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The Truth About James Walker VII CPE World Champion Trans-Basher©

James W. Walker VII, CPE World Champion Trans-Basher

Why is Executive Clearance Located In Buffalo New York's Most Dangerous Crime Zone?
James Walker VII, CPE Forum Trans-Bash The TG-

Executive Clearance
James Walker, VII, CPE Certified Professional Electrologist
2242 Genesee Street, Cheektowaga/Buffalo, NY 14211

There are plenty of honest websites on the Internet that feature qualified practitioners developing their practices with professional and personal integrity.  Then there are the websites that would make any reader nauseous. Some sites leave even the trusting wary of the services offered, the qualifications of the providers and in the worst circumstances, uneasy at something that is difficult to put one’s finger on. Of all the spurious sites, that ascribed to Andrea James and scribed by James Walker The VII CPE, takes the cake; and with their unabashed encouragement and promotion of uneducated non-licensed electrologists, one has the feeling that both Andrea James and Mr. Walker are busy eating their cake too at the cost of their clients while bashing state licensed & registered trangendered electrologists.

James Walker, VII CPE YouTube video debut, “Straight talk about permanent hair removal, The Executive Clearance Way” is an American Tragedy , but I wonder should James Walker VII CPE title it “Electrolysis World Champion”? On James YouTube premier video that should be titled, “Quack Chat about Permanent Hair Removal, The Executive Clearance Way” James exudes his so called attempt  at professionalism while wearing his “Do-Rag” while mumbling and repeating the same old rehearsed lines with his eyes shut  speaking about the beginning of electrolysis...

However what bothers licensed and registered electrologists is how Mr. Walker makes fun of other people’s life’s and on his "YouTube Debut "with his premier video "Quack Chat About Permanent Hair Removal", The Executive Clearance Way he finally sits and takes off his Do-Rag to demonstrate his electrolysis skills. Well, I was shocked because his hair looks like a disaster where Edward Scissorhands was charged with CHWI aka “Cutting Hair While Intoxicated”. James has large bare patches all over his head and scalp and it looks like a real bad bad hair day or he suffers from contagious Sarcoptic-Mange, Moth-Eaten Alopecia Areata or Folliculitis or some other disease of the Scalp. On the other hand do we ask ourselves is God is punishing James for being cruel and mean to female electrologists by making fun of women and how they look using his hateful jealousy tactics? On James Walker VII CPE assassinates the character of State Licensed & Registered Trans Electrologists by calling them; Humanoids, Insane, unprofessional and he, she and it? James performs cruel acts against Licensed Trans Electrologists like “Outing Them” and the privacy of their life’s. In spite of this James number one big rant is his jealousy and hatred of successful  State Licensed and Registered Electrologists who honestly advertise and earned their credentials by going to school and working hard. God, only knows what James thinks of and what he says about his Trans Clients when they walk out the door?

James loves to fabricate his electrolysis credentials and has never learned how sacred the truth is as he scribes his poisonous words with hate he creates and envenomates false characters with his degenerate personality traits coupled with his non-stop lies on where he badmouths honest licensed electrologists. He coerces idiot stooges on his forum to make phony appointments with busy Trans licensed and registered electrologists. It’s Mr. Walker who has too much idle time on his hands while he claims to be, “Electrolysis World Champion” on which is a phrase that he puts on the bottom of all his posts to remind everyone  to respect his lies and dirty deeds or else. In addition James reads my educational articles and than posts them on as if he was the originator in there are no nerve-fibers in the follicle shaft. James who use to claim he could treat 1200 hairs per-hour read another one of my educationa articles and lowered his abilities to tret about 350-800 hair per hour. However we have to ask when will James go to real electrolysis school and earn a real license and registration as an electrologist?

A Critique Of James Walker, VII, CPE Practical Application,

Nonetheless the best is yet to come when James sits down and actually does a tad bit of electrolysis with his Super Gynecologists Lamp with a two-inch scopes that’s lights the area to be treated like a flashlight while all his office lights are turned off. James this will be an honest critique of your work and you need to light the entire face and turn on your office lights or do you turn them off to hide the imperfections such as cracks and holes in the walls? Furthermore James your facing the wrong direction and when working on the face you should be sitting directly behind the patient so you can learn to master the back-shot which is the most accurate and quickest way to insert the needle without the patient feeling pain.


James you do not have a three way stretch that opens the orifice of  the follicle to perfectly insert the probe down the follicle shaft to the base of the follicle without any pain or sensation to the patient. James you do not squeeze the  patients skin into a roll to insert the probe and that’s one of the worst things you can do because it curves the follicle  thus making a straight insertion impossible while pinching the patients face. Nonetheless James every one of your insertions dimpled the skin making a correct insertion impossible which means you were forcing the probe into the skin and not inserting the probe through the orifice down the follicle shaft to the base of the follicle to electro-coagulate the papilla aka the germinative root of the hair thus killing the hair by cutting off its nourishing blood supply via the hair's capillaries. While James was working on the patient's face he dimpled about 95% of his insertions causing the patient unnecessary pain and each hair will have to be treated over again because after each incorrect insertion I watched James pluck every hair straight up with the skin rising with the pull of forceps. James when  the skins comes up while pulling on the hair instead of sliding out it means you missed the papilla aka the germinative root of the hair were not treated correctly and you plucked the hairs. About 95% of the hairs you treated were plucked because you could see the treated hairs nbsp;did not have a complete intact outer root sheath with the papilla... James after you treat a hair in the proper manner the correct way to release the hair is to hold the hair with the forceps at the base at the angle the hair is growing out of the skin and you gently pull it away from the orifice of the follicle not straight up like they do at beauty parlors.

James for the record if you took a state board practical electrolysis examination they would have flunked you in a hear-beat. James in the time that you have spent bad mouthing me and other licensed electrologist for years with one non-stop lie after another you could have attended and graduated from a nationally accredited electrolysis school and earned a valid license and registration as an electrologist. In addition James you would have learned how to do a correct insertion and I am telling you running out and buying a white lab coat and taking a Mickey Mouse 120 Hour Certified Professional Electrologist course which you flunked the first time does not makes you a Certified Professional Electrologist. James you’re deluding yourself if you actually believe a 120 hour course and a multiple choice examination without a “Practical Examination” and not one authenticated diploma from people you claim trained and apprenticed you. James electrolysis is not a self taught OJT aka on the job training were you make mistakes while claiming to be a Certified Professional Electrologist? James you have no respect for electrolysis and you do not realize this is a Professional Occupation were you must be professionally educated, trained, tested and licensed and registered under the auspices of a state board of electrologists like every one else. James in the last part of your critique the probe you used was too big  and any licensed electrologists could see how much pain it caused the patient. One last critique on the work on "James Youtube Debut" is for the viewer increase the size of your screen to maximum and look closely and you will see some monstrous size pitting on all  of James subjects faces. However after five years the African  American Woman is not finished.

James it’s so obvious you have had no practical training to speak of and you have been doing it wrong for as long claim you to be an electrologist. James I read “About James” on your website Executive Clearance and three of the people that you claim apprenticed you told me the opposite and they said, "They had nothing to do with you and they never apprenticed anyone." James I see you removed your about James Page and do you think I should call the remaining electrologists you claim that apprenticed you? For the record James only one electrologist is suppose to apprentice you, not seven!  On the other hand James is fond of is bashing honest hard working licensed and registered electrologists by saying our offices are unkempt and not up to his standards and we have outdated equipment. However take a quick tour of Boston Electrolysis® below and see my modern professionally equipped office with the best "Made In America late model State of The Art  R.A. Fischer CBX-PRO-Blend Series Four Computerized Epilators. Of course you scroll down to the bottom of the page and see James Walker VII, CPE'S Executive Clearance Office.

First impressions are important and that’s why the Boston Electrolysis® reception and waiting area says welcome.

Boston Electrolysis® has today's state of the art American made R.A. Fischer CBX-Pro-Blend Series Four Computerized Epilators for the consumers who demands the best!

The Boston Electrolysis® treatment room is a cool, quiet, peaceful calm retreat were your unwanted hair problem is treated in complete privacy.  

When I first visited, I truly had to do a double take. At first I thought I had stumbled on to a joke website, after all, for people who don’t deal with unwanted hair problems, the whole topic of hair removal seems to be good fodder for jokes and with your claims that you the number one “Hairtell Pro Top Ten Contributor and Electrolysis World Champion”, one has flashbacks to the Tonight Show and the Daily Ten. Though your dubious claim to excellence, the first place in this countdown to your classless incompetence is deserved. James W. Walker VII, CPE a Canadian (Certified Professional Electrologist) ranks as the number one “HairTell Pro Top Ten Contributor and electrologists. It’s Mr. Walker who has too much idle time on his idle hands while he claims to be, “Electrolysis World Champion” is hysterical.  To read through your featured articles or, worse, to view your educational videos, one can only conclude that Mr. Walker either doesn’t take himself seriously or doesn’t take his topic seriously; he certainly doesn’t take his clients seriously. Given the effusion of technical errors, lack of professional language, questionable training background, deplorable belittling comments about women both as clients and professionals, and one hardly knows whether to laugh or cry. If we were in junior high school and not adults debating where to bring our money for professional services, we might be tempted to join James W. Walker VII, CPE (Certified Professional Electrologist) in his incessant puerile giggling as he sits behind the objectified woman who models as his client and takes the brunt of his bad demonstration and not so funny jokes. However, as adults we have choices to better serve ourselves and to demand more from self anointed representatives of the hair removal profession. So together, let’s look more closely at “Hairtell Pro Top Ten Contributor’s Profile” and understand that uneasy feeling that overrides our will to confidence.

James Walker VII CPE is not a Board Certified Professional Electrologist in any form or manner,

James W. Walker VII, CPE (Certified Professional Electrologist) of lists his occupation as a “Board Certified Professional Electrologist.” Nonetheless James Walker VII, CPE “Board Certified Professional Electrologist” forgot to mention a few minor details such as where he is is actually certified and where he attended a formal nationally accredited electrolysis school? Additionally James Walker the VII, CPE, “Board Certified Professional Electrologist” claims the American Electrology Association has endowed him as a “Board Certified Professional Electrologist” after completing his 120-hour Certified Professional Electrologist course, which he said he deliberately flunked the test first time to make a political statement. Furthermore in being so politically bold, James Walker VII, CPE is unaware that only a state board of electrologists can certify you and James claims to be a member of the American Electrology Association and claims he takes their CEU aka continuing educational units courses. However after exhaustive search of the AEA Website in New York state revealed James Walker VII CPE is not a member of the American Electrology Association in any form or manner and the sole reason he took the test  to begin was to gain a life-time usage of a Certified Professional Electrologist diploma and he has not completed one CEU AKA Certified Educational Upgrade since that date and he has not paid his dues.


Mr. Walker claims that his education is part of a tradition of electrologists passing on knowledge one to the other. Given his lack of aptitude, he was apprenticed by a non-licensed electrologist, who in turn had been apprenticed by another non-licensed practitioner going back through the ages to the beginnings of galvanic current. Apprenticeship has a nice medieval ring to it, so does blood-letting with leeches. I was too skeptical; actually this educational tradition has its noble originations in the enlightened age of the Renaissance as attesteble by Mr. James connection to the now defunct (out of business) International Guild of Professional Electrologists. This Guild was a typical "Diploma Mill" established to include in the profession of electrology those who believe in the importance of making a political statement without their State Board examinations. Effectually, association with the IGPE makes the non-licensed electrologist look and sound credible. Advantageously, membership to The International Guild of Professional Electrologists required no examination, no state regulated electrolysis education and no required state license and registration as an electrologist to belong. The Guild recognized the good faith and valid bank checks of its aspiring members. As a testament to one’s admission into this noble quasi-organization, members were awarded the most ornate and beautifully embossed diplomas I have ever seen. With a front or should I say with a font like that who could question Mr. Walker’s qualifications?

Chapter Two: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: A Good Song and a Good Standard.

Even I will concede that a worthless piece of paper generated from a diploma mill and a hand-me-down education approach is forgivable if the holder of that piece of paper has the ultimate credential, Respect for others. It is a far-fetched notion, however, to hope that someone who goes out of his or her way to avoid a qualifying level of professional training, an undertaking done – and perhaps this is my naïve belief- on behalf of one’s future clientele, would hold professional and interpersonal respect as standards to work and live by. The unsuspecting client may learn to late that the individual that he or she trusts for assistance not only delivers a high likelihood of a painful treatment, an increased chance of skin damage, and poor results but also an unprofessional attitude. Do those fancy Diplomas have any fine print? Alas no. On the good side, however, Mr. James Walker, VII CPE Moderator Top Ten Contributor, puts everything a potential client needs to know up front; it just takes trusting that gut feeling that something is not right about the way he presents himself and certainly in the way he treats others. Once clearing up all questions as to his educational and training qualifications, Mr. James Walker VII CPE addresses key issues that take precedence over professional credibility. On his personal profile under “Sexual Designation” - Excuse Me! Is this a Personals add?-, he amuses quantifies and qualifies himself as a “100% Man Baby” and after removing that he now claims he is "The Electrolysis World Champion”!  Has James ego come home to roost or cackle cock a doodle do?

Perhaps this is relevant information but not because serves a high percentage of the TG and Gay community; he sure advertises that he is Extremely TG-Friendly and he brags to everyone on the Internet that all the Transvestite-Girls in Buffalo, New York just absolutely love him but there are no TS postings on unless James decides to beg them for a testimonial.

Professionally speaking Mr. Walker claims to be TS and TG Friendly, however he isn’t consistent and with his less than friendly verbal abuse while bashing of Trans licensed and registered electrologists. James and his boss Andrea James have “Outted T-Girls" who face discrimination on a daily basis because of James prejudice and discrimination on were he  actually refers to TS’S as to he, she and its!. He is certainly inconsistent and his self-loathing in his claims and thusly proves that vociferous claims about one’s sexual identity usually have relevance only to the one making them. Rarely do they have importance in one’s professional profile. Aren’t we trying to move away from such biases? I at least had hoped so.

Then again, James Walker VII CPE was an official member of the International Guild of Professional Electrologists back in the day, so we have to allow him his old fashioned ways of thinking. Furthermore James claims he is the Official Electrologist that solely represents PEP of Buffalo a questionable social club that I and most American women would abhor and would never nbsp;enter because of the risk of  encountering STD'S. In his perceptions, perhaps being anything less than “100% Man Baby” may make him susceptible to the poor business choices that female electrologists make; Mr. Walker adamantly states that the majority of electrologists a.k.a. women spend more money on their decorating than any other item in their professional practice. Mr. Walker elaborates stating that in his opinion women budget more towards the waiting room installing water effects and marble floors offset by excessive decoration while they spend a total of $1200.00 dollars for their machine and a couple pair of forceps. He does not bother to say where he got this information and the figure of $1200.00. In his humble mind he is just exposing the truth of these matters…and successfully blinding us from the valid fact of his complete lack of accredited electrolysis education. How convenient to have a weaker sex to use as a foil for ones foibles. This is starting to have that historical ring again. Given his lack of dedication to education, it is easy to pave over with marble the real accomplishments of the many women who have made the legitimate field of electrolysis what it is and should be. It is a verifiable statistic that electrolysis is a traditional woman's professional occupation with 99+3/4% of electrologists being women.

Of those women and men, those who are professionally educated have worked hard to attain their professional licenses and registrations. Thirty six states are regulated for the practice of electrology. In Massachusetts which has the toughest standards in the USA to become an electrologist, one only becomes a Licensed and registered electrologist after successfully completing a combined curriculum of 1100 hours of Theoretical Sciences in Endocrinology, Histology, Bacteriology, Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology, Dermatology, Electricity, Sterilization, Ethics and Hygiene & Sanitation. In addition, practical training consists of 600 post theoretical work hours and ten one still has to successfully pass the Massachusetts Dual State Board 2-hour written examination and one practical examination. Many women and men accomplish this while working another job and raising families. That seems like a stronger statement than deliberately failing one’s American Electrology Board exam on principle.

As in every profession dedicated women, and men, earn the right to place the qualifiers “licensed and registered electrologist” after their names.  It seems a feeble self-defense for Mr. James Walker the VII CPE to scoff at educated licensed and registered electrologists and denounce their interior decorating choices. Whereas I am intellectually aghast at the presumption of his assertions and conclusions, I become truly nervous when time and again he voices being clueless as to why an individual should take the time to become an educated licensed and registered electrologist. Mr. James Walker the VII  does not seem to understand that the reason we have State Boards Of Electrologists is to assure the consumer that their chosen electrologist is a professionally trained, tested, licensed and registered electrologist, which assures the consumer of a safe competent treatment. In addition mandatory state licensing and registration of all electrologists with requisite educational training requirements including a real dual state board examination mandate and a complete background check.

James is not aware these requirements are meant to keep Quacks and incompetents like him out of a profession but it also means the licesned and registered electrologist does not have a history that puts the potential client at risk. I am not trying to be reactionary but State Boards revoke professional licenses in response to inappropriate treatments while the uneducated non-licensed electrologists in New York state commit malpractice and continue to practice sub-standard electrolysis without being held accountable to the law. We are talking about maintaining healthy and respectful professional boundaries. Clients are people after all and based on viewing the promotional videos, Mr. Walker’s capacity for healthy boundaries and respectful treatment is truly questionable. I am making no insinuations about his history or his behind the scenes practice but am pointing directly to his treatment of the woman who is his volunteer model in the video. The woman is stretched out on a table in front of Mr. Walker and his interviewer. She remains there throughout the twenty minute video. She is never introduced as a person. Mr. Walker and his interviewer talk at her and about her. Mr. Walker never asks permission to demonstrate on her face. He never asks permission to touch her. He obliviously blinds her with his Super Gynecologists Lamp which is unnecessary and inaccurate office prop to impress others but in no form or manner enhance an electrologists ability to do a better treatment in fact it hinders that effort. All this is very uncomfortable to watch but then to hear his blithe comment about all the body areas that he has worked on for his clients – subjects?, a comment made with giggling insensitivity while his volunteer continues to lie stretched out in front of him with that light blinding her eyes, my compassionate reaction was to give the woman a referral to a counseling psychologist to help her get over her feelings of depersonalization and neglect. Mr. Walker may be clueless about why mandatory licensing for electrologists is a good idea but he is also deplorably clueless about healthy and respectful boundaries. The sad part is James Walker, VII, CPE has side-stepped a professional education and an electrologist license and being is a resident of New York State he is well aware that he is not required to have an electrolysis education or license. James Walker, VII, CPE is free to fabricate whatever credentials he can conjure and his self-designated quack-license to practice electrolysis will never come up for renewal and that is his primary reason for moving to Buffalo, New York.

If ethical considerations of human respect are insufficient reasons to turn away from James Walker the VII’, CPE and’s three-ring circus of would-be electrologists, if his humor and attitudes are not offensive and you are willing to laugh along even at the cost of $80.00-$100.00 an hour, consider that perhaps the show should not go on if the end results are left on your face for life. No cavalier attitude can make up for an education and the corresponding credentials. For the client credentials are the best assurance that the delicate work of hair removal will yield smooth hair free skin and not the pitting and scarring of incompetent procedure. To all consumers that visit try checking the credentials of each Top-Ten Contributors, members and other non-licensed electrologists that have made their wayward home for Quacks. For the record Andrea James and James Walker the VII CPE have been salting for years with phony electrologists and poor consumers with made up dramatic "Queen for a Day Sob Stories." Read between the lines on and watch how they slip up with other consumers with and unwanted hair problem using the same writing styles. Again, it is baffling at how much time and energy has been put towards the disservice of the client.


However there seems to be a real ego issue at stake if the end goal of their work is to prevent exposure for fraud. For any practitioner who takes pride in bringing a client a new self-image through smooth healthy skin, it seems the height of unethical behavior to lead a client down the road of pitfalls, figurative and literal. Since Mr. Walker chooses not to avail himself of proper training, he must build his practice off of false testimonials through the employment of individuals who pose as consumers with an unwanted hair problem looking for electrologists on God help those consumers who register on the forum asking, “Does anyone know a good electrologist in my area? After that James and his flock of fellow Hairtell Vultures swoop in and post lies that say, "I know one…” and then they themselves pose as consumers under fictitious names who have nothing but good to say about well… their own work. It is a devious sort of self-referral. To be balanced, this author will allow that perhaps a self-diagnosis is in order and that this seems like a paranoid assumption to make. Would that it were so but the technology that makes such abuses possible also leaves a lot of traces. So much for self-diagnosis. Back to self-referrals. Unfortunately the scam is perpetrated by forum members and everyone gets a kickback.

Scabbing is the trade mark signature of the quack electrologist and is sub-standard practically applied electrolysis treatments by uneducated non-licensed electrologist and in short period of time it will cause pitting because the orifice of the follicle is burnt with each treatment. A proper treatment has no eschars also known as scabbing period. Scabbing is caused by improper electrology procedure and Decrepitation and Eschars are the most horrible thing that can happen to a patient who has an unwanted hair problem requiring electrolysis. An inexperienced uneducated or poorly trained electrologist may tell the patient (after he or she has mishandled the treatment) that, “Decrepitation and Eschars are a just a normal result of the treatment.” Wrong. In addition, this type of scarring, according to dermatologists, is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to remove or correct by a plastic surgery.

Too many uneducated non-licensed electrologists use the heaviest probe possible for a treatment. This is incorrect procedure. During Thermolysis treatments the temperature of the probe can become too hot from using excessive current and with each incorrect insertion the over-heated probe touches or bumps the sides of the orifice, every hair follicle thus treated will develop orifice pitting over a period of time. This is especially true and painful for the patient who has an endocrine or genetic disorder and will need extensive treatment for a prolonged period of time. Moisture in the skin is not the reason for tissue Decrepitation; it is poor treatment with excessive current. Decrepitation known as blanching and eschars known as scabbing are caused by shallow incorrect insertions coupled with the use of excessive current and is exactly what it appears: burning of the tissue and then the formation of scabs known as eschars. If the patient hears a snapping, popping or hissing sound just after the insertion, it is the patient's skin burning. Additionally shallow insertions result in the patient̵#8217;s hair being plucked thus violating proper electrolysis procedure. With the proper current and correct insertion, there is no scabbing and only a slight erythema known as pinkness. After a short period of time, usually within 3-24 hours, one should not be able to detect that the patient has had a Thermolysis a.k.a. short-wave treatment. Even in the most commonly treated areas such as the chin, neck, or sides of the face, the patient should feel no pain with correct programming and perfect insertions. Eschars also known as scabs that are caused are by poorly trained uneducated non-licensed electrologists who use an improper insertions and too much current with the misuse of timing and intensity of the current.

For all insertions, it is critical to use the appropriate pre-sterilized disposable two-piece, straight probe. It is a myth that all hairs grow at a 45 degree angle. The probe is inserted at the base of the hair to the depth of the follicle just beyond the papilla. At this depth, the probe is in the lower corium layer of tissue which has more fat and more ability to absorb and disperse electrical current which makes the treatment comfortable. In this layer of corium given that there are no nerve fibers inside the follicle from the top to the bottom correct insertions results in a virtually painless treatment. The obvious result is that there is no painful Decrepitation or eschars... However, the electrologist should be very careful when inserting the probe to the base of the follicle in order to avoid puncturing the sebaceous glands or the follicle wall. The result of a puncture is very painful from the client and can result in weeping of a yellow fluid and possible infection. This kind of puncture can also lead to scarring of the corium and connective tissues, and can cause an irreversible subdural contouring effect of facial features. People with facial scars resulting from poorly applied electrolysis may be left with an irreversible skin problem that even plastic surgery cannot help, and in most cases, the skin will look poor cosmetically. “Decrepitation” and “Eschars” are words that should be removed from electrologist’s vocabularies. There should be no need to describe these conditions what so ever if you have been treated by properly trained, educated and state licensed and registered electrologist.

Than of course one has to wonder about James Walker VII CPE'S actions that shames honest hard working Canadians who have made America their home with his hatred and puerile jealousy of American state licensed and registered electrologists who will not tolerate unprofessional conduct by non-licensed quacks claiming to be a Certified Professional Electrologists. James Walker VII CPE is a jealous "Electrolysis Wannabe” with no electrolysis education, no license who uses falsified credentials and post lies about other electrologist because of his pitiful petty puerile pusillanimous attacks upon state licensed and registered electrologists. 


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