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For Safe Permanent Hair Removal
Kimberly Williams, R.E. Dean
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist
Utah Licensed & Registered Electrologist
Board Certified Electrologist in Massachusetts & Utah
Boston Electrolysis™ Private Practice
Computerized Electrolysis Short-Wave-Galvanic-Electrology--Electrolysis-Blend
Boston School of Electrolysis™
73330 E. Earll Drive Suite J
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

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BOSTON ELECTROLYSIS® "Where Electrolysis Is Practiced As Scientific Art With a Medical Approach©"
I'm Kimberly Williams R.E., Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist since, 1979. Additionally I'm the Dean of Boston School of Electrolysis™ also known as the “Net's” best source for advanced electrolysis educational articles for safe permanent hair removal information and an educational center for electrologists and consumers. Unless otherwise noted I am the author of all articles on this website.

Traditionally the best electrolysis schools Deans have always provided and maintained a private practice for those seeking superior electrolysis treatments. I maintain Boston Electrolysis Private Practice as a full time practice and the Boston Electrolysis website as a complimentary electrolysis and public educational resource of information for the consumer and electrologist. Before your treatment begins I do a complete detailed no fee history and evaluation using The Electrologists Diagnostic Case History System© designed and written by myself. Additionally, I perform your treatments with superlative American manufactured late-model State Of The Art Computerized Epilators. Moreover I use predated disposable probes, triple sterilized instruments and gloves.

First impressions are important and thats why the Boston Electrolysis® reception and waiting area says welcome.

When it comes to selecting an electrologist for safe permanent hair removal an experienced knowledgeable professionally educated, trained tested state licensed and registered electrologist is your best choice. Nevertheless that's easier said than done because most Arizonans are not aware that our state has not legislated a State Board Of Electrologists for licensing requirements to practice electrolysis. Furthermore rampant desktop publishing of counterfeit electrolysis diplomas from fake electrolysis schools that never existed are everywhere. Non-licensed uneducated frauds are claiming or implying to be Certified Professional electrologists.

From personal experience of having had a severe unwanted facial hair problem I know how painfully frustrating it is to lose valuable time and hard-earned resources. However what hurts the most is when self-proclaimed educationally challenged non-licensed electrologist who does not have the common decency to tell their clients that your unwanted facial hair problem is beyond their ability to treat. It is ethically, morally wrong and unfit for the uneducated non-licensed electrologist to claim professional competency after completing a measly 120-hour Certified Professional Electrologist course as a sum total of their total electrolysis education. I am sorry to say I have never met one non-licensed electrologist who could perform a competent professional grade electrolysis treatment.

Boston Electrolysis®  has today's  state of the art American made R.A. Fischer CBX-Pro-Blend Series Four Computerized Epilators for the consumers who demands the best.

Additionally the requirements to become a Certified Professional Electrologist do not necessitate a high school diploma or a communicable disease health check-up. Furthermore is appears that the Certified Professional Electrologist does not undergo a back-round check in any form or manner. In my opinion the Certified Professional Electrologists examination is a cruel hoax at best, and the real insult is to the consumers and educated licensed electrologists is that there is no requisite practical examination to measure the actual skill level of the so-called Certified Professional Electrologist. This certification course costs a trifling $225.00 so anyone can become a Certified Professional Electrologist. You get what you pay for and an experienced, educated, trained, tested, licensed and registered electrologist performs twice the work and does it right in the same time as the non-licensed affordable certified professional electrologist.

The Boston Electrolysis® treatment room is a quiet, peaceful calm retreat were your unwanted hair problem is treated in complete privacy.   

Presently I am one of the few licensed and registered electrologists that relocated to Arizona 1990 and I specialize in the treatment of unwanted facial hair problems from minor to severe using State Of The Art Computerized Epilators. In addition, if your unwanted hair problem is caused by genetic or an endocrine disorders such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Boston Electrolysis® Private Practice is your best choice for safe permanent hair removal. This is all possible because I have worked very hard to set up Metro-Phoenix's areas first and only Polycystic Ovarian Clinic for unwanted hair Problems. This means your electrolysis treatments will be coordinated with physician Barbara Lipschitz, M.D., Internal Medicine Specialist of the Central Phoenix Medical Clinic. This is possible because endocrine disorders that cause a patient's hormonal imbalances which in turn causes unwanted hair problems can now be diagnosed, corrected, improved and maintained by medications, treatments and procedures.

My motto is, "I succeed when all other electrologists have failed" because I have worked hard to become educated in electrolysis and currently I am a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered nbsp;electrologist. Furthermore I have been awarded my Utah License and Registration as an Electrologist and I want the public to be aware that I  have dedicated my life to the advancement of my chosen profession as an electrologist.

If you have an unwanted facial hair problem from minor to severe I am the electrologist you can count on for safe permanent hair removal because I take pride in my professional abilities and I will provide you a written guarantee of excellence because, “I practice Electrolysis as a Scientific Art With A Medical Approach©”.
Boston Electrolysis® Private Practice 
Boston School of Electrolysis
Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, Lic.,1979
Utah Licensed & Registered Electrologist
Board Certifed Licensed Electrologist in Massachusetts & Utah
7330 East Earll Drive Suite J
Scottsdale Arizona 85251
Call 480-607-8121 for an appointment

Boston Electrolysis My Written Guarantee of Excellence
Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean Arizona's first and only electrologist who guarantees in writing that after one treatment, if you can locate a better electrologist, bring me the receipt and I will refund your first treatment fee up to one half hour of treated time. In addition to that, even on difficult cases, I can work at one-third to one-fourth the time of the average electrologist - licensed or unlicensed. I also guarantee that you will have the most comfortable treatment with no scabbing, scarring or pitting as a direct result of my treatments©.

So if you have an unwanted facial hair problem from minor to severe and you want to be hair free give me call at 480-607-8121. Call Boston Electrolysis Private Practice for a no fee consultation and evaluation Where Electrolysis Is Practiced As Scientific Art With a Medical Approach©.

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979
Boston Electrolysis Private Practice
Specialties For Treating Women & Men
 Permanent Hair Removal For Women

All Unwanted Facial Problems From Minor, Super Fine, Severe and Genetic
Unwanted Hair Problems Caused By Medications Acute Folliculitis
Excessive Extremely Fine Unwanted Facial Hair
Eyebrow Shaping A Specialty
Ear Hair, Hands, finger and toes
Bikini Line, Legs, Fingers & Toes
Nape Of The Neck
Endocrine Evaluations
Genetic Hair Problems Acute Folliculitis
Regarding TS Beard Removals I Have Completed 64 TS Beard Removals From Beginning To End, Presently Finishing Up Number 65.

Permanent Hair Removal For Men

Complete Beard Removal
Beards & Neckline Permanently Trimmed and removed
Uni-Brow Removal
Middle Eyebrow Removed & Correctly Shaped Heavy Bushy Eyebrows Shaped And Thinned Nape Of The Neck
Acute Folliculitis Complete Beard Removal
Ear Hair
 Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean Condensed Resume
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979

America's First Computer Electrology-Electrolysis Specialist 1985©

 Starting my career as a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist in 1979 after graduating from America's best electrolysis school Miss Kelly's Of Electrology founded in 1933 as an Honor Graduate. One only becomes a Massachusetts Licensed and registered electrologist after successfully completing a combined curriculum of 1100 hours of Theoretical Sciences in Endocrinology, Histology, Bacteriology, Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology, Dermatology, Electricity, Sterilization, Ethics and Hygiene & Sanitation. In addition my practical training consisted of 600 hours and after graduation I successfully passed my Massachusetts Dual State Board 2-hour written examination and my one practical examination. Since 1979 I am America's only practicing Massachusetts licensed and registered electrologist that offers a written “Guarantee of Excellence.”

While running an active practice at Davis Square, Somerville Massachusetts Kimberly Williams, R.E. & Associates Harvard Medical School sought me out as a guest lecturer from 1983 to 1987 on the subjects of Human Sexuality, Endocrinology, Psychology, Electrolysis and Transsexualism. You can read about my experiences at Harvard Medical School at this link Furthermore I authored and published the Scientific Electrologist© Journals, 1, 2, 3 and 4 for Computer Electrology Specialists©. In 1985 Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean in 1985 became America's First Computer Electrology Specialist©™ while at the same being distributor for the R.A. Fischer Company the manufacturers, inventors and innovators of America's first Medical Grade Computerized electrolysis epilators the R.A Fischer Company

Relocating to Central Arizona 1991 I authored The Electrologists Diagnostic Case History, 1991©, The Electrologists Insertion Guide© 1993, Certified Educational Upgrades and instruction articles for The Boston School Of Electrolysis AKA America's largest and informative electrolysis website written by an a licensed electrologist, myself. Again I relocated to Scottsdale in 1998 and became the Chief Editor and author-publisher of the Boston School of Electrolysis Five Star Electrologist© America's On line Electrolysis News & Education For The Electrologist and Consumer©. Also I have just started the Boston Electrolysis Journal© Electrolysis News & Information For The Consumer© on Visit the link below to learn how diagnose your unwanted hair problems.

Learn About The Electrologists Diagnostic Case History Card

Last but not least I am extremely adept in the Computerized Electrolysis-Electrology Blend technology field and a former distributor for computerized medical grade epilators, which is an important factor in choosing the most efficient and advanced equipment for my patient's electrolysis treatments and needs. However its 2007 at Boston Electrolysis I still have and believe in my motto, “I Practice Electrolysis As A Scientific art With A Medical Approach©”
Boston Electrolysis Private Practice
Boston School of Electrolysis
Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979
7330 E. Earll Drive Suite J
Scottsdale, Arizona-85251

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