Letter of Complaint to Google

Boston Electrolysis®
Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean, CEO
Member BBB Of Phoenix
From Kimberly Williams, R.E. Dean
7330 East Earll Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Email thehairstopshere@ bsoelectrolysis@cox.net

To Google, Inc.

Contact Name: Google Legal Investigations Support
Online Service Address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone Number: 650-253-3425
Fax Number: 650-249-3429

Complaint Against Yelp.com and Pourlecorps.com
Reason Search Engine Manipulation

Sean Patrick Oneill owner www.pourlecorps.com
38 Pilgrim Road
Holliston MA 01746
Phone 617-332-9205

Yelp Inc.
Jeremy Stoppleman, CEO
Attn: Privacy Officer
706 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
United States of America

Attention Google

Dear Madam/Sir,

For three years I have submitted complaints with Google, BBB and others against Yelp.com for illegal search engine manipulation using my trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis®. Dealing with criminals is very unpleasant and internet business like yelp.com is run by criminals who claim to help small business owners with their online directory is a total sham and scam. However Yelp.com excuses for human beings need to be brought to the attention of Google because they has infringed my trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis® for over 3 years in a devious deceptive manner on a continuous basis. I cannot get them to stop but now they are engaged in fulltime search engine manipulation and theft of professional identity and trademark infringement of my trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis®. For the record I am the legal owner of Boston Electrolysis® Inc. and I have not given Yelp.com.com the right to use my Federally Registered Trademark Boston Electrolysis® United States Registration No. 3,601,889 in any form or manner. In addition all that I state here is true under the pains and penalty of perjury.

Trademark Infringement and Transgender Discrimination BY Yelp.com.

Furthermore as the legal trademark owner of Boston Electrolysis® and under the pains and penalties I did not give Yelp.com the right to use my trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis on their website page and see attached printed copy of http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=electrolysis&find_loc=Boston%2C+MA#find_desc=Boston+electrolysis were in red text Yelp.com have inserted Boston Electrolysis Boston so the Googlebot would pick it up and index website ranking as Boston Electrolysis® because they inserted Boston Electrolysis Boston on the following page http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=electrolysis&find_loc=Boston%2C+MA#find_desc=boston+electrolysis&start=10. This was done so the Googlebot would index Yelp.com and displace my Boston Electrolysis websites know as www.Bostonelectrolysis.com, www.bostonelectrolysis.net, wwwlbostonelectrolysisyellowpages.com and www.bostonschoolofelectrolysis.com. (See enclosed copies 1 & 2)

On the Yelp.com page they use blatant and illegal search engine tactics on http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=electrolysis&find_loc=Boston%2C+MA where they have stuffed Boston Electrolysis Boston and the top ranked listing on that Yelp.com page would be Pour Le Corps AKA www.pourlecorps.com which was the Google Ads advertiser who was abusing and infringing my trademark Boston Electrolysis®. (Please enclosed copy # 3)

For your information Google Ads blocked or suspended Mr. Sean Patrick Oneill Google Account that were illegally advertising using and abusing my trademarked business name Boston® Electrolysis and Best of Boston Electrolysis Award. With the first yelp.com page in red script Boston Electrolysis Boston and then a second yelp page with the Google Ads my business name Boston Electrolysis Boston now is indexed over four times. The Googlebot thinks that Yelp.com Page is my website www.BostonElectrolysis.com and therefore the Yelp.com page is indexed and knocks my Boston Electrolysis websites www.bostonelectrolysis.com and www.bostonelectrolysis.net from the top ranking to the second ranking using my own trademarked business name and professional identity. However this became worse because of Mr. Oneill Google was illegally advertising as Boston Electrolysis® plus my legitimate legal Google Ads advertising as Boston Electrolysis® caused Yelp.com to continue to be indexed over my BostonElectrolysis.com which is very dirty and illegal way to hurt my business and my Google Ads by using my own trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis®. After Google stopped Mr. Oneill from advertising as Boston Electrolysis® he has found another way to subvert my website ranking.

Presently Mr. Oneill is still paying Yelp.com to displace my website ranking were Yelp.com has inserted Boston Electrolyis Boston on two pages know as http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=electrolysis&find_loc=Boston%2C+MA#find_desc=Boston+electrolysis and the following page know http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=electrolysis&find_loc=Boston%2C+MA#find_desc=Boston+electrolysis&start=10. I have enclosed two copies and circled the red text Boston Electrolyis Boston which is black and white in this fax. (See enclosed copies 4 and 5)

You can see their ad below and examine the printed copies that I have provided demonstrated that www.Pourlecorps.com is at the top of http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=electrolysis&find_loc=Boston%2C+MA. (See Enlcoses copy # 6) Mr. Oneill owns the domain www.pourlecorps.com and his sister Patrice Oneill is co-owner of Pour Le Corp a day-spa owned by Mr. Sean Patrick Oneill. Fact Yelp.com had to provide specialized assistance paid by Mr. Sean Patrick Oneill of owner www.pourlecorps.com to achieve this devious dishonest manipulation of Google Search Ranking. Fact I sent yelp.com emails asking them to cease and desist using my trademark Boston Electrolysis®. For three years I sent Yelp.com emails and refused to reply to me in any form and manner.

Boston, Electrolysis

Best Of Boston® Electrolysis Award Boston Magazine 1998


One item that is very important for Google to be aware of is the fact that Mr. Sean Patrick Oneill only had a Google Account to inflict losses on my business Boston Electrolysis® by manipulating search results. The fact that him and his sister profited from this illegal violates Google Ad rules and regulations and now he found another way to harass me. He told me he was out to ruin my search engine ranking and to dilute and weaken the value of my trademark Boston Electrolysis® to make it worthless. Why is he doing this? Because of jealousy and the fact that I am Transgendered has made me his target. Can I prove that? Just look at Mr. Sean Patrick Oneill ads and every one of them he used my trademarked business Boston Electrolysis®. Now he has escalated and hired yelp.com to manipulate the search engine ranking using my trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis®. Just look at his obssive hate and time and effort it takes him to cause me losses and harm. He has called and threatened me and I have I have reported him to the police but they said he is clever and I have to wait until he makes a mistake. He posted a vicious comment on Google Maps that had nothing to do with electrolysis and it was a time consuming pain to get Google Maps to remove it.

I would like to make you aware that it has been trying to contact Google to address this situation of Mr. Sean Patrick Oneill who is cyber stalking me and making it his goal to ruin my life. Most people are unaware of the FBI Statistics that state one out twelve transgendered women like myself are murdered. For your information I have had one of my websites hacked by him but there was no way to prove it. The Police state I have to wait for him to make a mistake but I think it's important that hate posts on Google Maps should have some way to identify the user. I have tried making complaints to the FBI in regards to Mr. Oneills violations of the Matthew Shepherd Hate Crime Act but they state the crimes has to be committed before they can take action. These are my reasons for not wanting to be listed on Google Maps and Google Places. Recently Google Maps refused to remove my outdated listing because someone keeps renewing it so they can leave nasty posts. I wish someone would contact me regarding that.


Yelp.com is a company with no professional ethics coupled with their total disrespect for the law and honesty. My experience with Yelp.com is that they could care less about the small business owner. Yelp.com routinely break the law and hurt a small business like myself to get their way and they will do so without giving it a second thought. With Yelp.com illegal use of my federal Boston Electrolysis® Trademark they have illegally displaced my top ranking using my own trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis® website. In addition Mr. Sean Patrick Oneill has hired Yelp.com on a monthly basis to commit his illegal acts and to the best of my knowledge and is still profiting from my professional reputation and identity by hiring Yelp.com to manipulate the search engine results for the search of Boston Electrolysis®. However I have no doubt that Mr. Oneill is doing this to me because of his hatred of me being Transgendered and

Yelp.com Is Assisting Sean Patrick Oneill with his Cyber Stalking because of greed.

Yelp.com and Pourlecorps.com refuses to reply to reply to me in any form or manner and they refuse cease and desist using my trademark Boston Electrolysis® even though know are violating the law. They will not answer the phone nor my faxes and they refuse to reply in all forms and manner. Furthermore I have followed all the requisite laws informing Yelp.com by email, Fax and postal mail they just ignore them and they that I will not stop infringing Boston Electrolysis®. In addition I have to spend time and money paid to my webmaster to counter-act the illegal acts by Yelp.com and Sean Patrick Oneill owner of Pourlecorps.com to retain my website ranking. Yelp.com and Pourlecorps.com with their blatant trademark infringement and stuffing my trademarked business with cloaked and non-cloaked script Boston Electrolysis® have driven from my websites www.bostonelectrolysis and www.bostonelectrolysis.net from its rightful number one ranking on Google.com.

Yelp.com a BBB member refuses to reply to me in any form or manner and they refuse to cease and desist using my trademark Boston Electrolysis® even though they know are violating the law. They will not answer the phone nor my faxes and they refuse to reply in all forms and manner. Furthermore I have followed all the requisite laws informing Yelp.com by email, Fax and postal mail they just ignore them and they that I will not stop infringing Boston Electrolysis®. In addition I have to spend time and money paid to my webmaster to counter-act the illegal acts by Yelp.com and Sean Patrick Oneill owner of Pourlecorps.com to retain my website ranking. Yelp.com and Pourlecorps.com with their blatant trademark infringement and stuffing my trademarked business with "cloaked text" and non-cloaked script "Boston Electrolysis Boston" have driven my websites www.bostonelectrolysis and www.bostonelectrolysis.net from its rightful number one ranking on Google.com.

Yelp.com has willfully assisted Mr. Sean Patrick Oneill owner of www.Pourlecorps.com in breaking the law and committing multiple felonies. From Trademark Infringement to deceptive advertising practices and outright lying. Yelp.com has violated the law and their sign should say Yelp.com caters to criminals. I am asking the BBB to instruct and to advise Yelp.com to stop thier devious theft and illegal use intellectual property notably my Boston Electrolysis® trademark and copyrighted property be removed Boston Electrolysis® from all pages on Yelp.com which will put an end to Yelp.com menageries of crimes. Mr. Oneill has been stalking for a long time and I hope the catches up with him. However I request that "Boston Electrolysis®" be entirely removed from Yelp.com.

http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=electrolysis&find_loc=Boston%2C+MA#find_desc=Boston+electrolysis. This is complicated but it's called Domain Stuffing and see page # 1 were I have circled the text "Boston Electrolysis Boston". Normally I would not have this page and Yelp.com needs to respect my intellectual property rights.

Jeremy Stoppleman CEO of Yelp.com promises to treat people equally but he is a shame to GLBTG Community by allowing me to be stalked on his website and the one time I talked to a person at Yelp.com they thought it was funny. It's amazing a GAY CEO corporation owner allowing Transgendered business owner like myself to be openly cyber stalked by haters like Mr. Oneill and his Patrice Oneill. You could hear the Yelp.com employee laughing however I did not find it funny and it's just goes to show how perverted Jeremy Stoppleman and his business Yelp.com is. Have you tried Googling "yelp.com is a rip off" and learn how Yelp.com is hated for its dishonest scams.

I could go on and on about Yelp.com who still refuses to remove an outdated listing off yelp.com so they can make money off my trademark. I have a trademark so I will not be listed on Yelp.com because their scam website. So all I ask is that BBB Rules and Regulations be enforced and Boston Electrolysis be entirely removed from Yelp.com in all form and manners.

However removing "Boston Electrolysis Boston" from page http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=electrolysis&find_loc=Boston%2C+MA#find_desc=Boston+electrolysis and on the following second page http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=electrolysis&find_loc=Boston%2C+MA#find_desc=boston+electrolysis&start=10 were I have circled will hopefully restore the honest website ranking that Yelp.com and Mr. Sean Oneill have illegally manipulated the search engine results. Also please ask Yelp.com to stop using "cloaked text' that's easy to spot. Presently I had to stop my Google Ads campaign because Yelp.com has manipulated the Google Ads and when my Boston Electrolysis® Google Ads appear on page http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=electrolysis&find_loc=Boston%2C+MA the Googlebot will index them as Boston Electrolysis®. Have you ever such a devious way of manipulating search engine results? I instructed my webmaster so that my Google Ads would not appear on Yelp.com but it would not work. My webmaster informed that she cannot block Yelp.com from attracting my Google Ads and I am not going to help to continue my ads so I was forced to discontinue them. I know for a fact that Yelp.com uses cloaked text and stuffs Yelp.com with my trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis® to disrupt my search engine ranking.

I am 64 and handicapped and I depend on my ranking and Google Adwords on websites for income and when Yelp.com and Mr. Oneill become partners in crime just infringe my trademark Boston Electrolysis®. Yelp.com sets a bad example others and offering their services to cyber stalker like Mr. Oneill is disgusting. Trademark Infringement hurts every one and if you look my sites you will see their educational and honest. I am amazed that Yelp.com has an A+ rating with over 500 unresolved complaints with the BBB. However Google should take note how Yelp.com are presently assisting Mr. Oneill abusive cyber stalking because when you search for Boston Electrolysis® you will see Yelp.com page http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=electrolysis&find_loc=Boston%2C+MA. When you read the page the first listing is Pour Le Corps AKA www.pourlecorps.com. See the second copy that I have inserted where Yelp.com is number in the search results and this would not be possible if my trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis® were not stuffed on yelp.com

By the way Yelp.com is incorporated in three different states making impossible to contact them. Yelp.com does not reply to phone calls or emails in any form or manner and if you Google, "Yelp.com is rip off" you will be amazed at how many people find Yelp.com disgusting let alone they are website for hire and don't care how much intellectual property that they uses, abuse, steal and infringe as long as they get paid. However Yelp.com is the kind of website that will bring Government intrusion with The Stop Online Piracy Act ( SOPA). Unless Yelp.com and other sites are allowed to do as they please than SOPA is just a matter of time.

Thank you for help and please call me at 480-607-8121

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

Yelp Inc.
706 Mission Street, 7TH Floor
San Francisco CA 94103
Jeremy Stoppleman CEO

SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85251-3344

Yelp Arizona Inc.
DOVER, DE 19904

7101 NW Grand Avenue
Glendale Arizona 85301

Arizona Corporation Commission
Patricia Barfield

4025 East Chandler BLVD # 70-A20
Phoenix, Arizona 85048

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