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Written by Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
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Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean, 1979
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America's First Computer Electrology-Electrolysis Specialist,1985
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This article and its knowledge is meant for consumers looking for the most modern up to date computerized electrolysis treatments. This information is also written for practicing electrologists contemplating on purchasing a computerized epilator. In today’s technology driven society the contemporary electrologist must accept the absolute requisite need to introduce new technology to your practice that benefits your patient. Just turning on an old-fashioned non-computerized epilator with its two dials for timing and intensity does not provide your patient the best treatment available. Requisite new skills are needed by electrologists to be fully understand and able to comprehend the “Computerized Epilator” which allows the electrologists to fully evaluate the patients skin and unwanted hair problem. In addition the computerized epilator is not a new technology and for your information it has been available since 1985 with new technology that allows the electrologist to measure the moisture level inside and down to the bottom of follicle shaft to the germinative root known as the papillae.


Until the invention of the computerized epilator in 1985 most electrologists never conceived of or thought about the moisture levels of the interior of the follicle. Today’s electrologist who are still using non-computerized equipment that cannot measure the moisture of the interior of the follicle therefore they can only eyeball it and give it their best guess when it comes to setting the intensity and timing.  In my professional opinion and expertise any electrologist in 2007 who denies that advantages of the computerized epilator should buy space at the Smithsonian and move right in.

The Secrets of the Computerized Epilator

Since the invention of the computerized epilator in 1985 by the R.A. Fischer Company, most electrologists have very little idea of the advantages and the theoretical concept of the computerized epilator. For an electrologist to utilize the computerized epilator to their full advantage you have to have to possess knowledge of histology and the structure of the hair and skin and its minute structures. If you where one those students who thought or said, “Histology what do I need to know that for just to insert the in probe down follicle shaft just kill the hair”, you are in trouble. So this course will assume you paid attention in histology class and successfully passed it.

With the introduction of computerized epilator the electrologist is actually able to measure the moisture levels inside the follicle. Being able to do this provides you with a simple understanding that the computerized epilator discharges the current only when it senses the correct moisture level from the interior deep at the base of the germanetive part of the follicle known as the papillae. Having observed electrologists who are frustrated and fearful of the computerized epilator because of one unknown fact it will not discharge or fire the current to treat the hair unless the probe is inserted perfectly with each and every insertion.

In addition if one has kept on their histology they are aware that the interior of the follicle shaft from the top to the bottom of the follicle there are no nerve fibers inside the follicle shaft a fact that I notated and first published in 1986 issue of Scientific Electrologist©. So if your insertion is absolutely right on target the patient does not feel the probe being inserted in fact they feel just a little pinch or tingle of electricity depending on which current you choose. Also when treating areas like the chin, cheeks, jaw line and neck my patients actually fall asleep. If you think that’s impossible read my written guarantee that I provide my patients. Every well educated and trained electrologist who has kept with the times and modern computerized equipment should be able to offer that same guarantee. The upper lip is still sensitive nonetheless patients who have been to other electrologists are amazed at the comfort and progress of their treatments at Boston Electrolysis.

When the probe is correctly inserted to the base of the follicle the computer programming senses the amount of moisture to release or fire the current and you will hear the computerized epilator beep, which signals the treatment of that hair is completed and now you can remove the hair. If the probe is not at the correct depth at the bottom of the follicle and not dead center the computer cannot measure the moisture inside the follicle therefore it will not fire the current to treat the hair. Furthermore the electrologist who cannot insert the probe correctly gets the warning signal from the computer with this sound chirp chirp, chirp chirp chirp.  After repeated incorrect insertions by the electrologist to insert the probe the computer still continues to chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp and the untrained electrologist frustratingly cries, “I don’t understand this computerized epilator, there must be something wrong with it”

What wrong, I don't understand the Computerized Epilator?

For the record I have retrained over 150 electrologists and in the beginning they would say, “I don’t understand the computerized epilator there is something wrong with it and I want to use the old manual epilator.” Don’t laugh, I have seen electrologists spend $3000.00 for a computerized epilator only to give up and plug in the manual footswitches that come with it and revert it back to using the old fashioned manual mode. What a waste of money, technology and equipment because the electrologists do not understand they need to be retrained with this wonderful technology. Fact, if an electrologists insertion are poor the computer is not going to fire or discharge the current to treat the hair. One of the best attributes of the computerized epilator is that it will not fire the current unless the insertion is perfect every time. This guarantees the patient a comfortable high quality treatment with superior results.

The Insertion Delay is the Key is To The Computerized Epilator

Without on doubt the insertion delay is one the first steps of programming the computerized epilator and for your information I have mine set at 2/10 of second although some epilators allow you to set delay up to nine seconds. In essence a 2/10th of an insertion delay means the electrologist has exactly that much time to perfectly insert the probe to the bottom of the follicle or the current will not fire. Quite a few electrlogists think 2/10 of second insertion delay is impossible however experienced electrologists know the hand is quicker than the eye and if you have excellent vision, eye-hand coordination, proper lighting, magnification and State Of The Art Computerized Equipment it’s a reality. When I need to clear large areas and depending on the length of the hairs I can often epilate 500 to 800 hair per-hour using the computerized epilator that will verify it with the hair count at the end of the treatment.

However, no matter what you set the “Insertion Delay” if the epilator does not go beep with every treated hair you will constantly hear is chirp, chirp, chirp chirp, that means you need to pull back and reappraise how you insert the probe. Without one doubt allot of electrologists are intimidated by the computerized epilator because it tests and raises the electrologist’s skill level from the first insertion to the last hair of every treatment day in and day out. If I had my way State Board Of Electrologists would use them for the practical examination because they will not fire the current unless the probe is inserted exactly dead center perfect at the base of the follicle. Fact, if your insertions are not consistently accurate (dead center) the computerized epilator will flunk you in a heartbeat. A good way to tell your insertions are correct is the probe and the hair look like one, this means the probe is perfectly aligned with the hair that the probe and hair become one.

Computerized Electrolysis The Hand Is Quicker Than The Eye

You can say anything you want to but for the record I know that a well-trained skillful seasoned electrologists are aware that hand is quicker than the eye. Fact, for the computerized epilator to fire the current the electrologist’s insertions have to be dead center to the depth of the papilla one hair after another. Quite a few electrologists have said, “Kimberly it was not easy in the beginning but when I understood your concept of the perfect insertion it became easy and you should see how happy my patients are.”  Electrologists, whether you like it or not the computerized epilator has been here for 22 years and those of you who still resist are not offering your patients the best possible treatment. Fact when you master the insertion for the computerized epilator you become a better electrologist and allot faster but with absolute accuracy that cannot be denied which also make the patients treatments so comfortable.  There is another fact an electrologist cannot deny with the required accuracy of the computerized epilator you patients clear up at an accelerated rate that most electrologists thought impossible. In addition to that there is no guesswork and your patients treatments are so much more comfortable because with accurate insertions coupled with the knowledge that you are now aware that there are no nerve fibers in the follicle your patients experience real comfort.

Setting Your Intensity and Timing

For your information since 1985 if have upgraded my epilator five times and presently I use the very latest version of the American made R. A. Fischer Series Four CBX-Programmable Computerized Epilator. Setting your intensity and timing is similar to a manual machine however the quality of the electricity is consistently accurate to 1/100 of second for each every hair treated. However, there are technological insights you need to know so that you can program the computerized epilator and that is the coordination of insertion delay, intensity, timing and your insertion must be exact, smooth and follow the angle of the hair. I repeat when you look at the probe and the hair it should appear as one. Having sold and have taught 200 electrologists how to use the computerized epilator there is a little trick that often works for electrologists who have trouble transitioning from manual to the computerized epilator. Take your footswitches and place them where you normally would, however do not plug them, now after you have programmed you epilator start the treatment focusing on your insertion depress the footswitch and insert the probe at the exact same time and all of sudden your computerized epilator just beeped. Why did it beep? Because you where focused on inserting the probe not your footswitches now do that about fifty more hairs and kick away the footswitches and you will be amazed in how your practical application and expertise will improve by leaps and bounds with every treatment. Computerized Electrolysis allows the electrologist to focus on every insertion and by removing the imbalance and unsteadiness of looking for and suing the footswitch you concentration and insertions while performing treatments approaches a “Zen Like State”. You might think that is funny or little crazy however you should the results I get and how happy my patients are because they know I’m providing them the best treatment possible.

A Computerized Epilator Increases The Electrologists Accuracy

To this very day practicing electrologitss who refuse to upgrade to the computerized epilator while advertising they use State Of The Art will lose patients to the ones that have. Fact the Computerized epilator is a blessing for the patients and the electrologists using it. The computerized epilator has no footswitches that always mange to creep away from the electrologist’s feet during the treatment in addition to that footswitches causes the electrologists to rock a little bit which makes your insertion unsteady and more difficult. Fact, with the absence of the footswitch and insertion delay set just right you insert the probe with the greatest of ease with perfect accuracy one hair after another. Because, there is no rocking motion and how many electrologists have inserted the probe and they go to hit the footswitch and its not there. The treatment is interrupted while the electrologist is searching for the footswitches with her feet, which decreases your ability to concentrate and focus.

Fact, footswitches will give an electrologist premature arthritis of the ankle after just a few years of treatment, muscle cramps and fatigue of the leg especially with short-wave application. With no footswitches your insertion is smoother and precisely accurate and patients comfort level is increased ten fold because it the computer will not fire the current unless the probe is dead center at the base of the follicle where there are no nerve endings that cause pain.

The Computerized Epilator Demands Your Full Attention

Fact, the computerized epilator demands your full attention at all times and that means you have to be focused 100% when you are treating hairs. However you are past that now and from that point on you will understand and learn these little secrets that the computerized epilator senses and measures the moisture at the base of the follicle. In addition, when you coordinate that with the insertion delay, intensity and timing you will be amazed at how you patients will say that was easy and they also fact that clear up so much faster. That is what being a professional electrologist it is all about.

Evaluating The Hair Count

My computerized epilator counts every hair treated from the beginning to the end of the treatment so if you work systematically like I do you can use the hair counter in a specialized way. For instance when removing a beard from scratch and treating each and every of a section on the face I look at the counter at the end of treating the upper and lower lip. From the beginning I record the amount of hairs treated by using the counter, which allows me to graph the progress of each treated area on the face. This means the electrologist can graph the entire face and plot the curve and evaluate the patient’s progress at the end of each treatment. This alone demonstrates and proves to the patients their actual progress and if you do this from the beginning of their treatment you can figure their kill rate in percentage points for each area being treated.

Also some patients clear up quicker with different modes with different programs now the numbers of hairs treated can tell the electrologist what modes and programs are more effective. In fact at the beginning of treatment on tough case you can do test patches to learn what works best for each individual patient. However after 29 years of experience with twenty of those years using the computerized epilator I do not have a problem what mode and program works best for each patient.

If your electrologist has not kept with new technology and if have an unwanted hair problem form minor to sever please call me at 480-607-8121 and let me prove to you that I stand behind my written Guarantee of Excellence.

 Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean Arizona’s first and only electrologist who guarantees in writing that after one treatment, if you can locate a better electrologist, bring me the receipt and I will refund your first treatment fee up to one half hour of treated time. In addition to that, even on difficult cases, I can work at one-third to one-fourth the time of the average electrologist - licensed or unlicensed. I also guarantee that you will have the most comfortable treatment with no scabbing, scarring or pitting as a direct result of my treatments©. All treatments performed with gloves, triple sterilized instruments and pre-dated disposable probes.

So if you have an unwanted facial hair problem from minor to severe and you want to be hair free give me call at 480-607-8121. Call Boston Electrolysis Private Practice for a no fee consultation and evaluation Where Electrolysis Is Practiced As Scientific Art With a Medical Approach©.

If your an electrologist seeking advanced training on the computerized epilator I offer private one on one training at my office. In addition if you have an "R.A. Fischer CBX Programmable Epilator Series Four Model" I can help you with your programming on the the phone for a reasonable fee. Call 480-607-8121 for rates.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

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