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To Dex Media LLC AKA YP.COM Or the New

Should We Tar and Feather the Workers at"


 Concerning Trade Infringement of Boston Electrolysis®

Concerning Abuse and Threats by or the New

First, I would like to announce that on April 14, 2009, the Federal government awarded to me United States Registration No. 3,601,889 for the trademark Boston Electrolysis®.  This Federal registration constitutes prima facie evidence of the validity of the trademark and its registration, and of my (the trademark owner’s) exclusive nationwide right to use the mark in commerce in connection with providing hair removal services. The registration also constitutes notice to all parties that the trademark Boston Electrolysis® is the exclusive property of me, Kimberly Williams R.E., Dean.

It’s Obvious the same The Boston Electrolysis® Cyber Stalker is Busy At aka Dex Media LLC  who lets the Cyber-Stalker use my trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis®, address, and telephone number. In addition what is their business relation to “”? In addition the Boston Electrolysis® cyber-stalker has paid to use my identity and to hack my listing On this page on he has stuffed Boston Electrolysis 8 times to disrupt my website ranking! How can small business owners trust Dex Media's

It is my pleasure to make a report like this however I have never encountered such an abusive website known as Dex Media LLC, YP.Com and their newest name should be the Crime-Infested new who refuse to reply to me in any form or manner. I can say for sure their are more boot-licking back-stabbing cowards employed at New than in the entire state of Texas. The employee's YP.COM are bottom feeding low-life's that will go down in flames for their crimes against small business owners like myself.  Nonetheless these cowards are afraid to answer their phone because they can't stand it when I call them criminals. Of course that's what they are and can you imagine when Dad goes to work and he's say be a good boy son. Of course he's not the perfect Dad and most likely his son knows dear old Dad is a rip-off because he employed at Dex Media LLC aka YP.COM and the New known as I feel sorry for all the children at because their parent have no respect for the law!

How can small business owners trust Dex Media's to allow a hacker to use my account? On the Boston Electrolysis Stalker has stuffed Boston Electrolysis 16 times to disrupt my website ranking on this page and the refuse access to my own account to let me make changes on Why is allowing this crime?

 Again, The Boston Electrolysis Cyber-Stalker on page, Dex Media LLC and the new has stuffed Boston Electrolysis 21 times in the source code and Meta-Tag times to disrupt my Boston Electrolysis website ranking and how can we trust Dex Media aka Superpages who gives hackers and cyber-stalkers full have access to your private business account? Dex Media AAK allows excessive keyword stuffing on ! Should we go to the Police to stop them? In addition Dex Media AKA has allowed the Boston Electrolysis Cyber-Stalker to deliberately to list the wrong phone number on my pages and they refuse me access my own account to delete the excessive listings of Boston Electrolysis where they are using them for keyword stuffing for laser hair removal sites and ads in Boston, Massachusetts. Should the employee's by whipped and tarred feathered? Yes as long as you start at the top and work your way down to sleazes in the adverting and programming despartments.





Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean


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