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To All Consumers, "Just Say No To Temporary Laser Hair Removal!"

It's been a long time coming while the majority of electrologists across America have been patiently waiting for the whistle to be blown on our nations biggest dodge artists the Laser Parlor Industry and its operators. Sona Medspa International has tried to silence John Berglund former and now bankrupt Sona Medspa Franchisee's wrath, anger and frustration because his articles about Sona Medspa International exposes their non-stop fraudulent scams and rip offs with the truth.

Ron Berglund's series of articles is an eye full and awakening to the scams perpetrated by the nefarious laser hair removal underworld and its corporate thugs. His series of articles are published on Medical Spa MD where he goes into great detail about Sona Medspa International use of dishonest and fraudulent business practices made to lure prospective franchisees like him and others. In addition other Sona Medspa franchisees have quietly gone bankrupt in St. Paul Minnesota and Salt Lake City, Utah and Hyde Park, Florida however Mr. Berglund refuses to go quietly.

Sona Medspa International for years has claimed that it had proven itself as the "established role model laser parlor” for the removal of temporary unwanted hair by laser technology. After taking their Mickey Mouse fifty-hour wonder course to become a Certified Laser Parlor Operator the newbie's franchisees' with no prior experience in the field of hair removal where promised great success by Sona Medspa International. Sona Medspa International lures franchisees by saying they have the quickest, most powerful laser hair removal knowledge and offered services that where cheaper than their competitors. Ron Berglund's three-year recruitment with Sona Medspa International of Hyde Park, Florida ended in his financial catastrophe of bankruptcy and since his there are other failures of Sona Medspa International franchises. In addition their competitors are observing Sona Laser Medspa and other laser franchisers are filing for bankruptcy as quietly as possible or to allow themselves to be absorbed by a competitor. However on the "Net' news travels fast and a day does not go by that I spot another Sona Medspa International franchisee or another Laser Parlor chain is in financial or legal trouble. Using broad searches such as "complaints against Laser hair removal” American Laser rips offs will bring up results from the BBB Online,, and others for multiple complaints from shutting down with no notice after people spent thousands of dollars paid in advance. Other complaints range from failing to provide service, second, third degree burns plus many others nevertheless the big complaint is I spent all that money and I still have a have my unwanted hair problem.

Ron Berglund Blows The Whistle on Sona Medspa

Four your information the Laser Parlor Industry is all about looks and the only thing proven about laser hair removal is that it's temporary and dangerous to say the least. Sona's phony fame to claim for years is that they have a patent-pending "revolutionary” concept. Ron Berglund former Sona Medspa International franchisee said, "Sona Medspa's claim that it removed 93 to 97 percent of hair in all areas permanently in five treatments also proved to be totally bogus.” I'll repeat for you, "Ron Berglund former Sona Laser International franchisee said, "Sona Medspa's' claim that it removed 93 to 97 percent of hair in all areas permanently in five treatments also proved to be totally bogus.”

Sona Medspa's Secret Weapon

In addition Sona Medspa International said that they have "patent-pending procedure” resulted in hair removal in less time and with better results and that made sure that Sona Medspa franchisees had an overwhelming competitive edge. Sona Medspas wild unproven scientific claims promised to franchisees sold their treatment packages under the false promise that Sona Medspa clients would be satisfied after five pre-paid treatments were performed. Unfortunately Sona Medspa promised thousands of clients that their first 18 months of operation they discovered found there was no way to get out of the financial corner they had painted themselves into.

Sona Medspa more unproven claims or are they called lies?

Sona Medspa makes more unproven claims and claimed that it possessed technologies and a major competitive advantage including a new topical anesthetic called Sonacaine for their so called painless hair removal treatments. However that anesthetic was similar to the same compound that killed two young women one in Arizona and one in North Carolina and it's supposed to be a strictly prescribed medication and if you visit this link below you can read about these two deaths. Sona claimed Sonacaine minimized any discomfort resulting from the laser treatments however how come Sona Medspa claims its treatments are painless and than turn around and sell an ointment to prevent pain? Nevertheless resources states, "Sonacaine has absolutely no new pharmaceutical ingredients that can make that claim and in essence the product is 4% topical lidocaine.” Well, well, well the real truth is out and just to ad insult to injury they mark up the product from $4.95 to $99.99 now in my book that exactly what a good snake oil salesman does sells allot hype and lies and than charge $100.00 for a five dollar product.

Blanco Bolanos & Shiri Berg Die From Overdose Of Topical Lidocaine-Tetracaine Anesthetic At Two Different Laser Parlor Clinics 2500-Miles Apart!

Sona Medspa Into Hair Color

Sona Medspa further claimed that while other laser hair removal competitors would be unable to successfully treat white, blonde, red and gray hair that they alone have and possesses exclusive sanction for their latest con and creation called Meladine. Just for the record Ron Berglund said coincidentally another company owned by Dennis Jones of Sona Medspa International manufactures Meladine. In Sona Medspas International own words, their phenomenal Meladine where they claimed has proven to be effective in clinical studies that Meladine would transform light colored hair follicles that would make them visible to lasers. Additionally the use of Meladine in Sona Medspa facilities would make possible all hair colors of the known spectrum to be treated by the laser and that in turn would make Sona Laser Medspa much more cutthroat than other laser parlors and it would increase their income to a large extent. Ron Berglund former Sona Medspa franchisee Ver Batim said, "Not surprisingly, those of us who incorporated the use of Meladine in our operations found that it not only did not work as claimed, but that it also set us up for having to give thousands of dollars in refunds to unhappy clients.” Furthermore Ver Batim Mr. Berglund said, "My experience was that the success rate of Meladine was almost nil.” Ver Batim Mr. Berglund also called meladine a complete fiasco in terms of creating unhappy customers who would do nothing but spread negative comments about Sona Medspa International.

Human Experimentation at Sona Medspa

However I must say if these franchisees had bothered to investigate they would have not incorporated and used a non-FDA approved drug in their operation. On the other hand this sure sounds like human experimentation?
After reading Mr. Berglund's story on Medical Spa MD about Sona Medspa International its obvious some one has finally come out and told the truth Sona Medspas franchise scams. Nonetheless I have question to ask what about laser hair removal spas that victimize and rip off consumers the exact same manner? As I said before laser parlor office decorations is an image is meant to impress you while their professional closers butt kiss, brown nose and sign consumers to their non-refundable contract. Professional closers could less about your unwanted hair problem; in essence it all comes down to the fact that Laser Parlor Operators are high-class snake-oil sales people with no professional ethics or morals. For your information it is my professional opinion that Mr. Berglund Medical Spa MD is quite frustrated and angry conversely he feels Sona Medspa International is unscrupulous corporation that will do anything for a buck has personally ripped him off.

Sona Medspa International rips off consumers!

Nevertheless through out his article he has failed to mention or talk about how Sona Medspa International rips off its franchisees and ultimately he had to file for bankruptcy. He went on to talk about how he had to promote and sell ointments, solutions and bogus treatments that did not work. However my problem with Sona Medspa International franchisers and its franchisees including Mr. Berglund never once mentioned or felt any remorse for his clients who have nothing to show for and still have their unwanted hair problems. Mr. Berglund never mentioned how his hard working clients trusted him and paid him thousand of dollars for laser hair removal treatments that he knew that did not work. So you will know all of Sona Medspas' International solutions, ointments can be bought of the shelf at your local pharmacy and the mark up that consumer pay for them that are scam from the get go with some being marked up to 1000% and more. Laser hair removal parlors have been getting away with these scams since their inception and to this day they use the same old doctored photographs and testimonials that they wrote themselves. Now that we know how Sona Medspa International works do you think the other laser parlors chains are any different?

What About The Combination Electrologists Laser Parlor Operators?

However the big question you have to ask is what about the electrologists that became Combination Electrologists Laser Parlor Operators? Think about that, especially the few state licensed and registered electrologists and non-licensed electrologists who have sold their professional soul for the money. In the last six months to a year combination electrologist laser parlor operators have been singing a different tune. Take a close look at their advertisements that now endorse electrolysis as the only true technology that results in permanent hair removal are quickly distancing themselves from temporary laser hair removal as quickly as possible. When the laser finally succumbs to the end they plan to be in the same position they started from and in my opinion they where marginal electrologists at best. As I said before this a profession like any other has its top and bottom wrung however there's one fact I know for sure that every loyal electrologist knows scientifically that laser hair removal is temporary and a scam at best.

11 years and counting they have defrauded the public!

Well Sona Medspa International and other chains like themselves have their best to bring harm to the electrolysis industry and its professionals. For 11 years and counting they have defrauded the public, attacked the electrolysis profession with lies and tried to paint us as an expendable out of date profession.

The Certified Laser Parlor Operator

With insulting arrogance and their hoax-ridden fifty-hour educational course with they're on the spot appointment as "Certified Laser Parlor Operators” inflated their ego with enough hot air to float the "Hindenburg". Their goal and creation from the onset has been ruled by corporate greed coupled with their Park Avenue Propaganda machines working hard to convince the public that their dangerous radiation emitting unproven technology is safe even though does it not work does not work. Their ethics are horrid with a complete lack of honesty, integrity and education and their 50-hour ethically challenged wonder course has taught them how to use big words though they do not understand. Their Park Avenue Propaganda department has taught them how to hit their client's emotional soft spot and empty their pocketbook by telling them what they want to hear instead of the truth.
In spite of this all over the Internet Sona Medspa and other disgruntled franchisees that have gone bankrupt put the blame on their greedy corporate franchisers.

Denial By Certified Laser Parlor Operators

On the other hand out of denial the avoid the real reason they went bankrupt is because after 11 years and counting laser hair removal is temporary at best. After 11 years counting countless consumers have had their faces and bodies from top to bottom permanently mutilated with disfiguring second and third degrees. In spite of this what bothers me is they new this from the beginning and defied FDA statutes, which forbids them from advertising painless and permanent hair removal, yet they choose to break the law. While blaming every one else with the exception of themselves they are in a total state of denial while deliberately ignoring the consumers who paid them their hard money to be rid of their unwanted hair problems. So far most of them have gotten away with their fleecing of the American consumers because 90% of their clients are woman who are to embarrassed to file a complaint.

The most important thing to remember if you feel compelled or obsessed that you have to have laser hair removal have them put all verbal guarantees in writing and what ever you do don't pay in advance no matter what they promise.

The handwriting is on the wall

Summation the handwriting is on the wall and in bold text laser hair removal is on its way out however if you want real permanent hair removal call me Boston Electrolysis and make your appointment today.

Thank you for your time and attention

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Boston School Of Electrolysis

Copyright Boston School Of Electrolysis 2007

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