should sustain and stop giving out incorrect information coupled with bad advice to consumers that make a patients unwanted hair problems worse and seem impossible to treat and overcome.

Lets start off with the subject of shaving your face and also go back in time to the day before you started to shave your face.

All hair problems are not created equal nevertheless most or all women transsexual or otherwise do not perceive shaving as an important mitigating factor that causes hair growth. Lets also dispel the spoken lies and oldwife's tales that shaving does not cause or stimulate hair growth. For the record I have not treated or met one woman, transsexual or otherwise whose shaving developed into a beard also known as an unwanted hair problem that did not start from the day they started to shave. Try to remember how small and fine your hairs where before you started shaving that first day and than think about this, did you ever wonder or ponder why the more you shaved your facial hairs they became darker, heavier, thicker coarser and spread all over your face into a full beard?

Uneducated fake consumer hair removal advocates wave their magic hair removal wands and routinely prescribe bad advice to patients with severe unwanted facial hair caused by endocrine and medical conditions that need expert evaluation, care and specialized treatment.

Example a patient with epilepsy who needs Dilatin a neurological anti-seizure medication to control seizures also causes severe abundant unwanted facial and body hair plus a scarliform rash are unaware of the adverse affects of the medication. Through out my professional career I have successfully treated epileptic patients who took Dilantin, which stimulates heavy hair growth, which develop into beards. So you will know I learned of a patient who was taking Dilantin and was deliberately referred by a “Fake Consumer Hair Removal Advocate” who receives a kick back was referred to an unethical combination electrologist laser parlor operator who happened to be a non-licensed certified electrologist who permanently damaged her face. Patients with this condition are often unaware of the adverse affects of Dilantin, nevertheless my first goal is to have their patient consult with their neurologist and take a different seizure medication. A new medication was prescribed and henceforth the cause of the unwanted hair problem was removed and when the Dilantin is replaced with another anti-seizure medication that does not stimulate hair growth the patient’s hair problem will require less treatment. From there I apply standard computerized electrolysis procedure and the patient clears up. However this particular patient and others who have received bad advice and poor treatment from a combination non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologist turned laser parlor operator listed on the unethical forum

When in electrolysis school one learns that shaving with a blade razor or electric shaver will stimulate hair growth by pulling on the hair in addition to slicing or chewing layers right off your face.

An electric razor is the worst because it vibrates and chews the skin right off your face while the razor blade slices the skin off right down to the Corium layer of your skin, however both of types shaving stimulates blood flow to the to the papillae via the capillaries. So you will know these so called hair removal advocates are dummies at best for they are not professionally educated in electrolysis, electrololgy therefore in their glorious benign benevolent wisdom they do not realize that each and every hair has it own individual blood supply. Fact any further trauma to your skin will increase the blood supply to the hair, additionally shaving causes a build up of thick callous skin which requires more pressure to shave the hairs which ultimately lead to a full blown beard with thick calloused blue black beard shadow with inflamed infected ingrown hairs. The harder you drag and scrape your face with a razor the more you increase the blood supply to each individual hair.

Remember the more you shaved as time went by your hairs and beard became darker and thicker?

Well I have more news for you; beard hairs become tougher with each passing day of your life that you shave! Now that you realize shaving stimulates hair growth what do you think of the dime a dozen consumer hair removal advocates and the uneducated non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologists that tell you that shaving does not cause or stimulate hair growth? Okay now that we have that behind us we are going to dispel and shatter another myth perpetrated by America’s biggest “Fake Consumer Hair Removal Advocate” Andrea James and James Walker VII CPE of, and who stated, “Shaving during your electrolysis treatments is safe and will not damage your skin and cause new hair growth.” However I ask every consumer out there how can you take the advice on uneducated non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologist?

These so-called self-appointed and anointed Hair Removal Advocates Andrea James and her moderator James Walker VII CPE who is a non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologist tells you that it is okay to shave after or between electrolysis treatments.

Andrea James behavior has always been erratic and paranoid however for the record I tell all my patients if you want to throw your money out the window go ahead and listen to their bad advice and shave between treatments. Fact, I will not on work patients who shave treated areas between treatments because they will never clear up. In addition, shaving during electrolysis treatments causes acute inflamed infected ingrown hairs that progresses to acute inflammation and infection of the beard known as "Acute Folliculitis." Shaving between electrolysis treatments turns your face into red raw looking hamburger with disfiguring abscesses known as carbuncles and furuncles plus it causes inflamed infected ingrown hairs that are not pretty to look at. However I feel the reason that certain electrologist's let their patient's shave is because they do not possess the practical ability and professional skill combined with swift accurate insertions to keep their patients face clear of hair in between treatments. So if your are shaving the treated area during or between treatments you will never clear up so electrologists who let their patients shave between treatments better be prepared to listen to their patients forever complain and ask these questions; How come I still have hair on my face? When will my beard stop growing? Why do I listen to clueless uneducated non-licensed Certifed Professiona Electrologist and fake consumer hair removal advocates to begin with? Fact unethical consumer hair removal advocates like Andrea James are common on the “Net” and feed off other people’s problems and without one doubt she and others like her receives kickbacks for referrals to unethical non-licensed Certifed Professional Electrologists.

Andrea James America’s number one Fake Consumer Hair Removal Advocate makes another the false claim, “That shaving in the resting stage of electrolysis treatments does not make the hair grow thicker.”

Let me ask you how can you believe a bogus statement by an uneducated  wannabe electrologist who most likely did not attend electrolysis school?  Without one doubt that is an absurd statement and more bad advice by Andrea James who claims and said, "Treating your resting hairs is a waste of time and money and it can hurt more because they're closer to the surface of the skin." Fact its sound likes Andrea James is talking about dead ingrown hairs. For the record our uneducated clueless consumer hair removal advocate is wrong and if an electrologist does not remove your dead ingrown hairs they will become infected and inflame your skin, which makes your complexion a mess of inflamed infected pustules, carbuncles and furuncles. Fact when you have an ingrown hair and you scrape it with a razor that slices off layers of your skin you are exposing live healthy tissue to infection and inflammation.

Mother Nature made sure the first two layers of our skin known as the Stratum Corneum and Stratum Lucidum are composed of dead skin cells.

The reason the first two layers of our skin are dead cells is because dangerous deadly bacteria cannot invade the Stratum Corneum and Stratum Lucidum which is composed of dead cells. Mother Natures evolution did this is to prevent deadly bacteria from invading our bodies which could result in our deaths. Fact live bacteria cannot penetrate dead tissue unless there is an open wound, scrape, cut or abrasion for it to enter. So when you scrape and shave those first two layers of skin off your face or body you are exposing the germinative layers of the skin known as the Malphigian and Corium layer to bacteria, which will result in acute follicultis, infected and inflamed ingrown hairs and pustules and worse even a systemic infection of your skin.

A well educated electrologist informs their patients that dead ingrown hairs are foreign bodies that inflame your skin and removing them is one of the most of the most important parts of your treatment because if do not remove them you skin will never heal.

In my professional opinion only ueducated non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologists electrologists leave dead ingrown hairs in you skin, which will prevent you from a having a smooth healthy soft supple complexion. For your information dead ingrown hairs trigger the production of lymphocytes also known as puss to soften the tissue so the skin can expel the dead hair itself. However let me tell when an electrologists skips over these hairs the patient develops a localized infections also known as pustules which are very gross to look at and when you touch or squeeze them you spread pus and infection to nearby follicles which becomes infected and inflamed and than you have folliculitis. Fact self proclaimed consumer advocates and non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologists who never took one credit of professional level education course in Electrolysis and Histology are grossly incompetent and using their unethical legal right to free speech to instruct consumers in the area of electrolysis end up costing theirs patient time, money and bad results.

Having seen TS patients that read a few articles by a non licensed uneducated by fake consumer hair removal advocates stating how many hours of treatment that you should take to remove a beard.

I want to make you aware that if you take bad advice from one these called non-licensed Hair Removal Prophets and suffer a complication or setback such as acute ingrown hairs, severely infected folliculitis and other complication you do you do have legal recourse to bring a lawsuit against them. Fact if you suffered a mishap or setback because of their bad advice by them I recommend your hire a lawyer and take them to court because there is a good chance you will win. Always beware of their bogus referrals system used by racketeers because most if not all are on the take receiving kickbacks in one form or another.

To avoid bad advice and loss of money beware of Americas number one fake consumer hair removal advocate.

There websites are laced with Laser Parlor advertisements and without one doubt Andrea James is the Internets largest fake consumer hair removal advocate who tells you one thing and says another however she know electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal. Nonetheless on her websites she lists one Laser Parlor after another plus Google Ads for Laser Parlor Operators. Now why would some one do that? Its apparent she does it for the money and the hell with the consumer however I find most unprofessional to play both sides of the street.

Consumer beware she gives bad uneducated advice and referrals to crooked non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologists and laser parlor operators and non-certified quack electrologist that are listed on her forum as “Top Ten Contributors”.

Her websites,,, and However consumer beware you should avoid her listed the TG Recommended Electrologists on Tsroadmap, and her crime ridden forum where the supposed professionals electrologist and laser parlor operators pose as patients with an unwanted hair problems. You go on the “Net” looking for an electrologist and talk others that you think have an unwanted hair problem just like you. However many of them are unethical electrologists laser parlor operators who will refer you to themselves or their friends for a buck? To me an electrologist on that lists or chats with consumers with an unwanted hair problem must be desperate for business. However the ones posing as electrologists should be reported but thatR#8217;s difficult to do since they do not use their real name. On the hand if you are referred to an electrologist by some one on a forum check their header on the emails for point of origin. Here is tip off avoid the ones that use a private email service that blocks there point of origin including the friend on the forum that referred you. On last tip watch for writings styles that give them away.

Furthermore Andrea James fake consumer hair removal advocate said, “Not to shave your face until it has recovered from you last treatment”.

Wrong you do not shave period however if you're wondering what to do about the hairs on your face between treatments? The finer hairs that come out between treatments can be cut or clipped but not shaved that's why I have devised a special treatment so the patient does not need to shave between treatments. I perform “Standard Beard Removal” at two two-hour treatments per week or two one-hour treatments per week. Additionally to achieve this complete beard removal I use a State Of The Art R.A. Fischer CBX-Compu-Blend Series 4 Computerized Programmable Epilator that has computerized Short-Wave, Galvanic and Blend.

Standard Beard Removal can be achieved with two two-hour appointments per week or two one-hour treatments per week for lighter cases and is an excellent economical way to remove a beard because it is a common sense approach to permanent beard removal.

In addition unless you have a “Deep Pocketbook” and you want rapid beard removal be prepared to have four to tens hours of treatment per-week until finished. In addition your progress is based on your age and the older you are the more distorted and tougher yours hair are from shaving, waxing or plucking in addition to how many years you have shaved must taken into consideration. From there one must estimate how many square inches you beard covers the face plus the coarseness of your hair and the depth and distortion of your follicles and finally the genetically inherited characteristics of your family. Patients who have the best results maintain regular appointments and sensibly budget their treatments. Patients who go on streaks and miss appointments often take quite a bit longer to remove their beard or ultimately they fail.

Permanent hair removal at the Boston Electrolysis Private Practice requires consistent treatment and your patience to achieve permanent hair removal.

A knowledgeable electrologist does not let a patients run ahead of their beard removal schedule, this is statement that I tell all patients and what it means is when a patient has massive amount of treatment in the beginning and than the patient dramatically cuts back on their treatment time because of financial or other reasons which means the treated area cannot be maintained. Always let your electrologist help you map out your strategy and please takes into consideration that you need to budget you treatments and be realistic about the time your electrologist recommends.

Example a TS with a heavy beard came in and after the consult we agreed two two-hour appointments per week, which in my professional in my opinion was quite adequate.

Furthermore we set up standing appointments on Mondays and Fridays and there was progress with every treatment until the patient had other conflicting appointments. In addition I explained well I just come in on Friday and situations do happen where patients miss appointments however when a patient starts to miss an appointment here and there and the momentum that was gained can be lost. Lost momentum in the first four months of your treatment can slow you progress to a crawl and if you have personal problems solve them as I explained patients who maintain consistent regular appointments would always clear up ahead of schedule.

Fact most patients and electrologists are not aware that the best way to remove an unwanted hair is to eliminate shaving at the same time is with regular appointments.

After completing your history and consultation you are ready to start you practical application treatment. First of all when I begin to remove a beard I start with the upper lip working from left to right in a systematic pattern where the whole upper depending upon the amount of can be completely cleared in one or two hours. Next I treat the lower lip and the hair in same exact same systematic pattern from left to right and if time is left and if there is time leftover I do little on the chin to. So the first treatment has resulted in the upper lip, lower lip being completely cleared off and the remaining time I started on the upper part of the chin.

Counting Your Hairs

In addition the computerized epilators counts you hairs so after each separate area is treated I write the hair count down for upper lip, lower lip, upper chin. Fact you see the hair count drop with each treatment. I do this to record the initial area to be treated because it scientifically provides me the data as to how much hair you have and your rate of progress. Plus I can actually graph your progress, which is great diagnostic tool to see which treatment mode short wave, galvanic or blend is most effective for you.

You ask why I work in this manner?

Fact the patient does not need to shave the treated areas because I can keep it clear thus eliminating your need to shave between treatments. Fact shaving between treatments slows or completely halts your progress. On the second treatment on Friday I prepare the patient and when I start the treatment I go over the upper lip, lower lip and the previously treated area and nit pick it clean and look at the counter and record it. The reasons are for this are to maintain and keep this area free of hair and the same time treating the underlying hairs are in  “Baby Anagen” stage which is the absolute best stage to kill a hair. Fact no matter what the electrologist should never alter or deviate from the systematic approach. From there I treat the chin and completely clear it to just below the jaw line in a short amount of time.

Additionally the computerized epilator counts the hairs after each treatment where I record the hair count, which is less than the first treatment.

The primary reason to use the systematic approach is to eliminate shaving, which is the direct cause of hair growth. In addition the patient can see progress with each and every treatment and this progress cannot be denied and when the patients comes in the following week I use the same exact treatment plan, upper lip, lower lip and the chin and than as usual I start to work out from the chin removing strip each side of the face keep it even so each side is has the same area treated. Fact using this technique it is possible to clear the whole face in four weeks about to three months with two, two hours appointments per week depending upon how heavy and tough your beard or unwanted hair problem is. However the hair count for each treated area is recorded with every treatment and you cannot deny progress when the hair count is lower with each treatment and you have no need to shave your face.

Thirty years of experience as a professionally educated Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist have proven that using American manufactured State Of The Art computerized epilator with common sense approach to electrolysis is superior to all other methods and techniques.

Using all three computerized modes of treatment Short-Wave, Galvanic and Blend means even on the most difficult cases, I can work at one- third to one-fourth the time of the average electrologist licensed or unlicensed. Furthermore my knowledge of medical grade Endocrinology and Histology with 27 years experience compared to other electrologists proves my method and technique are superior and assures that you will have the most comfortable treatment with no scabbing, scarring or pitting as direct result of my treatments. For your information any electrologist that uses non-computerized equipment and claims that one modality such as galvanic while others claim they use 100% Short-Wave and finally another one claims they use 100% Blend is incorrect. These are advertising gimmicks and when an electrologist states one mode is superior over all others modes they have their head in the sand like an Ostrich. Experienced educated licensed electrologists do not restrict themselves to non-computerized epilators and one mode of treatment because it holds back your patients progress. Human beings are like fingerprints no two are alike except for twins. Each patients hair and skin is different and some patients respond better to other modes however there is no excuse or scientific data with a double blind study that says or proves that you should only use one current which by the way in 30 years of expereince retards the patients progress.

Fact, our minds are like parachutes they only work when their open!

Fact, our minds are like parachutes they only work when their open and my 30 years of experience with 20 years pioneering medical grade State of The Art Computerized Epilators since 1985 using all three modes, Short-Wave, Galvanic and blend have taught me a patients required time for treatment can be reduced as much as 50%. Fact any electrologist who does not use a modern computerized epilator restricts the progress of their patients and that lengthens their treatment time which is in my book is professionally unacceptable, totally unethical and it is the equivalent of believing, "That the Earth is Flat"!

In addition being educated in the knowledge of programming of the Computerized Epilator and America's First Computer Electrology-Electrolysis Specialist©™ is a vital prerequisite for the successful treatment of all patients whether their unwanted hair problem is minor or severe.

Nevertheless there is the exception of using Galvanic and Blend currents for tough resistant distorted hairs and again the hair counter will authenticate your patient's progress. Every hair that surfaces is in the optimum  “Baby Anagen” stage and with the ability to tweak the currents to such a finite degree the hair and its structure really starts to break down because the hair never has a chance to cycle through or become stronger. With this method the hairs are constantly retreating under relentless attack thus expediting your patient's progress. Furthermore the computerized epilator counts the hairs treated so if after clearing the upper lip hit the counter and record how many hairs per area. When you count how many from each area you will see the hair rapidly decrease and be able to estimate your kill percentage with each and every treatment. In a short of time the face is cleared and under control I start using and rotating Blend and Galvanic currents for tough distorted hairs while removing one inch strips from left to right and every treatments starts with the upper lip and finishes with strips from the face to the bottom of the neck.

Fact and for the record some electrologists claim I only use Galvanic or I only use Blend however in the beginning I use Short-Wave for rapid clearing which results in the patient having no need to shave.

By doing this you eliminate your patients need to shave which reduces needed treatment time plus your patient clears up so much quicker. During treatment I like to rotate currents using Short-Wave, Galvanic and Blend for what I know works best for certain hairs and skin conditions. It common sense and I reiterate any electrologist who restricts themselves to one mode of treatment needs to be reeducated and without one doubt their patients progress is slowed which increases the cost of removing their unwanted hair problem. Without one-doubt combination treatments using Short-Wave, Galvanic and Blend with a computerized epilator always deliver the best results where patients attain their goal at substantial savings. In addition there is no excuse for your electrologist not to be reeducated and purchase an American manufactured a State Of The Art Computerized Epilator. Fact the computerized epilator requires special training and the probe has to be perfectly inserted in the follicle before the current will fire. In essence every insertion by the electrologist has to be perfect this means your electrologists accuracy is nearly perfect at 99.3/4% with each and every insertion. Being America's first Computer Electrology-Electrolysis Specialist since 1985 enables me to constantly provide my patients comfort with accurate swift comfortable insertions that provide you the best most comfortable treatment available.

Furthermore a counter is a great way to prove to your patient that their progress is real.

Furthermore stick with the treatment plan of always treating the treated areas first because those hairs are so weakened in addition to being in the baby anagen stage, which is the absolute best way to effect permanent hair removal. It is tempting to jump ahead to another area and if you patient's requests that you do so explain to your patients by treating the previous area first you progress will be faster. However if you do it once you will do it again and than you will lose your focus of treating hairs in the optimum stage of anagen. Furthermore you lose your momentum of treating the weakened anagen hair and before you know you have lost momentum plus your treating the hairs in that optimum cycle of Anagen.

Fact starting with the upper lip, lower lip chin, side of face, jaw line and doing strips on the neck and to constantly remove all hair of the treated areas in the same exact manner will yield fantastic results.

One reason this is so successful is the hairs are always treated in the “Baby Anagen” stage in addition you can apply the blend or straight galvanic current on tougher resistant hairs. Generally I use Short-Wave for the initial clearings and considering that the computerized epilator requires exact perfect insertions your results are impressive to say the least. Certain electrologists that claim and espouse strict galvanic treatments only are limiting their patients progress and increasing the amount of time it takes considering that hair treated hair for Galvanic can take 30 seconds to one minute. Fact I am a believer in all three methods and with more resistant hairs I program the galvanic or blend and for tough distorted hairs I have specially programmed high-density treatments.

Shaving is most unfeminine!

Without one doubt shaving is most unfeminine and that’s a fact nevertheless you couple that with bad advice from an “Electrolysis Illiterate” known as  the self-educated non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologist whose primary goal is to receive a kickback for a referral guarantees that your treatments will be a failure.  So beware of the fake consumer hair removal advocates whose electrolysis knowledge at best stems from the fact they had electrolysis treatments does not qualify them to give out correct electrolysis advice in any form or manner. However never forget that any “Combination non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologist Laser Parlor Operator” who tells you that you can shave between treatments does not have your best interests at heart. Fact as long you shave the incompetent unethical “Combination Electrologist Laser Parlor Operator” will profit from you and you will never clear up and most likely end up shaving your face for the rest of your life.

However I adamantly make this statement those electrologists who are able to comprehend the computerized epilator and be retrained will learn that their insertions become 99 3/4 accurate.

Accurate insertions with a good stretch means you do not need overwhelming excessive painful current to kill a hair and I was the first electrologist that stated in my 1986 Scientific Electrologist Journal© “There are no nerve fibers inside the follicle thus an accurate insertion will result in a comfortable treatment. However in summation I reiterate uneducated or self educated non-licensed Certifed Professional Electrologists usually restrict them self to the practice of one mode of treatment are not providing their patients the best possible treatment. For the record my years of required electrolysis education plus being a graduate of America's best school for permanent hair removal, Miss Kelly's School Of Electrology, Quincy Massachusetts, founded in 1933 plus my 30 years as practicing electrologist enables me to provide a written of excellence for every patient. So if you want to rid yourself of your unwanted facial hair problem and would like a beautiful hair free complexion call me at Boston Electrolysis Private Practice 480-607-8121 and experience the excellence of my electrolysis treatments. 

Thank you for your time and attention

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, Licensed 1979

My Written Guarantee of Excellence

America’s first and only electrologist who guarantees in writing that after one treatment, if you can locate a better electrologist, bring me the receipt and I will refund your first treatment fee. In addition to that, even on difficult cases, I can work at one-third to one-fourth the time of the average electrologist - licensed or unlicensed. I also guarantee that you will have the most comfortable treatment with no scabbing, scarring or pitting as direct result of my treatments.








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Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

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America's First Computer Electrology-Electrolysis Specialist 1985©

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean started her career as a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist in 1979 and after graduating from America's best electrolysis school "Miss Kelly's Of Electrology" founded in 1933. She became a Massachusetts Licensed and registered electrologist after successfully completing her studies and combined curriculum of 1100 hours of Theoretical Sciences in Endocrinology, Histology, Bacteriology, Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology, Dermatology, Electricity, Sterilization, Ethics and Hygiene & Sanitation. Her practical training consisted of 600 hours and after graduation she successfully passed her Massachusetts Dual State Board 2-hour written examination and practical examination. Since 1979 Kimberly is America's only practicing Massachusetts licensed and registered electrologist that offers a written guarantee of excellence. In addition, Kimberly was guest lecturer at Harvard Medical School from 1983 to 1987 on the subjects of Human Sexuality, Endocrinology, Electrolysis and Transsexualsim. Furthermore she is the author of the published Scientific Electrologist© Journals, 1,2, 3 and 4. In 1985 Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean in 1986 became America's First Computer Electrology Specialist©™ while being distributor for the R.A. Fischer Company the manufacturers, inventors and innovators of the first Medical Grade Computerized Epilators. Additionally Kimberly authored The Electrolgists Diagnostic Case History, 1991© and The Electrologists Insertion Guide© 1993. Furthermore she authors all Certified Educational Upgrades and instruction articles for The Boston School Of Electrolysis™ AKA America's largest and informative electrolysis website written entirely by herself. In addition she is the "Chief Editor" author and publisher for The Five Star Electrologist© America's Online Electrolysis News & Education For The Electrologist and Consumer©.

Last but not least on the positive side Kimberly is the president and founder of The Five Star Electrologists Guild™ for licensed and registered electrologists only. In addition Kimberly is extremely adept in the computer technology field and is a former distributor for computerized medical grade epilators, which is an important factor in choosing the most efficient and advanced equipment for the patient's electrolysis treatments.

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