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Concerning Trademark Infringement & Copyright Theft by Andrea James

Boston Electrolysis® Federal Patent Trademark ID # 3601889 &

Copyright Theft
Boston School of Electrolysis ™ Common Law Trademark
Profane Vulgar Language
Attention Liquid Web Incorporated,

Concerning Repeat Trademark Infringement of “Boston Electrolysis® Federal Patent Trademark ID # 3601889” & Copyright Theft from my website Boston School of Electrolysis AKA by Ms. Andrea James owner of and

Dear Sirs,

My name is Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean and I am the legal owner Boston Electrolysis® Federal Patent Trademark ID # 3601889 also known as and . In addition I am the legal owner of Boston School of Electrolysis ™ Common Law Trademark also known as

I am sorry to have to report Ms. Andrea James owner of and is a habitual infringer and offender with her ongoing theft and illegal use of my Federally Trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis® Federal Patent Trademark ID # 3601889 on and hosted and posted at your servers NS.LIQUIDWEB.COM and NS.LIQUIDWEB.COM. The owner of and is Ms. Andrea James. I am informing you that Ms. Andrea James is in violation for repeated willful Trademark Infringement, theft and illegal use of my Federal Trademark Boston Electrolysis® Federal Patent Trademark ID # 3601889. Furthermore under the pains and penalties of perjury as the legal owner of Boston Electrolysis® I have not given my permission to Ms. Andrea James owner of, and the right to use Boston Electrolysis® Federal Patent Trademark ID # 3601889 in any form or manner period.

So let’s start off with Ms. James repetitive theft and willful Trademark infringement of my Federal TrademarkBoston Electrolysis® Federal Patent Trademark ID # 3601889 on her website at this page ““. Ms. Andrea James has inserted Boston Electrolysis®® into the Meta-Tags 3 times and 4 times on the listed page. In addition has cloaked script and uses abusive vile profane language that I have placed quotes on for you to clearly identifykimberlywilliamsisadumb” Additionally one cannot communicate with Ms. Andrea James because she alters the text and post all emails I have sent to her requesting that she cease and desist her use of Boston Electrolysis® Federal Patent Trademark ID # 3601889. In addition she uses excessive key-word stuffing of Boston Electrolysis and Boston School of Electrolysis on this page “ " to shadow my websites with her lies. She has inserted my Common Law Trademark Boston School of Electrolysis™ eight times to ruin my ranking. Besides my Federal Trademark on Boston Electrolysis®® which has been incorporated into the text of she willfully ignores and continues to infringe my Federal Trademark. To quote Ms. James on that page she also said “You are going to feel like a real fucking moron” when you finally figure out how wrong you are about all this." I reiterate for the record you cannot send Ms. James and email because she will distort the content and the truth and then she will post it to make you look bad. To make matters worse she profits from her Trademark theft of my Federal Trademark and Patent of Boston Electrolysis® ID # 3601889 on the page" to run advertisements from American Laser which causes me lost advertising fees and is my direct competitor.


Furthermore she has brazenly stolen copyrighted text of my website Boston School Of Electrolyis™ from the following page below and altered and posited the text without my written authorization and post it other site “ Written by Kimberly Williams:". Furthermore Ms. Andrea James moderator James Walker VII, CPE brazenly admits that the text was taken from my website from the page below. However I tried contacting both parties and again contact is refused in all forms and manners to remove the stolen copyrighted text.




Written by Kimberly Williams:

"Update 9/24, 2007 Moderator Allow Civil Rights Abuses By Its Members Use of Prejudice, Discrimination & Bigotry

In regards, to James Walkers VII, CPE use of unethical subjects and disturbing content as the moderator of he uses and allows members to endorse and post statements that violate the "Civil Rights Act" that contain prejudice, bigotry and discrimination to humiliate women because of their appearance. Also he mocks and humiliates women because of their age, height and weight in addition he allows personal attacks against sexual minorities such as TG, TS and gay folk. Nonetheless Mr. James Walker The VII, CPE brings shame and humiliation upon his "African American Heritage and Movement" with his "Hypocrisy" and shameful use of prejudice, bigotry and discrimination that undermine the sacrifices made by African Americans and all Americans who fought for and believe in Civil Rights equality for all.

For the record Boston Electrolysis treats all people with equality and the use of prejudice, discrimination and bigotry are not allowed in my practice in any form or manner. However when Mr. Walker the moderator of removes every false and slanderous comment by himself and Andrea James false about licensed and registered electrologists who worked for their degree they would not be the center of attention.

New Flash This Paragraph Under construction

Recently a member of using the alias (deleted) AKA Mr.(deleted) and Mrs. (deleted) aka aka (deleted name) has been identified as the woman who has been harassing licensed and registered electrologists through out Paradise Valley, Arizona. One of her addresses is (deleted address)., Phoenix, AZ (zip code deleted). Mrs. (deleted name) could be an illigal Bosnian-Croation immigrant however for unknown reasons she has been calling licensed electrologists in the Valley and making fake appointments with an unlisted disposable cell phone numbers which is a tactic used by terrorists. Furthermore she makes slanderous comments about licensed electrologists on using the alias (deleted) and she been arriving at electrologists offices with out an appointment to cause trouble, make a scene or a possible insurance scams or worse. Her description is age 32 to 35 5' 2" brown kinky frizzy hair, brown-eyes, weight 225 pounds with two upper front teeth missing. She wears an imitation hounds-tooth polyester Wal-Mart dress with Islamic head dress. It rumored she could be employed by a jealous moderator and a local Phoenix area non-licensed electrologist with to much time on her hands. A video of this women has been taken from a security cam and is being edited for release on Youtube and this website, watch for a feature article about her on all five of my websites."

From there Andrea James post the above stolen copyrighted altered text from the supposed forum member known as "DFahey"" on page to assassinate my character in the most negative manner. Either Ms. Andrea James or Mr. James Walker the VII the Moderator posted the above stolen above copyrighted text on her website known as which is hosted by I sent mailed letters the Moderator of James Walker the VII, CPE telling him that’s it’s illegal to post stolen copyrighted text from my website on the forum. Its many members of the forum are forced to do by dirty deeds through Ms James and Mr. James Walker the VII, CPE and by the way that’s how Mr. Walker insists on being addressed in that manner. Also Forum members are not allowed to remove posted test, just the moderator Mr. James Walker the VII, CPE and Ms. James the owner of However what’s really frustrating is that I never joined the forum which is a haven for non-licensed quacks. However please don’t fall for their lie that a Forum member posted it and did not know it was stolen copyrighted text form Boston School of Electrolysis. Both Ms James and Mr. James Walker the VII, CPE are involved in this premeditated copyright thievery

In summation I wish never heard of Andrea James or websites, AND because all of her crimes perpetrated against myself all because I requested that she stop using my business names Boston Electrolysis® and Boston School Of Electrolysis™ and I requested be delisted from her websites.

Therefore I Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean Owner and founder Boston Electrolysis® and Boston School of Electrolysis™ hereby demand Boston Electrolysis® Federal Patent Trademark ID # 3601889 be removed in all form and manners from the pages of and and its servers NS.LIQUIDWEB.COM and NS.LIQUIDWEB.COM/. In addition hereby request the stolen copyrighted text stolen from website be removed from the website on the above supplied pages that is hosted and posted on and its servers NS .LIQUIDWEB.COM and NS.LIQUIDWEB.COM.

Lastly I ask to you consider the removal of Boston School of Electrolysis™ from both websites which is a Common Law Trademark protected by the Lanham Act also known as which does not have a Federal Trademark. However you will notice my listing Boston Electrolysis® and Boston School of Electrolysis in the search results because I have both businesses merged under one roof which protect the Boston Electrolysis® Trademarked portion.

However most important I would appreciate the rapid removal of Boston Electrolysis® Federal Patent Trademark ID # 3601889 from her website page at ““ and other pages that she might have Boston Electrolysis posted on.. Also I would appreciate the rapid removal of my stolen copyrighted text from this page . To sum it up under the pains and penalties of perjury all the above is the absolute truth and I would back that up with a polygraph test. Therefore I hereby demand my intellectual property Boston Electrolysis® Federal Patent Trademark ID # 3601889 and the above stolen copyrighted text be removed from and hosted and posted on and you servers NS.LIQUIDWEB.COM, NS.LIQUIDWEB.COM and any other server affiliated with

For your ease and verification I have attached Federal pdf.Servlet that authenticates my Federal Trademark for Boston Electrolysis® Boston Electrolysis® Federal Patent Trademark ID # 3601889.

Please send your email to both addresses & that way I am sure reply the same day.

Thank very much for your time and attention,

Sincerely Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979

Owner & Founder of Boston Electrolysis® Federal Patent Trademark ID # 3601889

CC Maria Crimi Speth Jaberg-Wilks Attorneys at Law

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